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Summer of Kristin: The Cream of the Crest

I’ve been in love with Wildwood my entire life…it’s an island in itself, a five-mile island of wonderfulness. It stretches from North Wildwood, through Wildwood, and down to Wildwood Crest (where I am). The Crest is far-removed from the noise and bustle of the rest of the island, where there is a larger concentration [...]

The Summer of Kristin: Boardwalk Games (or, how to lose your shirt)

I’ve told you about the boardwalk on more than one occasion but it occurred to me that I have yet to delve into the world of carnival games. And I feel like I must share this with you because it’s making me CRAZY.

For starters, there’s one game (or pair of games, rather) where [...]

Summer of Kristin: A Sad Day in Wildwood

As I sat on the beach today, reading my little heart out, little did I know that a girl had fallen from the Wildwood Ferris Wheel, just 30-some blocks away, on the boardwalk.

The lead story on the news today took us by surprise — shock, really — when we saw witnesses and police [...]

The Summer of Kristin: Sunset Beach

It was a tad too hot to sit on the beach directly in the path of the sun today, so W and I headed to good old Cape May, which is all of about 8 minutes from Wildwood Crest. There are all sorts of wonderful things to see and do in Cape May…but one [...]

Nutrisystem Weight Gain — Not a Deal-Breaker!

So, here I am, roughly one week into my Summer of Kristin and my resolution that not even vacation would deter me from my goal. Did I do it? Well, I stuck to my plan, other than a few, isolated stumbles. I spent Memorial Day weekend with W, my brother, and [...]

The Summer of Kristin: The Boardwalk

The most well-known “sight” in Wildwood is its two-mile (all 38 blocks of it) boardwalk. And, the most well-known “sound” is, “Watch the tram car, please.” The tram car runs the length of the boardwalk and is $2.50 for a one-way ride.

On the boardwalk, you can get cheap (as in not well-made…they’re [...]

The Summer of Kristin: A Day at the Beach

It was actually kinda hot by about 9 a.m., so after I had breakfast and got everything ready (picking a bathing suit, packing a bag, applying SPF 50…yes, 50), I strolled down to the beach. I was there by about 10:30. There was a heck of a breeze (OK, wind) down there, the entire time [...]

Nutrisystem on Vacation? Yes, you can!

As Week 5 drew to a close, I had arrived in Wildwood to kick off the Summer of Kristin. Luckily, as this is a solo venture (except for weekends), I have little to no temptation to go out to eat or to make poor food choices, since my seaside abode is stocked with only [...]

The Summer of Kristin: The Beach

I love the beach.

So, this morning, when my head popped up at…6:53 a.m., I was happy to see that it was because of all the glorious natural light illuminating my little seaside abode. This is the source…

I know, right? And, as I sat here this morning, reading e-mail, this was the [...]

The Summer of Kristin has begun

As you probably have realized, I live in Philadelphia. Well, to be clear, I live in a suburb of Philadelphia, which is about 10 minutes from the City of Brotherly Love. However, to those who are outside the tri-state area, when asked where I’m from, the answer is simple: Philly.

A big part of [...]