Traveling through a Creative Galaxy

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I am not crafty. Like, not at all. I’m not too imaginative or creative, either. It’s sad. So the five-year-old in the house wasn’t the only one who got something out of Creative Galaxy. It provides valuable lessons for me, too. Creative Galaxy is a fun, interactive art adventure series that is available via Amazon Prime Read the More…

You don’t really love pumpkin.


Pumpkin. No, no, you go ahead. I’ll wait while you envision cable knits and boots and falling leaves. Are you done? I don’t know why the mere mention of pumpkin evokes such warm, fuzzy feelings, but it’s apparent that it does. I know this might be shocking or disturbing, but I’ve never eaten anything pumpkin. Not Read the More…

Charlie does Dirty Dancing

warm fuzzies

Watch this charming boy (Charlie) copy Patrick Swayze’s dance moves in the final scene of Dirty Dancing. He’ll probably be on Ellen soon, so keep an eye out for that. Did that make you smile? Me too!