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Electronics Recycling at Best Buy

Recycle, recycle, recycle. We hear that word a lot these days. Most of us know what to do with plastic and glass and paper…but what do you do with electronics? Sure, you can just throw outdated or broken electronics in the trash. Sure, you can load landfills with items that aren’t biodegradable. That’s the [...]

The St. Jude Recycled Card Program — a win-win!

"St. Judes Recycled Card Program Ranch For Children"

If you don’t know quite what to do with all those cards you received over the holidays — you don’t really want to throw them away but you can’t just save every card in some junk drawer (trust me, you can’t!) — I have an excellent solution for you: The St. Jude Recycled Card [...]

Rubbermaid Recycler Review & Giveaway

"Rubbermaid Recycler 2 in 1 Unit"

I have a good-sized kitchen, but I absolutely cannot stand having unnecessary “stuff” that clutters a room with already limited space. I have to maximize my space in the kitchen to keep it from looking overwhelmed with gadgets, appliances, and whatnot. And, let’s be honest, I have a lot of gadgets, appliances, and whatnots [...]

How Many Trees Can YOU Save?

That’s the question posed by Marcal Small Steps. I don’t want to ruin the surprise, so I will just recommend that you plug in your info to see how many trees you can save by using Small Steps toilet paper…over a year, five years, ten years, 20 years. It sure adds up!

The [...]