Seinfeld FAQ {Book Review}

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I was not compensated for writing this review. I received a review copy of Seinfeld FAQ to facilitate my review. My opinions are 100% honest and 100% mine.

Seinfeld FAQ

Seinfeld FAQ: Everything Left to Know About the Show about Nothing, by Nicholas Nigro ($24.99)

Is it a show about nothing or one of the greatest TV series of all time? It’s both, of course! Seinfeld ‘s impact on popular culture was so profound that it continues to this day-years after it left prime time-thanks to its inimitable characters (Newman! Bubble Boy!), its wacky, memorable plots (who can forget “The Contest” or “The Puffy Shirt”?), and the many catchphrases we use regularly (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Seinfeld FAQ is the first-ever comprehensive guide to the sitcom, tracing its path from modest beginnings to water-cooler-show status and to its infamous, love-it-or-hate-it finale. This humor-filled reference tells all about Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer, as well as the other unforgettable characters in their world.

It features season-by-season episode reviews and a wealth of fun facts about everything from the characters’ inevitably doomed relationships to their food obsessions and fashion sense (or lack thereof) as well as profiles of actors and other notables. Broad in scope and yet obsessed with detail (like the show itself), this FAQ is essential reading for anyone who wants to be master of the Seinfeld domain.

My review of Seinfeld FAQ

This book has it all. Seriously.

As a Seinfeld fanatic, I’ve read everything Seinfeld I’ve ever come across. So, I consider myself something of a buff when it comes to the show. I could have avoided every other book and article by just reading Seinfeld FAQ. It’s that comprehensive.

I pored over this book, looking for nuggets of trivia that I didn’t know…and I very happily found some. That’s saying something. I also enjoyed the “Not Necessarily Top Ten” lists, like the “Real Movie References,” which included The Godfather (from “The Bris”) and JFK (from “The Boyfriend,” one of my favorites). I don’t agree with someĀ of the “Not Necessarily Top Ten Seinfeld Episodes,” although “The Puffy Shirt” “The Outing,” “The Bubble Boy,” and “The Contest” are on my list. Do you understand my level of fandom? It’s intense.

Seinfeld FAQ is fun and interesting, and packed with behind-the-scenes info as well as on-screen info (140 pages of Seinfeld episode summaries). For someone like me (who can quote almost every word of dialogue from almost every episode), such episode information isn’t necessary, but I’m not normal. I get that. Is it a good reference? Absolutely. Will Seinfeld fans like it? Without a doubt.

You can purchase Seinfeld FAQ on Amazon.

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