Fridays with Frank: No. More. LeBron.

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No More LeBron

See this face? This is how I feel when I’m on crate rest. Or when LeBron James is on TV.

When I left you last week, I had just suffered a traumatic injury. My sprained ankle left me on crate rest for about three days. Then I made a miraculous recovery and suddenly started walking without a limp. However, my human discovered that Benadryl makes me calm and sleepy, which can’t bode well moving forward. (Kristin: Calm down, I’m not going to slip you Benadryl in a slice of cheese or anything. That would just be…wrong. Wouldn’t it? Would it, though? I mean, it’s Benadryl.)

See what I deal with here? Speaking of having to put up with things, the cats. Oy, the cats. They still won’t chill out. Now, Mortimer picks fights with me because she thinks the humans will let her go outside so there can be some peace and quiet in the house. That worked for a few days but the humans caught on. Ha!

Speaking of peace and quiet, I really hope the playoffs end soon. If I hear the name “LeBron” one more time, I’m gonna start barking at the TV. Cheese and crackers, enough already! (Kristin: I will not abide any hating on LeBron. It’s baseless. He’s the best basketball player in. The. World. And, yes, LeBron James is better than Michael Jordan.)

LeBron James The Decision

Really now? I happened to come across a post you wrote when LeBron James left Cleveland while I was perusing your blog. It sure seemed like you hated him. Now it’s all LeBron this, LeBron that. I think I speak for the household when I say, “No. More. LeBron.” (Kristin: OK, I admit that I viewed LeBron’s departure as a betrayal of Northeast Ohio. I lived in Akron for a decade. I understand what he means to Ohio and the way he left was just wrong. But he redeemed himself. Wait a second. I’m not having this argument again.)

We’re gonna have to agree to disagree.

See how I’m sitting behind the chair? That’s so I don’t have to watch another Cavs game.

The gate no longer stops me. In fact, for most of the day it only gets propped up by the steps to “trick” me into thinking it’s in place. That makes it way easier to knock down, so thanks for that. (Kristin: Look, you. Every time you tackle the gate, you damage the door jamb. Stop.)

Peanut Butter Pumpkin Dog Treats

Remember those homemade dog bones we made? Yeah, well, they did go bad (like the recipe said they would) so we had to throw some away. Boo. (Kristin: I should really abide by recommendations. Now we’ll have to make more. Yay. Wait, what’s this “we” talk? I didn’t see you with a rolling pin.)

Stop saying “abide.”

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