Fridays with Frank: A silly, sleepy puppy

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What a dull week. Things are status quo, which is good, I suppose.

No visits to the ER, and my infected spider bite has healed. That’s after a week of antibiotics and Benadryl hidden in cheese or peanut butter, of course. So, yay me.

Frank and Mortimer

Mortimer and I in a rare moment of camaraderie. We’re sitting at the top of the basement steps, looking at Chuck, who’s lying at the bottom.

The cats are getting a little braver. They keep confronting me on the first floor, which I can only presume means that they want to play. It turns out, they do not want to play. There’s a lot of hissing and scratching becauseĀ I keep body slamming them. It’s fun.

I bark pretty much any time I hear a noise, especially when it’s the mailman or a delivery person. Isn’t that what I’m supposed to do? Apparently not, because I’m always told to “Shhhh.” Oh well. Speaking of squashing my creative outbursts, they’ve started this thing where they shake a can when I’m being silly. (Kristin: Silly? Or bad? Bad.) The can has evil, awful things in it and it scares the bejeebus out of me. (Kristin: It has pennies and bells inside. It’s awesome. We use it sparingly so the novelty doesn’t wear off.)

Frank Sleeping

Posting pictures of me sleeping? Ugh! Wait til I do that to you!

I am a sleepy puppy. When I’m not being hyper and running around like a nut, I’m usually curled up snoring next to my human’s favorite chair in the whole wide world. It’s delightful.

I turn five months old on Sunday. I’m not holding my breath for a cake. But maybe a Milk-Bone? *paws crossed* Here’s an idea of how much I’m growing…

German Shepherd Puppy Sleeping

This was me in March.

Frank, Five Month Old German Shepherd Puppy

This is me today.



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  1. Deborah Petch says

    Thanks for a lovely story about your pets! I have 2 rescue cats myself and would love a dog too. But I get dogs are a lot of work. I would not be able to give them the time they deserve. Animals lovers all deserve a medal for adding needy hairy kids to their family. I wish you and your pets have a happy and safe life!

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