Fridays with Frank — It’s my birthday! Yippee.

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So today is my birthday. I’m four months old. Guess how we celebrated? I went to PetSmart for a bath. Yippee. No party, no cake, no nothing. Ugh. While we’re talking about my birthday, if I’m four months old in human years, aren’t I 28 months old in canine years? I guess my new¬†pink bandana is my present. Ugh!

So I got a bunch of new toys today. A frisbee that I have no clue what to do with and a plastic bone that sometimes has treats inside. I put it in my mouth and whip it from side to side and the treats go flying out. Then my humans think I’m really smart. I whip everything from side to side, so I’m not sure they’re right.

frankie tennis balls

Speaking of toys, we play fetch all the time. I love my tennis balls. They’re awesome. I still can’t figure out how to let go of them, though, so sometimes my humans get frustrated when I nibble on their fingers when they try to get the ball out of my mouth.They get very excited when I pick up both balls at the same time, so I throw them a bone every now and then. Get it? Throw them a bone? Woof.

So I figured out how to beat the gate. I sometimes forget what it takes to bring that sucker down so I jump on it halfheartedly at first. Then I remember and I go out to the kitchen and run at full speed through the dining room and living room and rush the gate head-on. Boom! Crash! Down it goes! No one seems quite as impressed as they should be that I’ve figured this out.

So I think I might have a boyfriend. Anytime I’m outside, this really cute pit bull from up the street comes outside so he can see me. (Kristin: This is actually true. This dog begs to go outside whenever¬†Frankie is in the yard. It’s weird.) We run along the fence with each other and sometimes he kisses me through the fence. It’s so romantic. His name is Tyson. I think I love him.

frankie 12 weeks april

So we went for a walk down the alley the other day. This lovely couple stopped us so they could pet me. They said — and I quote, “You’re the dog the whole neighborhood is talking about.”

The dog the whole neighborhood is talking about. Woof.

Look how much I’ve grown!

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  1. Jessica Cox says

    Happy 4 months Frank I think You might be a little young to have a boyfriend,I hope you enjoy your new toys

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