Fridays with Frank: I’m her muse.

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This week has been interesting. Not super eventful, but interesting nevertheless.

frank profile 2

My human had to lie on the floor next to me and snap pictures like crazy to capture some shots before I stood up and stepped on her head. In the background, you’ll see two of her current books: “Be The Miracle: 50 Lessons for Making the Impossible Possible” by Regina Brett and “Suspicion Nation: The Inside Story of the Trayvon Martin Injustice and Why We Continue to Repeat It” by Lisa Bloom.

On Tuesday, we went to the SPCA clinic so I could get my distemper shot. In order to save a few bucks, I had to mingle with about two dozen dogs standing in line in the rain. A big German Shepherd showed up and he barked at all of us the whole time he was there. His human kept him away from the rest of us for some reason, which made my human wonder (out loud, mind you) if that meant I would grow up to be aggressive, too. Ugh.

frank closeup 1

I hope you can sense the resignation in my eyes. This is roughly picture #118 with the new phone.

After I got my shot (which didn’t hurt at all, thank goodness), my stomach got a little upset. You know what happens when a dog has an upset stomach? Nothing good, folks. My human was thrilled when I made her get up every two hours through the night to take me out. Once she started giving me rice with my food, things straightened themselves out. Whew.

frank profile 1

This was a rare moment of cuddling on the floor. We were awaiting the start of Game 1 of the NBA finals, which the Cavs lost in overtime.

In other upsetting news, my human bought two things for me this week — a muzzle and a gentle leader. I hate them both. Ugh. (Kristin: The muzzle is intended for those times when you go in the yard, poop eater. The gentle leader is for walking, so you don’t dislocate my shoulder pulling on the leash. Not to mention, you make me look stupid when I’m being dragged behind you. Jerk.)

Look at the two of us! Charming, right?

Look at the two of us! Charming, right?

The cats and I are attempting to bridge the gap that divides us. See? It’s only a matter of time before we’re cuddling. (Kristin: Liar! This is only for the camera. As soon as the camera’s not pointed at you, you’re chasing the cats and tackling them, laying on top of them, you name it.)

The gate may keep me from going upstairs...but I can keep the cat from coming downstairs as well. So, there.

The gate may keep me from going upstairs…but I can keep the cat from coming downstairs as well. So, there.

It seemed as though the entire week was spent in anticipation of the start of the NBA Finals. This is gonna be a rough week or two, let me tell you. LeBron James (who I now love, by the way…wink, wink) scored 44 points (of 100 total) and the Cavs still lost. And Kyrie Irving busted his knee so he will not play another game in the finals. Ugh.

frank closeup

If you check out the kick plate on the door, you’ll see my human’s reflection. Finally, a picture!

As you may have noticed, most of this week’s pictures are attempts at more serious photos. That’s because we were trying out the brand new LG G4. My human loves this camera so much, she stopped using her iPhone. I’ve probably been photographed about 150 times in the last two weeks. I’m her muse. Ugh. (Kristin: The LG G4 is ah-mazing. I highly recommend it. I actually am considering getting rid of my iPhone 6 so I can transition to the G4. If you need (or just want — no judgments here!) a new phone, check out the LG G4. It’s head and shoulders above other phones. Spectacular. Love it. Really.)


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