Fridays with Frank: Crap I found on my walk.

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As I mentioned previously, we take lo-o-o-ong walks. Like three miles long. And on that journey, I come across some interesting things.

Like the house that looks like it’s been abandoned but isn’t (it’s hard to get a picture, considering its surrounded by a six-foot wooden fence with the tiniest eyeholes), with a neglected and nearly empty pool in the middle of a neglected and nearly full yard that looks like it’s in intentional disarray. An old aluminum chair on its side, a mildewed book in the grass nearby, a tangled hose hanging haphazardly from a rusted grill. It just reeks of romantic, brooding dilapidation (although, admittedly, it’s no Wuthering Heights) if grills and aluminum chairs were available during the time of the Bronte sisters.

frank morgan avenue

Then there’s the truly romantic street lined with overgrown, peeling birch trees (oh, the charm!) flanked with similar-looking but stunning homes that all feature first-floor Juliet balconies. I don’t know why I find that so quaint, because I’d never be allowed to use them, that’s for sure.

frank potato chip bag

I was so enamored by this empty potato chip bag. (It smelled pretty good but I like to think that my attraction to the bag wasn’t quite that low-brow.) Doesn’t it look like a prop from Mad Men? I just felt like I had been transported to the ’50s.

Except there probably wouldn’t be a dirty old potato chip bag in the middle of the sidewalk. People seemed a lot more responsible and respectful back then (according to Mad Men, anyway). At least I like to think so. Oh, and there wouldn’t be an astronaut standing on a potato chip moon. So the ’60s then. I think. Or, maybe the early 80s, when MTV was created. Because the little guy looks like…

Eh, just forget it. Moving on…

Frank Ultrasound Picture

Here’s something else you wouldn’t find on a 1950s sidewalk, for a variety of reasons. Seriously, though, who the hell tosses an ultrasound picture out the window? I could almost see that happening if it was a recent ultrasound, but this one is six months old. Talk about a delayed reaction!

Speaking of reactions, this *may* freak you out.

Do not keep reading if gross stuff grosses you out.

You have been warned!

Frank Headless Mouse

Yep. That’s a headless mouse. A. Headless. Mouse. Just lying in the middle of the sidewalk. By the way, it was the second — SECOND — dead mouse I saw that morning (the other one was not headless although it was flat, as though it had been dehydrated). WTF!?!?

Is it any wonder why I live for our walks? There are rodents everywhere, apparently.

Our roughly hour-long walk is the only respite I get from our all-day-long Gilmore Girls marathon. Every. Single. Day. If I hear that theme song one more time, I swear. Even this silly puppy can see that Luke and Lorelai are in love…so why can’t they? Sheesh!


Adorable, aren’t I? This is my go-to anytime I try to get attention. I’m a one-trick pony, folks.

At least we get to watch the nighttime Walking Dead marathon to count down to the Season 6 premiere. (Don’t miss our article on the must-see episodes of The Walking Dead!)

P.S. I am feeling much better than I was last week. I’m still on a special diet and things are moving along nicely, if you catch my drift.

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