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Vix Swimwear Review

"Vix Swimwear Bia Swimsuit Bikini"

Summer is coming. Soon. Like real soon. And that means swimsuit season is upon us, folks.

And swimsuit season is super important for me, because in June, I am headed to…Riviera Maya! So that means I need to outfit myself and W in some spectacular vacation wear. Enter Vix Swimwear.

For once, wouldn’t [...]

Summer of Kristin: The Cream of the Crest

I’ve been in love with Wildwood my entire life…it’s an island in itself, a five-mile island of wonderfulness. It stretches from North Wildwood, through Wildwood, and down to Wildwood Crest (where I am). The Crest is far-removed from the noise and bustle of the rest of the island, where there is a larger concentration [...]

The Summer of Kristin: Boardwalk Games (or, how to lose your shirt)

I’ve told you about the boardwalk on more than one occasion but it occurred to me that I have yet to delve into the world of carnival games. And I feel like I must share this with you because it’s making me CRAZY.

For starters, there’s one game (or pair of games, rather) where [...]

Beauty and the Beach Clothing — Without Breaking the Bank!

I’m excited to do a guest post for Kristin today. Isn’t her blog just so bright and cheery? Part of what makes it so cheery is that we both are gearing up for beach adventures this summer! If you’ve visited my blog you know how much I adore the beach (and beach clothing). I [...]

The Summer of Kristin: Sunset Beach

It was a tad too hot to sit on the beach directly in the path of the sun today, so W and I headed to good old Cape May, which is all of about 8 minutes from Wildwood Crest. There are all sorts of wonderful things to see and do in Cape May…but one [...]

The Summer of Kristin: The Boardwalk

The most well-known “sight” in Wildwood is its two-mile (all 38 blocks of it) boardwalk. And, the most well-known “sound” is, “Watch the tram car, please.” The tram car runs the length of the boardwalk and is $2.50 for a one-way ride.

On the boardwalk, you can get cheap (as in not well-made…they’re [...]

The Summer of Kristin: A Day at the Beach

It was actually kinda hot by about 9 a.m., so after I had breakfast and got everything ready (picking a bathing suit, packing a bag, applying SPF 50…yes, 50), I strolled down to the beach. I was there by about 10:30. There was a heck of a breeze (OK, wind) down there, the entire time [...]

The Summer of Kristin: The Beach

I love the beach.

So, this morning, when my head popped up at…6:53 a.m., I was happy to see that it was because of all the glorious natural light illuminating my little seaside abode. This is the source…

I know, right? And, as I sat here this morning, reading e-mail, this was the [...]

The Summer of Kristin has begun

As you probably have realized, I live in Philadelphia. Well, to be clear, I live in a suburb of Philadelphia, which is about 10 minutes from the City of Brotherly Love. However, to those who are outside the tri-state area, when asked where I’m from, the answer is simple: Philly.

A big part of [...]