Fridays with Frank: I can’t handle the stress!

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I haven’t had the best week.

Fridays with Frank

My human has been sick for two weeks now. Two. Weeks.

That means our walks have been cut relatively short lately. And she’s not exactly jumping at the chance to toss the ball around or wrestle with me. But I’m not complaining about any of that.

This week something awful happened. My human had severe chest pains, rushed to the hospital and was gone for a whole day. I. Freaked. Out. (To her credit, she did call to talk to me. Hearing her voice without seeing her also freaked me out. It’s been a freak-out kind of week!)

It was an absolute nightmare.

Fridays with Frank

When she came home, she was even sicker. So she’s been unhappy. Which makes me unhappy. It also made me want to cuddle up with her as much as possible. If I don’t let her out of my sight, she can’t leave me again. I can’t handle the stress!

As a result of her leaving me for 24 hours, I’ve also taken to obsessively chewing on bones that largely went ignored for months. Unfortunately, when I chew on these bones, I also chew off little pieces of plastic. Yikes! But luckily for me, my human watches me like a hawk and picks up the pieces I drop. Then she started throwing my toys away! I have to admit, that’s probably for the best, as plastic chew toys can contain PBA and phthalates. (Keep in mind that toys can contain formaldehyde, lead, and other chemicals.) Eek!

Take, for example, Nylabone chew toys. There is an explicit “non-edible” warning on the package. And, they advise to discard the Nylabone once the knuckle ends are worn down. Swallowing plastic pieces can be dangerous, folks. And expensive!

Guess what else? Storing dog treats and dog food in plastic containers (guilty here!) can lead to PBA leaching into the contents. Holy moly!

Fridays with Frank

On a side note, I was fooling around on Google and discovered the “cotton ball remedy,” which is recommended by some as a way to help protect your dog against foreign objects that are making their way through the digestive system. You are supposed to dip the cotton balls in half-and-half, and then feed them to your dog. As the cotton balls make their way through the digestive tract, they supposedly wrap themselves around the foreign object (or objects) so it gets passed safely, without damaging the intestines. Not sure if this works, though. It’s probably best to consult your vet.

Since we’re talking about safety, I should mention Thanksgiving. With the holiday upon us, I want to remind everyone to be careful about the holiday foods they might feed us dogs. Not all Thanksgiving food is safe for us! (And if you’ll be over-indulging, don’t miss these tips for holiday survival!)

Hopefully this coming week will be less stressful. Have a happy Thanksgiving, folks, and thanks for listening to me whine this week.

This post may contain an affiliate link, which means that if you click on it, I might earn a few cents to put toward a new chew toy. Thanks!
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