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What I was gonna wear at #BlogHer12

"Multicolored Bracelet Rings Bling"

No, no, no. I’m not bitter. Where would you get that idea?

I’m disappointed.

After all, I’ve been planning for (and looking forward to) the almighty BlogHer convention since February. Then, my health kinda went downhill…and straight into a ravine. So, I had to cancel three days prior to my planned arrival. Three days!!


10 Reasons I want to be at #BlogHer12

"Hilton Hotel New York City"

While thousands of fellow bloggers are kicking up their heels (er, flats, I hope) at BlogHer’12, here I sit on my computer, living vicariously through them (and their tweets). I couldn’t make it due to health reasons but I sooooo wanted to be there this week, for the following reasons: