Sweet deals at Verizon Wireless {and an even sweeter giveaway!}

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Oy vey. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve discussed smartphones with my kids? I don’t even want to think about it. There’s a lot, a whole lot to consider.

As a rule, I try to avoid the whole smartphone shopping experience, for several reasons (regardless of how much kids beg, and regardless of how much it drives them crazy). For starters, it’s expensive. Oof. I’m not trying to go into hock over a smartphone, for crying out loud. Second, I don’t really want to go into the store. All this snow and ice? No thanks! Plus, I’ve been sick, so I don’t really feel like heading out to shop for a smartphone. And, to be honest, I find it intimidating to shop in the store. It’s hard for me to compare everything that all the phones have to offer. Heck, the whole experience is simply overwhelming. There are just so many things to consider — brand, model, price, and features — features such as the camera, the storage, and the display, to name a few.

However, if you head over to Verizon Wireless, you’ll find that they’ve taken the overwhelming and turned it into plain old whelming. Seriously. My kids will be happy to hear this! They need all the help they can get to light a fire under me to find the right carrier.

So why is Verizon the right carrier? That’s simple: They’re rated #1 in the U.S. for speed, data, reliability, and overall performance. That sounds pretty good to me. But what does that mean in practical terms? That’s also simple: The Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network covers 2.3 million square miles in the United States. That’s 99% of all Americans.

Verizon Wireless Service

Switching myself and my kids to Verizon is not only simple, it’s smart. When you switch to Verizon Wireless, they will pay you $650 when you turn in your old phone. (If you’re already a Verizon Wireless customer, you can take advantage of this deal when you add a new line to your account.) And the good news — the process is simple!

  1. Add a new smartphone with monthly device payments to your cart.
  2. When prompted, click “trade in old device.”
  3. Enter the number you want to switch to Verizon. (When you receive your new smartphone, just activate it and your number will transfer over, and your old contract will end.)
  4. Within five days of placing your order, you’ll receive a box to return your old phone, which must be in good working condition.
  5. Grab your final bill from your old provider, your order confirmation email, and your promo code — and then visit Verizon (online, mind you!) and redeem your offer.
  6. If you had an outstanding balance on your smartphone, you’ll receive a prepaid card for up to $650. If you only paid an early termination fee, you’ll receive a prepaid card for up to $350.
  7. You’re done! Now you’re a happy, satisfied Verizon Wireless customer!

Verizon Wireless

But wait! If you don’t have an outstanding balance on your phone, and you didn’t pay an early termination fee, Verizon will still give you a $100 prepaid card!

You might be thinking, “Wait. There must be a catch.” Because as they say, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is, right? That would be my natural instinct, which usually leads me to drag my feet for months when it comes to anything involving my carrier — a tendency that makes my kids extremely frustrated. That doesn’t have to be the case anymore — which is good news for my kids, who were not happy (to say the least) when I came home with this one day:

No More Dumbphones! | Verizon Wireless Deals

Those days are behind us — although they did coin the phrase “dumbphone” to characterize the phone I bought to save some money. Take it from me: Not all smartphones are made equal, folks. That was a lesson learned, the hard way. No longer do my kids have to worry that I’m going to select a carrier who has a smartphone selection that doesn’t meet their standards. Oh boy, their standards when it comes to smartphones! Luckily, Verizon Wireless meets those standards — and just might exceed them.

How does an iPhone 6S sound? (That’s what my daughters want!) Or a Samsung Galaxy S6? Maybe a Motorola DROID Turbo 2? Ooohhhh…an LG G4! You could choose a HTC One M9, or a Samsung Galaxy Note5 (That’s what my son wants!). See? Verizon Wireless has the smartphones you and I want, and the ones my kids want. No strings. No tricks.

Verizon Wireless Samsung Galaxy Note5

Ah, the Samsung Galaxy Note5. I can see why my son wants it. It’s a beauty. It has up to 12 days of standby time, and up to 25 hours of usage time, and a 16MP camera. But wait, there’s more — like the S Pen. You can handwrite a quick note or a phone number on your Note5, and you don’t even have to wake it up first. I love it! It has a 5.7 inch Quad-HD SUPER AMOLED display, which adjusts to any light, making documents, images and videos pop, even in bright sunlight.

What else, what else…oh, you can multi-task with two apps at once! And you can share info and pictures between your phone and your computer (this feature works with most PCs and Macs) with SideSync. That’s a feature that would be super convenient for me! It allows you to drag and drop photos and documents between the two devices, as well as reply to a text message or answer a call from your smartphone on your laptop. Sweet! Yep, the Samsung Galaxy Note5 is a pretty amazing smartphone.

Valentine's Day Deals at Verizon Wireless

Through February 14, you can get some extra sweet Valentine’s Day deals at Verizon Wireless! While supplies last, you can score some great savings on smartphones and tablets. For example, you can save $100 on an iPhone 6 Plus, $200 on an iPad Air 2, and $100 off the LG V10. That’s a big help when you’re shopping for smartphones for the family!

Verizon Wireless DROID Turbo 2

There’s another deal, though — when you purchase the DROID Turbo 2, you receive a free Qi wireless charger. This offer is available when you place the DROID Turbo 2 in your cart with the monthly device payments (not full retail). This offer is good through February 25.

Did you know you can order your new smartphone or tablet from Verizon Wireless, add a line of service to your existing account, and even open a brand new account — all online? And, even better news: You can save $50 on select smartphones when you purchase a new device, with the coupon code COUPONVZW.

I don’t know about you, but I appreciate a good deal when it comes to electronics. And since it involves not just me but my kids as well, getting deals on a handful of smartphones adds up to a lot of savings!

Guess what? We have a $500 Amazon Gift Card to give away to one of our readers! This giveaway is open to U.S. residents (18+) and ends March 1 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Please note: The COUPONVZW offer expires 2/29. Available for new customers or additional lines of service. Not valid for upgrades.

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  1. Jenny Scheldberg says

    I love Apple products (although I’d never admit that to my husband who got me stuck on them much to my chagrin). I’d go with the IPhone 6s Plus this time. I feel like with its size it while never get lost at the bottom of my purse. I have a heart attack every time I think I lose my phone.

  2. lissa crane says

    I would definitely choose the Apple iPhone 6s!
    I am still on the Apple iPhone 4 and desperately need an upgrade! I would choose this one because I do love my iPhone 4, but really wish I had all the newer features such as the faster internet connection, better camera, and Seri.

  3. lissa crane says

    The Valentine Deal that appeals to me most is definitely is $100 off the new iPhone 6 in gold! I don’t know if I would choose the color gold for a new iPhone, but if by choosing the gold I get $100 off, that’s the color for me!

  4. Jackie says

    I would choose the Apple iPhone 6s 16GB in Space Gray. I still have a flip-phone and would love a smart phone.
    Thank you!

  5. D SCHMIDT says

    Visited the site and I would pick the Samsung Galaxy S®6 because I use my phone a lot and love the idea of the Fast Charging to power up to 50% in about 30 minutes

  6. Sang Hyun Lee says

    I would choose the Samsung Galaxy Note5 with the $50 off code COUPONVZW, because I’ve heard so much about how amazing its camera is(photography is my passion!).

  7. Annette says

    I have never owned a smarthphone, but would love to have the Apple
    iPhone® 6s. I do use an iPad, so this would be an easy phone for me to use since its similar to the iPad in its features.

  8. Michelle C says

    I would choose the iPhone 6S. I currently have the 5S and it’s about time for an upgrade. Ive only had Apple smartphones and I plan to stick with them.

  9. Michelle C says

    I like the Valentine’s deal for the Fitbit Charge HR Heart Rate and Activity Wristband. I’ve been thinking of getting one of those to encourage myself to walk more.

  10. Irina Stiles says

    For Valentine’s day I would prefer Apple I pad Pro because it’s Apple and because an I Pad would be a great gift.

  11. Shauntea Crutcher says

    I would choose the LG g4 phone because my sister has it and I’ve used her’s and really like this phone.

  12. christine j says

    I would love the Samsung Galaxy S®6 32GB in Black Sapphire. The features on this would be perfect for business use.

  13. Nicole Carter says

    I would chose the Apple iPhone 6 because I have an old 5 now and I know Apple has the features and services I like.

  14. Jarritt Cumba says

    I would chose the Droid turbo 2 because of the screen. I can be pretty rough on my phones because of my job having a screen that is so strong that the phone chassis will break before the screen would be a dream com true.

  15. Lisa Jagodzinski says

    I would choose the Samsung Galaxy S6 32Gb phone because I have the Apple iPhone 5c and I don’t the iPhones at all, you cannot add expandable memory and I have had an Android cell phone in the past and I like them much better than the iPhone. Also the Samsung Galaxy S6 has a large screen which I would very much love.

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