Chocolat Frey for All {+ a Giveaway!}

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This is a Fashionista Event and a promotional item was provided to me by Sweetworks. Hosts for this event are Still Blonde after all these Years and ModlyChic.

I’ve come to think of chocolate as a treat, a reward, even a special occasion. In those instances, I don’t want just some ordinary, run-of-the-mill chocolate. I want real chocolate. Ya know, the good stuff.

Chocolat Frey

Like Chocolat Frey®.

Oh. My. Goodness.

Chocolat Frey is to-die-for. And I almost mean that literally. It’s heavenly. It’s decadent. It’s creamy. It’s rich. It’s perfection. And, boy, is it the answer to a craving. Or, a delightful ending to a long, rough day!

If you haven’t heard of Chocolat Frey, settle in (but have your car keys handy, because you’re gonna want to head out to get yourself some — or a lot).

Chocolat Frey

Chocolat Frey, which is 100% Swiss chocolate, has been around for almost 130 years. It was created in 1887 by brothers Robert and Max Frey. Their passion is the foundation for the company’s commitment to quality and excellence (I can attest to both!). Every single one of Chocolat Frey products are made in Switzerland, in a bean-to-bar process.

I have to pause here, because I need to be honest about something. I don’t truly know what “bean to bar” means, so I decided to look it up. The bean-to-bar process is unique to every manufacturer, and it’s always a well-kept secret. However, the process always involves testing, cleaning, and roasting the cocoa beans, then grinding, followed by “conching” (developing the flavor — ridding it of its bitterness and creating that smooth quality), and finally, tempering and forming the chocolate.

Chocolat Frey

The result? Exquisite, magnificent, scrumptious chocolates.

Chocolat Frey uses rich cocoa beans, whole roasted nuts, and Swiss milk. For their bean-to-bar process, Frey has honed their steps to perfection in order to create the best quality chocolate possible. Their precise process delivers a consistent result — a distinctive, indulgent flavor that is the hallmark of Chocolat Frey. (That might be why Chocolat Frey is the #1 chocolate in Switzerland!)

You’ll be happy to know that Chocolat Frey is UTZ-certified (that means that it stands for sustainable farming as well as better opportunities for farmers, their families and the planet). Frey values sustainability and — through their careful approach to the environment and support for sustainable farming — is a company that I feel good about supporting. Heck, indulging in Chocolat Frey is practically a good deed. It’s good for the environment. It’s like a civic duty, for crying out loud!

Chocolat Frey

If you’re anxious to try Chocolat Frey for yourself (who could blame you?), don’t worry. Be sure to look for these great new products coming to a store near you.

Chocolat Frey

Trust me, Chocolat Frey is something you want in your life. Like right now. It is so spectacular, I find myself fighting the urge to nibble on it pretty much all day long. It’s that kind of delicious. Lately, I’ve taken to inventing reasons (don’t judge me!) to reward myself with some Chocolate Frey. Reasons like, “It’s snowing!” or “I finished the laundry!” or “The dog got a bath!” I might have a problem. But it’s such a delicious problem!

I am a nut for chocolate with nuts. (See what I did there?) And Chocolat Frey does not disappoint. They have nuts coming out their ears! And not just your everyday, “blah” nuts. We’re talking the good stuff. The really good stuff. Hazelnuts (one of my biggest guilty pleasures!) and almonds…pretty much the best nuts for chocolate, period. Mmm. Heavenly.

Chocolat Frey

Shhh! Don’t tell anyone about this. And don’t judge me! You never know when you’ll be in an emergency and a Chocolat Frey bar will come in handy!

I have some exciting news: Chocolat Frey is sharing the excellence with one of my readers! One lucky winner will receive a Chocolat Frey Prize Pack Combo: Everyday and Bunny Pack (ARV $50), which contains:

Chocolat Frey Everyday Selection

  • (1) Chocolat Frey Chocobloc Bar 100g/3.5oz- Milk- SRP $1.99
  • (1) Chocolat Frey Chocobloc Bar 100g/3.5oz- Dark 72%- SRP $1.99
  • (1) Chocolat Frey Chocobloc Bar 100g/3.5oz- White- SRP $1.99
  • (1) Chocolat Frey Chocobloc Bar 100g/3.5oz- Orange- SRP $1.99
  • (1) Chocolat Frey Crunchy Nut Bar 6.3/180g- Dark- SRP $4.99
  • (1) Chocolat Frey Crunchy Nut Bar 6.3/180g- Milk- SRP $4.99
  • (1) Chocolat Frey Crunchy Nut Bar 6.3/180g- Blond- SRP $4.99
  • (1) Medium 6oz Pink- “Sunny” Bunny- SRP $7.99
  • (1) Medium 6oz Blue- “Funny” Bunny- SRP $7.99
  • (1) Medium 6oz Green- “Lucky” Bunny- SRP $7.99
  • (3) Small 1.9oz Pink- “Sunny” Bunny- SRP $3.59
  • (3) Small 1.9oz Blue- “Funny” Bunny- SRP $3.59
  • (3) Small 1.9oz Green- “Lucky” Bunny- SRP $3.59

This giveaway is open to U.S. residents and ends March 3 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Enter via the Rafflecopter form below and then check out the other giveaways!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Now you can head over to the other bloggers who are hosting their own Chocolat Frey giveaways!

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  1. Janice Cooper says

    I would like to try the mini chocobloc assortment. This way I can try each one because I love chocolate and I can share with hubby.

  2. Sara G says

    I would love to try the Dark Crunchy Nuts 6.3oz Bar because I absolutely love dark chocolate and nuts! I’d eat the entire bar.

  3. Marti Tabora says

    I would most like to get the Dark Crunchy Nuts Bar because I really like dark chocolate the most and I like nuts as well. It looks really good and caught my attention right away.

  4. Christy Peeples DuBois says

    I would love to get the Assorted Pralines Box. I love pralines and can’t imagine what the different types are but I’m sure they are delicious.

  5. Tamra Phelps says

    I want to try the Chocobloc Orange bar. I love chocolate & orange flavors mixed together! Orange swirl ice cream covered in chocolate Magic Shell is one of my favorite things!

  6. David says

    I am most interested in trying the white chocolate variety. White chocolate has a very distinct flavor. that I may actually like more than regular chocolate.

  7. Margaret Smith says

    I’d like to try the Chocobloc Assorted mix. This way I can try the different types and enjoy them all. Thanks so much.

  8. Julie says

    I really would like to try the milk crunchy nuts or the Mini Chocobloc Milks. They look like they would be great as a late night snack.

  9. Jenna H says

    I would like to get the Mini Chocobloc Assorted 5.3oz Stand Up Bag. I enjoy milk, dark, and white chocolate all the same.

  10. sarah k says

    I would be pretty happy with any of the colors if I were to receive one, but I do love the color blue and green so those would be my top picks.

  11. Mckena says

    Mini Chocobloc Assorted Bag would be good, because then I’d get to try multiple flavors, but the Milk Crunchy Nuts Bar looks so delicious! I don’t know!

  12. jennifer walker says

    I would love to try the Mini Chocobloc Assorted 5.3oz Stand Up Bag. I love chocolate and nuts together and being able to try an assortment would help me to determine which is my favorite.

  13. Kristen says

    I would love to try the assortment of pralines. It looks like the best way to try a whole variety of different chocolates in one package. I like dark and milk chocolate but my husband only likes milk chocolate, so with the collection of pralines we’d both get to try the kind we like best.

  14. Karen Glatt says

    I would give the assorted Chocobloc minis for my Dad and sister because we love chocolate in small pieces like this.

  15. Ashley C says

    I would like the assorted pralines box because the chocolates picture look delicious and I love an assortment of goodies to pick from!

  16. Ally says

    I’d like to give the chocobloc orange to my boyfriend. He loves orange and chocolate flavors!

    (And I’d like to get pretty much any of it! Even the blond crunchy almonds sounds good and I’m not always a white chocolate girl!)

  17. Rhonda Tenderholt says

    I’d love the pralines for my husband, everything else for my sons, and either the orange chocolate or the milk chocolate. Orange chocolate is my favorite. The nut bars look wonderful.

  18. Danielle Magee says

    I would love to try the Chocobloc Assorted Mini because it has three flavors I could try and see what I like best.

  19. Jennifer Reed says

    I would love to try the Chocolat Frey Dark Chocolate and Nuts bar first. I love dark chocolate but the combination of hazelnuts would make this the best!

  20. Vickie says

    So happy Frey is now in America
    I want to win the assorted pralines box because I can share it with everyone and Swiss chocolate is the very best in the world!

  21. Linda Bradshaw says

    I would like to have the Chocobloc Dark 72% 3.5oz Bar for myself and the white chocolate for my son. That is the only chocolate he eats.

  22. Sarah Lehan says

    I like the Chocobloc Orange 3.5oz Bar because I like the combination of orange & chocolate.
    Thanks for the contest.

  23. laura g says

    Oh my that sounds so delicious! I would love to give my husband the Chocobloc Dark 72% Minis. He loves dark chocolate, it’s healthy and the perfect size to keep it that way and be perfectly shareable. :)

  24. elizabeth miller says

    I would like to try the Finest Assorted Pralines Box. Theres a little something different to each piece keeping everyone happy in the house.

  25. DeAnna Keller says

    I would like the assorted Chocobloc minis because I like to try different kinds of chocolate. Usually my favorite kind is White Chocolate!

  26. Terra Heck says

    I’d like to try the Chocobloc Orange 3.5oz Bar. I love the combination of chocolate and orange, and believe these bars would be yummy. Thanks.

  27. lissa crane says

    I would love to try the Milk Crunchy Nuts! I am a huge fan of milk chocolate and eat it every day! I am also crazy over hazelnuts, so this would be the perfect combo for me! Swiss chocolate of any kind is the ultimate treat to me!

  28. Jan Lee says

    I’d like to try the Mini Chocobloc Assorted 5.3oz Stand Up Bag. I love all flavors of chocolate and this would enable me to have a bite of several different kinds :)

  29. Karen Propes says

    I would love to receive the Green Lucky Bunny to use in my Dining Table Easter Decorations. I also love green and luck !!

  30. Michelle Coles says

    The Chocolate Frey Bunny I would select is the Green Lucky Bunny because it is such a pretty green color and makes me smile!

  31. lee dixon says

    Id like to try assorted pralines. I’m not a fan of chocolate with nuts and this seems like it has none. It also looks very pretty and fun to share with family!

  32. gala says

    I want to try Milk Crunchy Nuts 6.3oz Bar . It would be the best choice for me — whole hazelnuts paired to milk chocolate, what else to wish for

  33. clynsg says

    I would go for the Dark Crunchy Nuts first–just because I prefer dark chocolate and really like to have nuts along with it.

  34. Cori Westphal says

    I’d like the Chocobloc Mini Assortment just because that way I can give them all a try!

    coriwestphal at gmail dot com

  35. Cori Westphal says

    I’d like the Funny bunny, just because it’s such a beautiful blue!

    coriwestphal at gmail dot com

  36. wen budro says

    I would most like to give or receive their Chocobloc Orange Bar because it looks delicious and contains orange flavor.

  37. stephanie landeros says

    I would most like to try the Chocobloc White 3.5oz Bar. Perfect serving size and who doesn’t love white chocolate!

  38. Jessica Cox says

    I would love to get the Mini Chocobloc Assorted 5.3oz Stand Up Bag so that way I could try all the flavors

  39. Alisha Sienkiel says

    I would want to try the Mini Chocobloc Assorted 5.3oz Stand Up Bag because that way I would be able to sample all three of the chocolates!

  40. Leanne Godfrey says

    I would most like to give the Assorted Pralines Box. It would provide the recipient with a lot of variety!

  41. Paula Tavernie says

    I would love to try the Chocobloc Orange because I love orange flavors and this sounds wonderful!!

  42. says

    I would love to try them all out. I’d start with the milk chocolate smooth and creamy. Then move on to the crunch nut bars. I’d even go for the dark chocolate and white chocolate bunnies.

  43. says

    The white chocolate cute bunnies would be the most fun to sample. I’d have to look at them for a long time before eating them they are so cute.

  44. Laurie Emerson says

    I would like to try the Dark Chocolate Crunchy Nuts. I love dark chocolate and hazelnuts. The combination makes a perfect chocolate bar.

  45. BRYAN E. says

    We would love the Chocobloc Dark 72% 3.5oz Bar; dark chocolate contains a higher percentage (> 60%) of cocoa solids i.e. antioxidants

  46. Amy L says

    I’d like to try the Chocobloc Dark Mini with almond-honey nougat. I LOVE dark chocolate, and am curious to find out what the almond-honey nougat tastes like.

  47. says

    I am the happy winner of this giveaway! I replied to your email a few minutes ago. Thanks for having this and Thank you to the Sponsor! I look forward to trying it all.


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