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Favorite dip recipes…and bowls to put them in!

Dip. Everyone has their favorite dip recipes. And who doesn’t love indulging in dips at parties and get-togethers? While I tend to always make one or two of my “go-to” dips which are tried and true favorites, I do like to change things up from time to time and try something new. So, I [...]

Food You Love — Made simpler with technology!

Technology is changing the face of, well, everything — including the food you love. As a matter of fact, with the help of modern technology, Marie Callender’s and Healthy Choice frozen meals are re-imagining the way we look at food…from shopping to preparing to eating! Marie Callender’s and Healthy Choice recently released this fun video [...]

Celebrate American Health Month with Welch’s

My grandfather had heart disease. In fact, during a European vacation while he was in his 70s, he suffered a massive heart attack and underwent open heart surgery. This came as quite a shock, actually, because he had no idea that he had severe coronary artery disease. He did have high [...]