Fridays with Frank: I like to snuggle.

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We have Finals fever!

LeBron James' pregame ritual
Well, my human does. Sheesh. The world revolves around the Cleveland Cavaliers right now and all I can say is, God help us if they lose. Someone (*cough* I won’t mention names *cough*) will be pretty upset if that happens. Either way, by the time I write my next column, we’ll have new NBA champs. Please don’t get me started on how LeBron James exposed himself on national TV. That’s pretty much all we’ve talked about since it happened. Oy.

I went to PetSmart for a bath this week, for two reasons, apparently. Since I’m not six months old yet, I can get a full-service bath for only $15.99. Perhaps more important is the fact that they trim my nails. Not a fan. I fight it so much at home that it takes about five minutes to clip one nail, so my human gives up. Ha! (My human says: If anyone can recommend some tips on trimming the nails of a resistant puppy, please share.)

We’ve started playing a new game in the yard. When I poop, my human and I try to see who can get to it first. My human tries to pick it up with a plastic bag but since I’m picking it up with my teeth I usually win. I rock!

Dog Not Allowed on Furniture

My human huffs and puffs a lot when I lay against this chair. It’s her “special chair,” which no one ever sits in. Hey, at least someone’s using it.

Since I’m not allowed on the furniture, I tend to snuggle against the furniture whenever I can. My human keeps trying to push me out into the middle of the floor so I can’t even do that. Pretty soon I’m going to be regulated to a 3×3 area of carpet. That’s not happening.

I got a whole bunch of new toys this week. I got a new Kong bone that holds treats in the ends. Whoever made this is a genius. I also got a rope toy that I destroyed in a few hours. I swallowed a few threads from the rope and it made my poop look like a rainbow. Cool.

Elk Antler for Dogs

Sometimes I like to snuggle with my elk antler. I usually like to snuggle with one of my human’s shoes. I don’t chew on them, so my human lets me. She’s cool like that. Wait a minute, I didn’t write that. Whoa, Nelly, who’s editing this column?

I also got a big elk antler, which might be the best bone ever. I’ve been chewing on it for three days and it still looks brand new. (My human says: I was hard pressed to find something for Frank to chew on that a) didn’t smell (we’ve already established that the hoof stinks), b) would withstand power chewing, and c) was reasonably priced. This antler is about half the price of what you’ll see in the store. Feel free to check out the Elk Antler on Amazon to see if it’s right for you. That’s an affiliate link, so I can earn some coin to keep Frank in treats and chew toys. Or you can search for the “Chasing Our Tails Elk Rack Snack” on Amazon. It has great reviews, which is why we gave it a try.)

It. Is. So. Hot. I don’t like going for walks because the heat and humidity make me miserable. My tongue hangs so far out of my mouth that it practically drags on the ground. OK, that’s a slight exaggeration, but you get the idea. Ugh.

Snuggling with my dog

Look at this snuggling. Precious, right? Yeah, yeah. This is pretty much how snuggling goes in the living room. Humans on the comfy couch, me on the hard floor. Boo.

Cat update: Things are still hostile on the feline front. Chuck now hides under a chair, which I circle while barking at her. She takes swings at me as I do so, but I’m pretty good at ducking her paw. Mortimer seems to be growing tired off my attempts to snuggle, and hisses at me every time I tackle her and lay on top of her.

By the way, if you missed last week’s column, you can find it here. Or, if you’d like to start at the beginning, it’s here.


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    Well, here’s the deal. I get bored in the yard and I dig holes, which results in landscaping blocks being put in the yard. If I keep this up, the whole yard will be block. As for my nails, I left a long gash on my human’s leg when I jumped on her, and they have hissy fits when my front paws are on the furniture. I do appreciate you being my advocate, though. We must choose our battles wisely, and make sure they’re ones we can win.
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