Oil Pulling Revolution {Book Review}

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I was not compensated for writing this review. I received a review copy of Oil Pulling Revolution to facilitate my review. My opinions are 100% honest and 100% mine. There are affiliate links ahead!

Oil Pulling Revolution

Oil Pulling Revolution: The Natural Approach to Dental Care, Whole-Body Detoxification and Disease Prevention, by Dr. Michelle Coleman ($14.95)

Holding and swishing organic oil in your mouth is an amazingly simple yet powerful technique for cleaning your teeth and detoxing the entire body. Oil-Pulling Revolution combines ancient teachings and modern techniques to incorporate this healthy habit into your daily routine. Using the tips and instructions provided here you can:

•Remove harmful bacteria
•Eliminate cavities
•Reduce plaque
•Whiten teeth
•Freshen breath

Beyond dental care, this book details how oil pulling benefits your entire body for glowing skin, more energy, improved heart health, fewer migraines and a healthier overall lifestyle.

My review of Oil-Pulling Revolution

You’ve heard of oil-pulling. And you’re curious, right? Me too. Oil-Pulling Revolution is a breezy read that provides a lot of information without sounding textbook-y. It’s the perfect guide.

Oil pulling is all the rage, largely for its dental benefits. I’m somewhat obsessed with oral care, so I wanted to learn more about how oil pulling could help whiten my teeth and remove bacteria. Oh, and freshen breath.

Does it work? Well, I have tried it several times and I have to say, oil pulling helps freshen your breath. That’s for sure. And my mouth just feels cleaner after oil pulling. I haven’t noticed teeth-whitening benefits yet, but I’m hopeful. I also have some tooth sensitivity and pain (not cavities), so I’m also hoping that it helps with those issues. We’ll see.

But there’s more to oil pulling than just dental benefits. In fact, oil pulling can help numerous health conditions, such as:

Insomnia — Oil pulling can affect your entire body through detoxification. Taking stress off your internal organs helps your entire body function more effectively, and sleep would be one of those functions. You could see a difference after just a week of oil pulling.

Chronic fatigue — Many people report increased energy after just a few days of oil pulling. Reducing your body’s toxicity, pathogens, and bacteria can help your body function at a more optimal level.

Indigestion — Gas, bloating, belching, and stomach pain are symptoms of toxicity. Oil pulling can stimulate digestion as well as cleanse your body, thus resulting in improved digestive health.

Arthritis — Arthritis is aggravated by viruses, bacteria, and toxins because they can cause inflammation. If oil pulling can reduce inflammation as well as overall toxicity, then arthritis symptoms should be reduced as well.

Skin Conditions — Your skin is an indicator of your internal health. Oil-pulling may be able to help acne, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, and wrinkles.

Oil-Pulling Revolution shares tips for beginners to oil pulling, which is helpful. Oil pulling is not difficult (nor is it unpleasant), once you get used to it. The author is a chiropractor and nutritionist who owns the Bella Wellness Center, a multidisciplinary health clinic.

Do you know what type of oil you can use for oil pulling? How essential oils can be used for oil pulling? Find out which ones and what benefits they offer. Organic extra virgin coconut oil is one of the recommended oils for oil pulling. You can find coconut oil just about anywhere these days but for you Amazon shoppers, you can pick up a jar of Viva Labs Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil at a great price.

How about different oil-pulling formulas for specific benefits, such as dental infection, headaches, and weight loss? Learn how, when, and why to oil-pull in this 106-page reference.

Oil-Pulling Revolution is a handy book that serves a guide for the oil-pulling process. I’m glad I have it to keep on hand for future reference.

Get your copy of Oil Pulling Revolution on Amazon.

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