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50 Facts About the Winter Olympics

For possibly the first time, I have been glued to my TV, watching the 2014  Winter Olympics. I never really “got” the hype about the Olympics but this year I have been awestruck by the figure skating portion. Now I totally “get” it…the excitement and all the hullabaloo about the Winter Olympics. But when [...]

Most dangerous Jobs in America

You probably have an opinion on the most dangerous jobs in America. I know I do…and I’m going to hazard a guess that most of them aren’t listed on this infographic of the 10 Most Dangerous U.S. Jobs.

I was a tad surprised at what was listed — and what wasn’t:


Jim Pranks Dwight: The Top 10

Jim Pranks Dwight The Office Season 9

I started watching The Office in Season 2 and have been a devoted fan ever since. One of my favorite aspects of the series is when Jim pranks Dwight, which happens a whole lot. I was able to catch a few of the last times when Jim pranks Dwight while watching The Office Season [...]

20 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

I recently read 20 Things You Didn’t Know About Me at Dear Crissy and was…inspired, as they say.

1. I very rarely drink alcohol. It just doesn’t agree with me, so I tend to avoid it for the most part, although I will have the occasional drink.

2. I attended the University of Akron [...]

11 Favorite Love Songs

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.” (Victor Hugo)

Music is often considered to be the soundtrack of our life. It is important for so many reasons — for some it inspires, for others it motivates…for so many, it evokes memories, good and bad. All of my [...]

7 Regifting Nightmares

"Seinfeld Regifting Nightmares Episode The Label Maker"


It carries a stigma — especially when you’ve experienced regifting nightmares. And that episode of Seinfeld where regifting was the running theme didn’t help, either (It’s “The Label Maker,” of course). Plus, if you’re a bad regifter, you’re not helping the case for regifting, either.

According to the Bookoo Regifting Survey, participants [...]

10 Open House Ideas You Should Know

Selling your house? There are many tips and “tricks” to getting your house sold — at the right price and quickly — but it might not be in your best interest to hold an open house. There are open house ideas you should heed and open house ideas you should avoid.

The “Open House” [...]

10 Reasons I want to be at #BlogHer12

"Hilton Hotel New York City"

While thousands of fellow bloggers are kicking up their heels (er, flats, I hope) at BlogHer’12, here I sit on my computer, living vicariously through them (and their tweets). I couldn’t make it due to health reasons but I sooooo wanted to be there this week, for the following reasons:


10 “sports” that should make the Summer Olympics

I haven’t been watching the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Relax. It’s not a crime.

However, if the International Olympics Committee could stir things up a little, I would totally watch. The current summer agenda includes sports such as badminton, handball, sailing, shooting, table tennis, race-walking (race-walking? Seriously?), and the hammer throw. Badminton? Oh yeah, that’s [...]

16 Random but Somewhat Interesting Christmas Factoids

I love Christmas. I love trivia. I love lists. And away we go…

1. Santa Claus was originally depicted as an elf until 1931 when Coca Cola portrayed him as human (thank goodness…elves freak me out!).

2. The first White House holiday tree was a live 24-foot Douglas fir. It cost $700. [...]