Fridays with Frank: I don’t get it.

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As you may or may not know, LeBron James and the Cavs did not win the NBA Championship. The past week has revolved around that — either anticipating Game 5 and Game 6, watching said games, or mourning the losses of said games. There’s always next year, right? (My human says: Not only did the Cavs lose, but LeBron didn’t get the Finals MVP, which he deserved. Ugh. I don’t want to talk about it.)

Puppy and Kitten Getting Along

There are a few moments out of the day when Chuck and I can co-exist side by side. In general, though, our interactions consist of my chasing her and her hissing and trying to hit me in the face with her talons.

Because “we” were so wrapped up in the NBA Finals, not much else is going on. Walks, naps, and eating pretty much complete my day. I have eaten far less poop this week than usual, mainly because my human is beating me to it. I don’t get it. Why does she want to collect poop? And why am I the crazy one for wanting to dispose of it naturally?

Dog and Cat Getting Along

Mortimer and I kind of get along sometimes. That’s because she lets me lick her and try to pick her up with my mouth like she’s a baby puppy.

I’ve lost a few more toys. I chew on them, like I’m supposed to — and they get taken away. I don’t get it. Correct me if I’m wrong, but they are called chew toys, am I right? Anywho, my toy collection is dwindling to dangerously low levels. Boo. Plus, I haven’t chewed on my antler for days, because my human hid it from me. (My human says: I’m afraid you’ll break a tooth! I’m protecting you!)

Cat and Dog Getting Along

When something like this happens (like Mortimer laying her paw on mine), my human freaks out because it’s “so cute.” So we throw her a bone now and then.

The cats and I are still going at it. They’re getting a little more aggressive, hanging out on the first floor with me. For some reason, they think that laying under the chair is a good idea. I don’t get it. I can fit under there, too, so what are they thinking?

German Shepherd Puppy

I am this big in relation to a grown man’s leg. I’m growing!

I’m still waiting to go to the dog park. I mean, what’s a dog gotta do to make that happen? I don’t get it. Wasn’t that part of the whole “getting a dog” thing? Doing doggy things? Come on!

Here’s last week if you missed it…and here’s my first Fridays with Frank.

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