Fridays with Frank: I’m doing book reviews.

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Fridays with Frank | Ask Anna | Dean Koontz

I live in a house of books. But none of them were in my wheelhouse until I stumbled across a copy of Ask Anna, by Dean Koontz (and his dog Anna). It’s a charming little book, if I do say so myself. (And I do!)

Sure, I can’t actually┬áread the book due to my lack of opposable thumbs (and my inability to read, but I digress…), but I can have it read to me, which is a fine activity for our quality time. Of course,┬áI have no problem looking at all the delightful pictures of the different advice-seeking dogs. The book is chock-full of big, bold, beautiful pictures of my canine compadres. And who doesn’t love that?

Fridays with Frank | Ask Anna | Dean Koontz

Anna Koontz is an advice columnist (why didn’t I think of that?) and Golden Retriever (which is a perfectly respectable breed). Her first book, Ask Anna, is a book of advice for dogs. It’s cute.

Here’s an example of the advice Anna dishes out:

Dear Anna, I’m covered in funny spots and have what looks like a perpetual black eye. I’m afraid to ask Fifi, the poodle on the next block, for a date, because I just know she’ll turn me down. What can I do? — Lonely in Louisiana

Dear Lonely, Although humans in single bars lie their heads off, dogs don’t have that advantage, because dogs don’t lie. However, we can imply and suggest and innocently mislead a little. Lots of girls like bad boys, so subtly imply that the Rottweiler who gave you the black eye has two of them. And if she’s rude enough to mention the spots, just say, “It really stings when those bullets bounce off.” — Anna

See? Cute. Why can’t I be that cute? Shucks!

This is a charming book. One that any dog lover would enjoy. Ask Anna would be a delightful gift idea for them this holiday season!

Ask Anna | Dean Koontz

Ask Anna: Advice for the Furry and Forlorn, Dean Koontz and his dog Anna ($14.99 — but you can get it cheaper on Amazon! woot!)

This post contains an affiliate link. That means that clicking on it might help keep me supplied with organic pet treats, at no cost to you. Woof!

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