The 7 Most Annoying Characters on The Walking Dead

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Most Annoying Characters on The Walking Dead | Beth Greene

Beth. Yeah, yeah, I know everyone was so upset when she died in Season 5 but they shouldn’t have been. She was a weak character (and one of the most annoying characters on The Walking Dead) since Day 1. When we first met up with her at her farm, she was depressed and trying to commit suicide, yet her character was so uninteresting, you didn’t even care. Then she earned her keep at the prison by becoming Judith’s full-time caretaker, and she still wasn’t likable. Then she was at the center of some weird hospital storyline and she became some half-assed heroine who was focused on saving some intern she didn’t even know. Then she died. Finally.

Rick. Yes, I went there. And I mean it. First of all, who died and made him boss? I could never figure out why all these people who weren’t weak or corrupt (other than Shane) simply handed over all power and control to Rick. Why couldn’t it be a democracy from the beginning? Then his wife (the woman who was emotionally distant, who slept with his best friend — and was seemingly going to run off into the sunset with) died and he went off the deep end and was useless to everyone, including his children. Then he refused to carry a gun and instead of being a leader and a reliable killer of walkers, grows a beard, and becomes a farmer. Once he banished Carol, he was dead to me.

The Most Annoying Characters on The Walking Dead | Gabriel

Gabriel. This guy has been nothing but a headache from Day 1. For starters, we know nothing of his backstory, which must be a doozy, given the clues we have been given. He repeatedly needed saved because of his bad decisions and refusal to take up arms against the walkers. Then he double-crosses the very people who have helped him survive, telling Deanna that they’re bad people and don’t deserve refuge. If you didn’t dislike him yet, you should now, because he is certainly one of the most annoying characters on The Walking Dead.

Noah. Where to begin. He escapes the hospital in Atlanta and proceeds to take Carol and Daryl’s weapons. Nice. They then proceed to save him when he gets in a bind with walkers breathing down his neck. He then accompanies the group to the hospital to rescue Beth, who is killed — directly because of Beth’s inexplicable sense of responsibility to someone she barely knows. Then, instead of directing their grief and rage at the guy who could be blamed for her death (which would have been unfair although understandably), the group takes him under their wing as their special project, driving to Virginia to reunite him with his family. Why??? That trip led to Tyreese’s death (at the hands of Noah’s walker brother), one of the most poignant episodes of The Walking Dead to date. Thanks, Noah.

Andrea. Good God, Andrea. She is so annoying. Between sleeping with Shane (really?), shooting Daryl, and the whole Governor/Woodbury thing? She should have been bitten much sooner. And her “thing” with guns? She doesn’t know the first thing about them, but she sure as hell will whip one out and point it at someone’s head (usually Rick’s) to assert herself. Remember how she hunched over her dead sister’s body, waiting for her to turn? Then she refused to do dishes or laundry because she wanted to be on patrol, in spite of her crappy handling of guns to date. Andrea made too many bad and/or stupid decisions to list. When she was bitten, it was basically because of her failure to act quickly and intelligently.

Most Annoying Characters on The Walking Dead | Lori Grimes

Lori. Oh. My. God. If she had been bitten in, say, Episode 3, even that might have been a little too long for her character. She is always on the list of the most annoying characters on The Walking Dead, and rightly so. She was so melodramatic, so whiny, and just so not a good person. Sleeping with Shane about 5 minutes into her grieving period over her (supposedly) dead husband? And then playing them against each other? And her refusal to let Carl adjust to the new world where walkers are waiting around every corner to eat you? I really had to laugh at the way she got all emotional about looting cars on the highway because it was “like a graveyard.” The whole country is a graveyard! Get a grip. I didn’t feel anything for her when she had to give birth (via Cesarean, no less) without painkillers, hemorrhaged, and then got shot in the head. When she came back as a ghost, I wanted to stab myself in the head.

Judith. Why in the hell is this baby so important to everyone? Yeah, yeah, I get the whole “she represents hope for a future” or whatever symbolic nonsense you want to spew. But think of what people have suffered and endured for her survival. It’s surprising that every character has fallen in line in this cult of adoration for and protection of Judith, but they have. Thank God she doesn’t cry, because then she’d draw walkers left and right. For any other group, she’d be dead weight, what with the demand for diapers and formula and whatnot (exactly how did she stay nourished while the group practically starved to death?). For this group, she’s the center of their existence.

Regardless of who the most annoying characters on The Walking Dead are and who aren’t, one thing we can all agree on is this:

Most Annoying Characters on The Walking Dead | If Daryl Dies We Riot

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  1. says

    Ha! I liked Eugene. He’s kind of the comic relief, the geek outsider who just wants to belong, and for a moment, he did. He was important and special and people liked him. That’s all he ever wanted. Yep, he’s scared, but the new world is super scary. I don’t know if I’d adjust as well as Carol or Michonne did. Plus, that mullet? COME ON! It’s awesome!

    As for Beth, just no. She was so milquetoast-y, wishy washy, she drove me NUTS. What kind of teenager is that?? She should have been all brash and adventurous…hell, teenagers in the normal world act like there’s no tomorrow and this girl just sits around singing folk songs and writing in a journal during the apocalypse? STOP!!!

  2. wen budro says

    I agree with all of your annoying picks. Rick has been grating on my nerves for quite a while now. I haven’t watched the season finale yet….but if Carol dies- then I’m rioting.

  3. Alona Y says

    About that Beth girl… there was a point where at the beginning of every episode I’d ask my husband “Now how can they work Beth singing into the storyline this time?” On another note, please look up bad lip reading on youtube and watch MORE WALKING (AND TALKING) DEAD: PART 1. It makes me laugh so hard I cry.

  4. says

    Those who made it to your list isn’t surprising at all. They may be annoying, but sometimes, they make an episode more thrilling and exciting. TWD is definitely a series to watch! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Dawn Monroe says

    I totally agree with Rick being annoying. Is it wrong that I hope he gets killed off on every episode? Wishful thinking. My husband claims that in the comics it ended with Rick waking up from a dream and if that happens I’m going to be UPSET! I watched Dallas….cant do it twice! Carl is beginning to be annoying too! I know I’m rambling but one more thing. Why did they do they drive around in Rv’s and cars that break down? If there is a zombie apocalypse I would at least get a brand new decked out RV! Have you seen one lately, there amazing! Thanks for the great post.

    • says

      I think (early on) Carl was annoying, but — for me, anyway — the aspect that was annoying was how everything revolved around Carl and how they all did everything for the sake of his safety. So, it wasn’t really him, per se, but the way everyone had to be focused on Carl’s existence.

      As far as the vehicles they use?? Wow. Insanity. For instance, who would drive an old model Caddy that’s probably a V8 and burns through gas at about 12mpg? That’s ABSURD! Not to mention, how often do older model cars have mechanical issues? You’d think they’d loot a car dealership and pick up a fleet of cars. Why pack each car to the brim? Why not put two or three people per car, so you can take multiple cars? Of course, we’re only raising a few issues. When I’m watching it, I’m constantly picking away at everything.

      For instance, the facial hair situation. How does Abraham have a perfectly trimmed goatee ALL the time? So only one guy has facial hair that grows into a beard? Daryl doesn’t have facial hair? Or how about Andrea’s perfect pedicure when she was stuck in that room with Milton? Or people’s hair? It never seems to grow much (save for Daryl and Rick and Carl) and it sure doesn’t look as greasy as it should. Michonne’s hair should look awful by now. Like dirty dreadlocks, big time.

      Do any women still go through a menstrual cycle? Common sense tells me no, because of their rigorous physical activity, lack of nourishment, etc…but we’ll see if Maggie gets pregnant (there was a “scare” at the prison, so she must have still been cycling, which is odd, since it was over a year into the zombie apocalypse). And doesn’t anyone have a medical condition? We encountered the guy who had end-stage lung cancer (which was about two years into the zombie apocalypse) and was on oxygen. He didn’t need any medication and survived that long with lung cancer? That’s beyond ridiculous.

      Talk about rambling! LOL. As you can see, The Walking Dead drives me nuts. But I love it.
      Keenly Kristin recently posted..Fridays with Frank: Good news and bad newsMy Profile

  6. says

    I had to disagree with Rick on the list. He is a leader of the group and once in a while he might hit a breaking point mentally, but all leaders have their flaws. Leaders are not perfect, they are all human. I see him making mistakes and growing from them. He is doing his best to keep the whole group alive. Without Rick as the leader, I do not know how many of them would have survived a zombie apocalypses.

  7. says

    Too true. I can not stand Gabriel. He is so annoying. But I think Rick should not be in that list. Rick is the leader of the whole group who protects all members from being killed by zombies. In addition to, he is one of the most favorite actors I have known.

  8. says

    Judith is the most powerful character of all. She has the power to shapeshift into different babies.

    I still say that herd was dressed all wrong. They looked like GA walkers, not DC walkers which would be wearing suits, or hipster wear, sweater sets, pant suits (like Deanna). Not a long skirt anywhere on the Beltway. Come on Nicatero!! Think it thru!!

    The Walking Dead really refers to white people becoming minorities in their own countries and eventually being wiped off the face of the Earth due to intentional mass immigration of non-white African “refugees”. Our government and media has been taken over by Israelis. They run America. They run the world. And they’re taking whites out because they stand in the way of a New World Order.

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