Fridays with Frank: I need a mani-pedi!

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frankie new toys

I am really digging these new toys. The Nylabone ring (warning: affiliate link! affiliate link!) is really heavy (and hard), so it makes my human nervous when I chew on it. The black “S,” as my humans call it is rubber. I know what you’re thinking. “How can that withstand a puppy’s chewing?” Well, apparently it does, because it even comes with a lifetime guarantee. A guarantee!

Ya know what stinks? When people try to cut my nails. I freak out, man. Apparently, I have “talons” that hurt a little when I thump my paw on someone’s arm/leg/face. So now I’m going to have to go to Petco or PetSmart just to get my nails trimmed. Boo! (If you have any tips on how to trim my nails without me freaking out, let me know!)

frankie 1

My antler has gotten even smaller. It’s almost time for a new one except my human says that she gets scared every time I chew on it, because it sounds like I’m going to break my teeth. I sure hope that doesn’t happen but, wow, that antler sure was hard to whittle down.

frankie phil

Good news alert: When we have company (which is r-a-r-e), I don’t jump on them! Woo hoo! But I do like hugs and kisses, if possible. For some reason, that’s even less popular with most of our guests. But not with the guy in the picture. He’s the best guest ever.

frankie bed

Yes, I have two collars on. One fits properly and one is a little too big, so for safety’s sake, they leave them both on me for the time being. Don’t ask.

I’m not exactly nailing this whole bed thing. I like to flip it in the air and run around the room with it in my mouth and then, when I crash, I tend to not be in the bed. I’m working on chilling out.

I will be 8 months old in three days. How exciting! Can you believe how big I’ve gotten already? Crazy!

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