Fridays with Frank: I’m a loner.

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Big news of the week: I got to eat some steak because my human decided it was too “game-y” for her to eat. Bad news for her. But yay for me.

This week I taught my humans an important lesson. I am not a social butterfly, and never will be. The last time we went to the dog park, I discussed how I *might* be considered anti-social. This time I made sure of it.

Dog Park

Yet another photo of me with my tongue out. It’s my signature move.

That’s how I spent half my time at the dog park, laying in the dirt. Not that there weren’t dogs to play with, mind you, because there were. About 15 of them. I just don’t like playing with other dogs. It’s not my thing.

The other half of the time was spent running back and forth between my humans, who positioned themselves at opposite ends of the dog park, just to mess with me. I like to stay close, ya know, like a security blanket.

Dog Park

I’m not especially fond of running the obstacle course, either, but as long as one of my humans is there, I’ll give it a whirl.

Dog Park

I really look attentive, don’t I? I’m not. I’m just waiting for him to move.

We stayed at the dog park for two and a half hours. I didn’t play with any dogs or chase a single ball. I just hung out with my humans, which we could have done at home.

Dog Park

It looks like I’ve conquered this part of the obstacle course. I’m actually just following my human, wherever he’s headed.

I did get nice and dusty, though, from laying in the dirt, so that’ll probably be a factor the next time they consider dragging me to the dog park.

Every morning, we go for a long walk in the neighborhood. When I see other dogs, I just stare at them. I never bark, I never make a move to go near them, and I sure as heck never give off a vibe that I want to play with them. Stop trying to force me!

I’m a loner, man. A rebel.

P.S. The Poop Nazi was there again but she didn’t get the opportunity to yell at anyone. Ha! 

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  1. wen budro says

    Thank you….I enjoyed that post. I’ve got a dog that is a loner when it comes to people (besides me). Other people will show her attention and want her to respond….and she could care less. She is just not interested. I guess that dogs are a lot like people with their own personalities.

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