Fridays with Frank: It’s Halloween. Boo.

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Fridays with Frank

This is pretty much the only scary look I’ll be sporting for Halloween. Enjoy!

Since everyone is in a Halloween frenzy, I’ve let my humans know that I am in no way interested in a costume. As a last ditch effort, they wrapped my head in Ace bandages to make me look like a mummy. I was able to free myself so quickly they didn’t even get a picture of me.

Chances are, I’ll be in the cage during this whole trick-or-treating nonsense so that I’m not freaking out every time a kid comes to the door. My humans had this brilliant idea of decking me out in glow paint or sticks or some craziness and putting me in the yard to scare all the kids but that idea was 86ed for lack of good sense.

Fridays with Frank

See how big I am? I would estimate my current weight at roughly 68 pounds.

Because I’ll be stuck in the cage, I say “boo” to this whole Halloween racket. Bring on Thanksgiving and the turkey! Can’t wait to try that stuff! (On a side note, there is some Thanksgiving food dogs can’t eat, so please be careful when giving treats to my sisters and brothers in fur.)

About a week ago, my human stumbled down the steps and blew a tire. That’s the cool way of saying that she broke her ankle. Well, fractured.

Regardless of what you call it, it means one thing: She’s not walking me anymore. Boo. I do go for walks, though…and I think I like these walks better. I go in the cemetery at night and get to run around like a nut without the leash! But I still miss quality time with my #1 human.

Fridays with Frank

See that thin box in the corner behind me? That’s a LeBron James poster. It’s for a “project,” but let’s be honest. She just loves LeBron James.

Guess what started this week? The basketball season.

And, apparently the Cavs are a big deal this year, because they’re televised a lot. Like a whole lot. As in 25 games a lot (with two games already televised this week!). That’s more than 25% of the season. Good Lord. Let the LeBron James love fest begin. Remember the fascination with LeBron James (look how young I was in those pictures!) last season? It may have gotten worse.

She’s so stinking anxious to see him play that she’s even trying to get tickets to Monday’s Cavs-Sixers game. Wow. Now that’s commitment.

Fridays with Frank

This week, I turned 10 months old. I’ve heard rumblings that because my birthday is on Christmas Eve, I’m gonna get the shaft when it comes to a party and cake. However, I’m sure I will have so much fun with the decorations and the tree that I won’t even notice!

In case you missed my doggy-inspired pumpkin last week, here’s a glimpse:

PETrify Your Pumpkin | Purina Pumpkin Carving Templates

It didn’t last long because we’re overrun with squirrels around here, and they went to town on it in short order. Jerks.

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