Fridays with Frank: Steer clear of the cow hoof.

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Dog Chewing on Ice Cube

Yeah, yeah, my ears still look huge in comparison to the rest of me. I get it. Bunny ears, bat ears…I’ve heard it all. And I’m getting self-conscious.

It is SO hot. I’m not a fan of taking walks when it’s hot and humid. My tongue hangs out of my mouth and I pant and pant. It stinks. However, when we get home, I get a drink and an ice cube, which might be the greatest thing ever.

mr bill chew toy | my hoof stinks

I killed Mr. Bill with the Hoof from Hell. When I chewed on it, it emitted an odor that was a cross between burning rubber and a rotting animal carcass. It. Was. Awesome.

I got a new treat this week — a brand new cow hoof. I’m still chewing on the cow hoof I got the day I moved in so my human thought it was time to get a new one. Apparently my old one stunk. Guess what? The new one smelled absolutely repulsive, which seems like an upgrade to me. However, the new cow hoof made my human’s toes curl, so she threw it out. Boo.

On a side note, it turns out hooves are bad for dogs. According to a vet on Good Morning America, “cow and beef hooves are bad — they can fracture their teeth chewing on those.” In addition, pig ears are too greasy for dogs’ digestive systems. Bone marrow and Nylabone Plaque Attackers should also be avoided. 

As a form of protest, I’ve started eating my poop in earnest. My human gets real mad when I do that. She’s a poophead.

Puppy Baby Teeth | Puppy Teething

I lost a tooth today! I tried to eat it, of course, but my human got to it before I could. They say I should be done teething when I’m about seven months old. That means two more months of teething, give or take. That means I get to chew on things and my human will go, “But she’s teething!” So yay for me!

Dog and Cat

This picture was taken after we sat face to face, staring each other down for about five minutes. Pretty sure she blinked first.

Mortimer has started warming up to me. Kind of. Sometimes we lay next to each other — not cuddling, mind you — to test each other. It generally doesn’t end well. But right up to the breakdown of the detente, things go swimmingly. See?

Cat and Dog

Speaking of detente, we’ve been watching the History Channel a lot. I’m getting so smart. And, speaking of TV…way to go, Cavs, for heading to the NBA finals. I’m starting to warm up to LeBron. You have to in this house. Sheesh.

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