The Kia K900: Is it fit for a king?

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Dear Diary,

This afternoon, a man from DriveShop dropped off a Kia K900 for me to test drive. I don’t know if he even had a face. I took the keys and signed my name — I think it was my name, I really can’t be sure at this point — and got in the driver’s seat.

The Kia K900 is the car LeBron James drives (and does commercials for). It’s supposed to be “fit for a king,” as the saying goes. Let’s see, shall we?

Kia K900 Interior

First impressions: The driver’s seat is really luxurious. If I sit this low, though, I have to reach up to handle the steering wheel. Crap. The interior accents — leather trim and genuine wood accents — make me feel like I’m in the office of an executive. Not a run-of-the-mill executive, either…a high-level, six-figure executive. I’m not sure how to adjust my seat but I can’t ask now. That seat just happens to be ventilated, as are the others. They’re also heated.

Kia K900 Exterior

Hmmm. Not 100% sure how to use the stereo/navigation system. It’s OK, I’m smart enough to figure it out. I think.

Kia K900

USB port, check. 12V outlet, check. But cup holders? What in the world do I need those for? No one is is bringing any liquids into this car.

Kia K900 Sunroof

Oooh, the sunroof. It’s so big! It’s panoramic, with a power shade.

Kia K900 Radio

Wow. This stereo is insane. The sound is crystal clear and so loud. Turned it up to the max to test it out. It’s awesome. Of course, Bluetooth isn’t some revolutionary feature in today’s cars, but it’s worth noting that this was the first time I bothered syncing my phone to a car I was test-driving. I just wanted to get the full experience of the Kia K900, plain and simple.

Kia K900 Backseat

I got out and climbed in the backseat. LeBron did a commercial from the backseat of his K900, demonstrating how roomy and luxurious it is. And it is, it totally is. It’s so roomy, you might be able to live in the backseat.

Kia K900 Backseat

In addition to all that room, I can recline. Recline!! Hell, there might be more room in the back than the front. It is definitely the finest backseat I’ve ever seen. Props, Kia.

Kia K900 Backseat Controls

The backseat isn’t just roomy and luxurious, either. It’s decadent. Look at the controls in the center arm rest! Wow!

Kia K900 Window Shades

Plus, there are shades for the back windows that you can easily raise and lower at your discretion. Are you kidding me?

Kia K900 Navigation System

I decided to drive with no destination in mind. I made it to West Chester then kept driving. Wasn’t sure where I was or where I was going. It’s OK, the navigation system showed me and I made it back home. It also showed me where I could grab a coffee along the way. I’m a huge fan of the navigation system. Wound up putting about 50 miles on the car.

Kia K900 Exterior

I noticed a few other drivers on the road checking out the Kia K900. I don’t blame them. It’s hard to ignore. Look how sharp this car is! It’s big but not overwhelming, and smart and sleek. It has very distinguished lines and contours. This is one sharp-looking car. In fact, its exterior was so important to me that I found myself wishing for a protective bubble around the car. Obviously I wouldn’t want any dings or scratches on this beauty, but I also didn’t want anyone getting too close — touching it or breathing too closely to it. It’s a car that you will protect, and protect passionately. If anything happened to this car, I would simply be mortified. I wanted to run my hand over it, but I didn’t. It’s just so special.

As I watched the Cavs game that night, I wondered out loud if I could sleep in the car. Like an experiment, I said. Just to see if the backseat is so comfortable I could sleep there. Decided against it.

Kia K900

Day 2. Not sure where I wanted to go, but I have to drive. Somewhere. I love this car. I drove to the outlets to do some Christmas shopping (not a lot, because I didn’t want to be out of the K900 for too long). LeBron went with us. Celebrity spotting: Tony Orlando! Yes, that Tony Orlando, of “Tie a Yellow Ribbon.”

Kia K900 Trunk

Just to give you an idea of the spacious trunk, here’s how it looks with two small bags in it. It’s roomy, let me tell you.

Kia K900

Violating my original proclamation that no beverages would be allowed in the car, I indulged in a Skinny Peppermint Mocha (it seemed apropos to celebrate my first red cup of the season in the very festive K900) on the way home. It was a long day, but I hardly noticed in the luxurious interior and smooth ride of the Kia K900.

Kia K900 Exterior

Day 3. Decided to visit my son and new granddaughter, partly because I wanted to show off the K900, partly because I wanted to simply enjoy the K900 experience. He came out of the house, circled the car a few times, got in the backseat to see if it was as decadent as LeBron had intimated. It was. Got stuck in traffic on the way home. Didn’t care.


Kia K900 Exterior

This car is insanely amazing. It’s powerful (a V6 engine) and fast and responsive. The ride is smooth. Plus it looks amazing (as I’ve previously gushed). It’s sleek and sophisticated and sharp. It’s a car that people notice, and take long looks at. It’s a car you feel good about stepping into. In fact, I might have gazed at it from time to time from my front door. And through the window. It just looks good.

Kia K900 Exterior

I can’t really explain the specialness of the Kia K900. Driving this car just made me feel…I don’t know exactly. Better? Special? Important? Decadent? Indulgent?

Oh wait. Royalty. I felt like royalty.

Kia K900 LeBron James

Royalty. The Kia K900 is fit for a king.

Kia K900 Seat Controls

The interior is something spectacular. The seats are delightful. They fit around you like a supple Italian leather glove, with lumbar support. Lumbar support! There are a lot of controls to customize the seat to your personal preference. The feel and the look of the interior are outstanding. Huge points to Kia for that.

But the Kia K900 has more. So much more.

Kia K900

Push-Button Start, Smart Key, and Credit Card Valet Key. Power Closing Trunk — a feature I love! A Head-Up Display. UVO, the voice-activated infotainment and telematics system with navigation and diagnostics features. Surround View Monitor, which allows you to see all around the car. The Lexicon Logic7 Surround Sound System with 17 speakers and a 900-watt digital amplifier.

Kia K900

Power-folding heated power mirrors with LED turn signal indicators. Auto-dimming outside mirrors. Auto headlights. LED Perimeter Approach Lighting to safely illuminate the ground beneath the front doors at night. Rain-sensing windshield wipers. SiriusXM Radio, of course.

Parking Assist (front and rear cameras). Front and Rear Parking Sensors — ultrasonic sensors that are part of the front and rear bumpers warn of obstacles when parking — with a Park Guide System. Blind Spot Detection System, a camera-based detection system that warns you of objects on the side and rear areas of the K900. Rear Cross-Traffic Alert. Lane Departure Warning System. Drive Mode Select to choose between Sport, Normal, Comfort, and Snow modes. Electronic Parking Brake.

As I’ve come to expect from Kia, the K900 comes with a 10-Year/100,000 Mile Limited Powertrain Warranty, a 5-Year/50,000 Mile Limited Basic Warranty, and 5-Year/50,000 Mile Roadside Assistance.

The Kia K900 is sick (in a good way). It doesn’t have a whole lot of competition in this class, but the competition it does have is getting a run for its money. This car is absolutely magnificent.

The Kia K900 is, plain and simple, fit for a king. And not just LeBron, either.

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    • says

      It sure makes you feel elite, I can tell you that. It’s like when you get in this car, real life just fades away and you’re transported into this magical world. Sounds corny, but it’s so true. Cars can have magic powers, I’ve come to find out.

    • says

      Oh, Lauren. It SO is. What an absolute delight. I thought for sure this car couldn’t live up to my extremely high expectations, but it did! It made me forget that I had an ordinary car in real life. LOL. And, it made me never ever want to get back into it. :)

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