Fridays with Frank: Free Frank!

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You may have noticed that I didn’t do my column last week. That’s because I was incarcerated. So yeah.

Fridays with Frank | Puppy in Crate

This isn’t the actual cage I was in, but you get the idea. Free Frank! Free Frank!

Last Friday morning, I got loaded into the car — which was awesome — and taken to the vet. Then my human handed my leash to a stranger and she Left. Me. There. I was there all weekend and didn’t get sprung til Monday morning. It wasn’t horrible — I did have commissary, after all — but it wasn’t a vacation, I’ll tell you that.

Before the hand-off, I jumped up on the counter (front paws only, of course, I’m not a savage) and sent a bowl of bones flying across the lobby. I only got to one of them before they were cleaned up. I felt bad about it (OK, not too bad) but considering what was coming next, I think we’re even.

By the way, they weighed me at the kennel so they’d have an accurate weight for my records. 47 pounds. ConsideringĀ I turn 7 months old today (woot!), that means I should weigh about 58 pounds as an adult, give or take. So much for all those people saying I am going to be huge!

German Shepherd sticking her tongue out

It’s not easy to get a picture of me at the exact moment I am sticking my tongue out, but here it is.

When my human picked me up, the lady who was taking care of me said that I “would benefit from training.” What. The.

I might have been annoyed to hear that but my human? She flipped out (once we were in the car, of course), and started talking to herself about how I’m a puppy and I was just excited and the only thing I really do is jump and pull on the leash and shouldn’t that be expected at my age? Yikes. I tried to jump out the window but she caught me and pulled me back in so I could listen to some more of her rant. Yay me.

German Shepherd sticks her tongue out

This is a major “tongue out” moment. Good job, human.

It was a pretty uneventful week, other than going to PetSmart for a bath yesterday. I smell awful! I tried to rub the scent off in the grass, but I don’t think it worked. On a side note, my human loves sniffing me, so there’s that. I really don’t mind the bath, since it gets me out of the house and I get to hang out with some dogs…but the nail trim. Oy vey. Not. A. Fan. Oh, and I didn’t get a bandana! Thank goodness.

Oh, did I tell you about my photo shoot for PurinaOne Smart Blend? That was fun.

PurinaOne Challenge


PlusĀ I got to eat an extra serving of food for my trouble. Score.

Did you miss my last column? How about my first column?

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