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10 Facts About Peeps & a $400 Giveaway

This is a Fashionista Event and a promotional item was provided to me by Hosts for this event are Still Blonde after all these Years and ModlyChic. My opinions about Peeps are 100% honest and 100% mine, as are my opinions about Easter coupon codes.

facts about peeps easter coupon codes

What do you think of when you think of Easter? Easter baskets overflowing with chocolate bunnies and jelly beans and…Peeps, am I right? What do you know about Peeps, other than the obvious fact that they’re fun and delicious? How about these facts about Peeps…

Dyson DC65 Vacuum is a beast!

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free. My opinions about the Dyson DC65 Vacuum are 110% honest and 110% mine.

I don’t think I need to sing the praises of the Dyson DC65 Vacuum, but I shall. You know I shall. Look at this beauty:

Dyson DC65 Vacuum

I didn’t take any pictures of the assembly for two reasons: 1) I was too freaking excited to get my Dyson Animal Vacuum up and running, and 2) it was so quick and easy that I had it assembled before I even realized I should have taken pictures. Duh.

As you can see, my shiny new Dyson DC65 Animal Vacuum is sitting atop a shag carpet that is not exactly brand new. But before I show you the disgusting muck that the Dyson sucked out of the carpet, let me give you an idea of the area I vacuumed. The room is roughly (and I do mean roughly) 20 feet x 15 feet. However, the room has two couches along one wall, a recliner and a large hutch across another wall, a table and large TV stand on another wall, and an IKEA wall unit on the fourth wall. Yeah, minimalism isn’t exactly our “thing.” So, while the room may be a good size, the area of carpet is significantly smaller than the perimeter of the room. However — and this is a big however — this is what the Dyson Animal pulled out of the carpet during the first go-round (get ready, it’s disgusting):

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Spring at Kohl’s: Spring looks PINK!

I participated in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Kohl’s. I received a gift card as a thank you for participating. My opinions about Spring at Kohl’s and Kohl’s spring looks are 100% honest and 100% mine.

Spring has finally arrived — after a very long, dreary, and snowy winter — and Kohl’s is ushering in the season with some fabulous trends. You can take a look at the spring looks in store at the Kohl’s Spring Fashion Hangout.

Kohl's Spring Looks Pink Skirt

I’m pretty excited about the prevalence of the color pink (my favorite!) as well as their fun accessories and fab shoes! Trust me — your shoe collection is not complete until you have a pair (or two) of pretty pink shoes!

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Help Seventh Generation fight toxins

This post is brought to you by Seventh Generation and Social Good Moms. My opinions about Seventh Generation’s campaign to fight toxins are 100% honest and 100% mine.

Do you have any idea how many chemicals are available in the United States?

More than 80,000. Eighty thousand.

Sure, there are regulations in place that are supposed to protect us and the environment from such chemicals, like the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). That one was enacted in 1976 and has never been updated. That means that the more than 80,000 chemicals used in the marketplace do not undergo proper testing and are not properly disclosed.

Why should the TSCA be reformed?

Seventh Generation Fight Toxins

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Groupizo Event: The Trash Turtle #GroupizoDC

This is a sponsored post for Review Wire Media and Groupizo. All views and opinions with regard to Customizo, the company, or the Groupizo Event are my own and were not influenced by the company.

What’s Groupizo, you say?

Groupizo Event

With Groupizo, everyone – including you and me! — is a designer. Groupizo is the only multipurpose online “design and sell” platform. It’s ideal not only for fundraising and nonprofits, but also for group leaders, budding designers, artists, and people who like to wear cool custom T-shirts. The opportunities are endless!

When you create a Groupizo event, you design a custom T-shirt, hoodie, hat, or other apparel item, set the selling price above the cost to produce, and we send you a check for the difference (aka your profits!). Because everyone who orders pays individually, you never have to collect money or carry inventory. This makes a Groupizo event the perfect custom apparel solution for school groups, spirit wear, fundraisers, and testing out your skills as a fashion designer. Groupizo events have produced anywhere from $100-$1200 in profits for the designer.

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Fine-tuning your Social Media Strategy

Bloggers (and brands, of course) are always trying to figure out the perfect social media strategy to get their content out there, to get it in front of as many people as possible, and, of course, to get it to rank high in Google searches.

Social Media Strategy Facebook Engagement

While Facebook has been a major player in your social media strategy (that screenshot is from one of my Facebook posts — I swear), its significance is starting to slide. The drop in Facebook’s organic reach is no secret and, unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a way out of the decline. Even more unfortunate is the importance of Facebook activity on our content’s visibility.

Twitter remains a big factor in the ranking of your content, but figuring out how to get that needed interaction on Twitter isn’t so simple. Developing a Twitter strategy is key — you can’t just create a Twitter account and think some tweets (and RTs) are going to result in a golden social media strategy. It won’t. I promise you.


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Lay’s Do Us a Flavor Contest

I participated in an Ambassador Activation on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Lay’s. I received a promotional item to thank me for participating in the Lay’s Do Us A Flavor Contest campaign.

Have you given some thought to a new Lay’s potato chip flavor? There’s still time to enter the Lay’s Do Us A Flavor contest. This year, contestants can choose three different potato chip varieties for their submission — Lay’s Original, Lay’s Kettle Cooked, and Lay’s Wavy. Judges will narrow down the submissions to four finalist flavors, which will be created by Lay’s and sold nationwide during the summer of 2014. At that point, it’s up to the fans to vote for their favorite flavor — and the creator of that flavor will win $1 MILLION! (See Rules.)

Lay's Do Us a Flavor

When I get the chance, I like spending time in the kitchen. Food has long been an important part of my family history. And I’ve even toyed with some of my own special touches to recipes…like my San Francisco Style French Toast. Mmmmm! That’s some good stuff. Can’t divulge that secret recipe, though, sorry.

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Modere Products: Clean and safe just makes sense!

I participated in a Blogger Activation on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Modere I received a promotional item to facilitate my review of Modere products and to thank me for my participation.

I recently was introduced to Modere products. And there was one overriding theme as I browsed their site and their products: Clean.

Modere Products

Modere products range from household cleaners to personal products. But it doesn’t matter if you’re looking at laundry detergent or hair serum or probiotics; all of their products convey a sense of safety and cleanliness and quality.

That’s likely because those characteristics are key to the essence of Modere and Modere products. They are committed to safety, to high standards, to proven results. Modere believes in delivering products that exceed your expectations, that are both inspired by nature and tested by science. I like to purchase natural — safe — products when the opportunity presents itself. The fewer chemicals and preservatives, the better I feel about the products I use throughout my home and throughout my body. It just makes sense.

Not that winter is behind us, Modere products are perfect for your spring cleaning needs! They have great solutions for your different household projects as well as a wide range of products for your personal spring cleaning needs. That’s what I focused on, cleaning my body inside and out, for a fresh start.

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Karina Dresses Giveaway #Dresstacular

I was not financially compensated for writing this post. Karina Dresses provided a product sample to facilitate my review for the Karina Dresses Giveaway Dresstacular™. My opinions are 100% honest and 100% mine.

Karina Dresses Giveaway #Dresstacular

Welcome to a brand new $1000 Karina Dresses Giveaway Dresstacular™!

Wouldn’t it be spectacular to win $1,000 worth of Karina Dresses? The lucky winner of the Karina Dresses Dresstacular™ giveaway will have the opportunity to revamp their wardrobe with their choice of some fab Karina Dresses!

When you experience Karina Dresses, you’re experiencing a whole new idea of fashion. Their dresses are made right in Brooklyn, New York…and when they arrive on your doorstep, it comes right out of the package and is ready to wear. For real. You don’t need to hang it up so that it gets its shape (what does that even mean?) and you don’t even need to put an iron on it, ever! That makes Karina Dresses the perfect travel dress — you could literally roll it up and squeeze it into your suitcase (or even a carry-on bag!) and when you unpack, it’s ready to wear! Now that’s truly spectacular. Continue reading Karina Dresses Giveaway #Dresstacular

Karina Dresses Ruby Dress: Time for some color!

I am thrilled to be part of the Karina Dresstacular™ event! Keenly Kristin received a Karina Dresses Ruby Dress to facilitate this review. Our opinions are 100% honest and 100% mine.

Last month, we stepped outside of our comfort zone and went with the Megan Dress with the Green and White Decorative Stripe. A patterned dress was a move in a new direction. Because that went so well, we decided to go even further, and chose the Karina Dresses Ruby Dress with an even livelier pattern.

Karina Dresses Ruby Dress

Sassy little pattern, right? We love this design. It’s fun and flattering and fashionable. It has just the right pop of color to add a little oomph and make a statement. And the options for accessorizing? Puh-lease. They’re endless! (Not that you even need accessories when you’re wearing the Karina Dresses Ruby Dress!)

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