Best of the 80s: 80s Artists

80s Artists: Madonna Like a Virgin Tour

Madonna — Madonna changed everything; music, fashion, hair, attitudes, you name it. She exuded sex, which made her quite controversial. Her huge hit, “Like a Virgin,” didn’t help that image. Girls copied her messy, highlighted hair (and bows), her black rubber bracelets (the more the better), her rosary beads, and her clothes. Her impact on Read More…

Best of the 80s: 80s TV Shows (Part 2)

80s TV Shows | Laverne and Shirley

We were subjected to a whole lot of TV shows in the 80s…ranging from great to WTF. There were quite a few shows based on movies as well as a whole lot of programming aimed at kids. A lot. Of all the 80s TV shows we had to wade through, there were some significant shows Read More…

Health Benefits of a Spa Day

Health Benefits of a Spa Day

I was not compensated for writing this post. Sands Outlets at Bethlehem provided a promotional item to facilitate my review of European Body Concepts. My opinions are 100% honest and 100% mine.  Like many, I have always considered a spa day something of a luxury or indulgence. But is that really the case? Consider the Read More…

50 Facts About the Winter Olympics

Facts About the Winter Olympics | Ski Jumping

For possibly the first time, I have been glued to my TV, watching the 2014  Winter Olympics. I never really “got” the hype about the Olympics but this year I have been awestruck by the figure skating portion. Now I totally “get” it…the excitement and all the hullabaloo about the Winter Olympics. But when it Read More…

Most dangerous Jobs in America

Most Dangerous Jobs In America

You probably have an opinion on the most dangerous jobs in America. I know I do…and I’m going to hazard a guess that most of them aren’t listed on this infographic of the 10 Most Dangerous U.S. Jobs. I was a tad surprised at what was listed — and what wasn’t: