Be Our Valentine: The History of Valentine’s Day

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History of Valentine's Day

I have to say, as far as Valentine’s Day goes, I can’t think of a more perfect gift for one of my readers than this…

History of Valentine's Day | Love Birds Necklace

Isn’t that adorable? What a great piece of jewelry for Valentine’s Day! It’s the Love Birds Necklace, designed by Ghost Love — where you will find the most amazing jewelry ever ever, which I picked up at 9th and Elm — only one of my favorite places to shop for distinctive, unique, amazing stuff!  

After you check out this interesting infographic about the history of Valentine’s Day, just enter to win this pretty necklace via the Rafflecopter form!

The grand prize will be Who Loves Me? personalized book and Lovie blanket set from I See Me! (ARV $49.95). Awesome!

The Story of ValentineExplore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.

How interesting is that? Well, I thought it was…but I also majored in history, so that might be part of the reason why.

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  1. says

    I don’t have any amazing Valentine’s stories, but every year I help out at my Grandma’s flower shop delivering flowers and such. It is amazing every year to see the excitement on everyone’s faces when they get their delivery!

  2. Karen F says

    My husband gave me a basket of cleaning supplies (which fits right in with his practical joker personality) and at the VERY bottom was a diamond bracelet. He even took it to a florist to have it wrapped up extra nice and pretty.

  3. Jessica D says

    I remember my first Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend. He drove 4.5 hours to visit for the weekend. I attempted to make him a really nice fish dinner but it started to go wrong and he stepped in to help. It turned out really nice in the end. I also had made his favorite dessert, Jell-o

  4. eileen marie says

    The best Valentine’s gift I received was a white gold bracelet my husband brought back from studying abroad in Italy. Still wear it! I love it!

  5. eileen marie says

    The WORST Valentine’s day was the one where we got pulled over for a traffic stop & subsequently missed our reservation. We ended up at a local taqueria. (It wasn’t so bad b/c I was with my husband, but it was the worst of the bunch!)

  6. Laura says

    I wouldn’t call it a bad valentine experience so much but it was hard. Last year my husband and I couldn’t be together as we were a long distance apart. We sent cards to each other and spent time on skype, and also planned the same meal which we ate together. It was hard being apart, but it was still very special!

  7. Darlene Owen says

    Every year my husband always gave me a beautiful gift, then after about 10 years suddenly he stopped giving me gifts, he felt I had enough jewelry. I cried the first year, but after that I realized he was right.

  8. terra agueda says

    the best card was from my son when he was in first grade. it was simply “I love you, mom” then he drew a picture of me with a glass of wine, sitting under a sun umbrella!!!

  9. terra agueda says

    my worst valentines was when my hubs had to leave town on feb 13 and we had to cancel our getaway to Napa Valley.

  10. says

    My favorite Valentine’s day was when I had told my boyfriend about always wanting to get a red satin heart for V day and he remembered me saying that and I got my first big red, satin valentine’s day box of candy :) Vicki

  11. jodi frasier/lasher says

    The best valentine’s gift i ever got was my promise ring from my bf. We are both on the kick that we will never get married again because we both had very bad marriages, but to prove that hisself to me that he wants to just be with me he got me a promise ring and i thought it was just so adorable.

  12. Jan Hall says

    The best and worst valentines gift was a brand new Ford Thunderbird. It was wonderful that my husband wanted to buy me a car for Valentines Day. The worst part was trying to figure out how I was going to pay for it. We really couldn’t afford to buy a new car at that time.

  13. Jan Hall says

    My best and worst are the same. Getting a car for Valentines Day and then spending years trying to pay for it.

  14. Kathy Detweiler says

    My best Valentines day was when my husband took me to this really fancy restaurant that had a prime rib buffet and all the creme brulee I could eat…sigh. Beautiful place and delicious food.

  15. Litany says

    best valentines day was when my parents surprised me with a gift basket that they had sent to my dorm… the worse was my ex took me to dinner for valentines day at red lobster where he (nope not proposed) but broke up with me…at the restaurant I cried at the table i was so embarrased.

  16. john hutchens says

    my worst gift was a new fishing rod and reel that arrived broken ,then it took me months trying to get the company to replace it. But the thought that she picked out such a nice new rod was awesome

  17. sandra davis says

    my best gift was when i received roses, stuff teddy, candy and a card all at the same time……he felt guilty from the year before for not getting me anything.

  18. sandra davis says

    the worst was the year before when i didnt get anything. that’s why he made up for it the following year.

  19. Toni Porter says

    (I’ll preface this with the fact that in my household, Valentine’s included showing non-romantic love to other family members.)

    So, I was 15, and had found out about a month before Valentine’s that I am a Type I diabetic in the worst possible way. I was still adjusting to my “new life”, and my mom was still upset from my brush with death. So, when I came home from school, I found that she’d decorated my desk area for Valentine’s. There was a big heart-shaped balloon tied to my chair, red and pink confetti on my desk, red sparkly garland everywhere, a purple rose in a bud vase, and a plush dog hanging out by my computer.

    • says

      That’s wonderful (well, I’m sorry about the health issue, of course)…I also grew up in a household where we celebrated Valentine’s Day in a non-romantic way, which was pretty great.

  20. Toni Porter says

    Since I’ve never had a sweetie when Valentine’s comes around, I don’t have any really bad experiences. However, I had to have an abscessed wisdom tooth extracted on Feb. 14 one year.

    • says

      Eek! I’ve never had a tooth extracted and, I have to tell you, it’s one of my biggest fears. I shudder at the thought. You might “win” for worst Valentine’s Day ever. (Not that “winning” that title is really a great honor. LOL.)

  21. kortney Picker says

    It is hard to say, I think that just being able to spend some alone time with my husband would be the best gift I could get! We really aren’t too into gifts, just small things like breakfast (my favorite kind of doughnut and starbucks coffee and a rose, usually)

  22. kortney Picker says

    I don’t really have a “worst” Valentine’s Day story, although this Valentines Day I may be in the hospital in the middle of labor! lol! My due date is February 20th, but my first daughter was born a week early so if it is similar we may be spending our Valentines Day in the hospital, but, yay! with a new baby!

    • says

      Well, I hear ya on the pain…but as you and I both know, the memory of the pain fades as time passes and we spend day after day with our little ones. Good luck to you. I wish you the best! You indeed will have a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift, even if it is a day or two early (or late)!

  23. courtney hennagir says

    My favorite valentines day gift was a ring from my first boyfriend.It was a little gold ring with two hearts on it and he wrote our initials on them.He got it out of a quarter machine! I still have it.

  24. Jennifer Snyder says

    our first vday together my bf bought me the black and white diamond key necklace from Beldens :) He knew they were my fave! :)

  25. Helen May says

    Although my daughter was born a few days before Valentines Day, I would have to say that the best gift I’ve ever received!

  26. Claire Rheinheimer says

    The first Valentine’s Day we were together my husband had beautiful flowers delivered to me at work. I almost cried! We weren’t married then, had only been dating 4 months and I’d always said I’d know who the right guy was because he’d send me flowers. We were engaged a few months later.

  27. Claire Rheinheimer says

    I really don’t think I have a worst Valentine’s day story. I was single for over 7 years and didn’t celebrate it, so those years don’t really count. lol

  28. Jessica says

    It sounds silly but my best Valentine’s Day gift was a 3 hole punch. I was finishing my elementary ed degree and was having to make portfolio after portfolio. My husband took pity on me after I bemoaned the lack of a decent 3 hole punch and surprised me with one. I think I also got something more romantic but I still have and use that same 3 hole punch.

  29. Jessica says

    My worst Valentine’s Day ever-the one when I baked the most beautiful pie for my husband (and I am not fond of baking) and then proceeded to drop it on the oven door while I was pulling it out of the oven. So disappointing!

  30. Brooke Adametz says

    A couple years ago my husband got me a puppy for valentine’s day, he just turned 2 and he’s still my best friend!

  31. Sacha Schroeder says

    My best valentine’s gift was actually from my best friend. She booked us a girls night with massages, pedicures and a great meal. She could teach my husband a few things. :)

  32. Cara James says

    Ah, I love all of them, it’s my favorite holiday, I love watching love movies and getting homeade dinners!:)

  33. says

    Hmm. Probably our first Valentine’s Day. We were neighbors before we got together. That first V-Day we were all (Hubby, the boys, and I) just out riding around in the truck (road trip to nowhere!). Hubby stopped at a little store that had one of those tents out front and said he had to go to the bathroom, & took the boys. They came back with a mug full of candy, a single red rose and a stuffed Teddy Bear.

  34. Kerry Clark says

    My fiance is terrible at keeping surprises and planning things out, but one year I got a knock on the door and he’d had a custom candy wreath and a teddy bear delivered to me on Valentine’s Day while he was at work. I loved that he actually arranged it ahead of time and it was a complete surprise. :)

  35. Kerry Clark says

    My worst Valentine’s gift was probably the year he and his cousin went shopping at the same time for Valentine’s gifts, and thinking he should get something different from his cousin, he brought me a yellow rose, not knowing it symbolizes friendship. Men are so silly.

  36. Ashley R says

    Our first Valentines Day together my now husband gave me plane tickets for us to go visit friends out of state. (That was back when we had disposable income lol)

  37. says

    One of the best valentines day “dates” I ever had wasn’t a date at all. We were helping folks set up their new business and it was a LONG day. We all decided to go get a bite to eat at a local place that had yummy Italian food.
    (we really weren’t thinking about it being valentines day!) They had “couples” specials and door prizes. I won a gold & diamond ring. The 5 of us had a blast – and I proudly had “2 dates” for valentines day. :)

  38. Jennifer Johansen says

    I’ve been with my husband for six years, and I don’t think he’s ever given me a V-day gift. He came from a JW family, though, so holidays never even cross his mind. I don’t mind.

    • says

      Well, if it helps, I barely get a card. Sometimes — and I stress “sometimes” — he remembers that it IS Valentine’s Day on the day itself and will come home (from work or running errands, etc.) with a hastily written card and some flowers he picked up at a grocery store. *sigh*
      Kristin recently posted..Hello, Kitty!My Profile

  39. Jennifer Johansen says

    My WORST Valentine’s day experience was when I was with an ex about fifteen years ago. I was in terrible pain and drugged from a hospital visit (he had to drive me), and he pretty much ignored me the whole day when we got home.

  40. robyn donnelly says

    The best valentine’s day was when I was a teenager growing up and my mom would do everything in her power to make it special. It was always memorable and special to me because she would make a homemade cake. Play games appropriate for our age. Bought little chocolate box of hearts.

  41. robyn donnelly says

    I really don’t remember too many days that were real bad except one. My significant other and I had argued that day and he didn’t even remember what day it was.

  42. Heather Poindexter says

    The best gift I ever got was my boyfriend cooking dinner for my mom and dad. He was from overseas and fixed only dishes native to his hometown.

  43. Pauline Milner says

    The best Valentine’s day I’ve had is when we took possession of our first house on February 14th. My Husband had already been in the house and left me a dozen roses on the floor in the master bedroom. Thank you for the super giveaway opportunity. Keep up the terrific blogging.

  44. savannah logan says

    Last valentines day my hubby and I spent five hours making chocolate covered strawberries then ate them while playing video games and watching movies. Literally amazing.

  45. Shannon says

    I used to work telephone sales at a call center and I hated it. I had to work nights and my husband worked days. He surprised me with flowers, a card and chocolates!

  46. Shannon says

    My worst Valentine’s Day? All the years I was with my ex and he usually didn’t even get me card. I don’t have a specific story.

  47. Kate J says

    I do not have any good valentines day stories. It is not one of those holidays I enjoy. Mostly have received flowers.

  48. Misha Estrada says

    My third child was supposed to come around April 20, but I had to have him on February 12 due to complications. He is my valentine baby.

  49. says

    My favorite valentines day was the last one! We ate the most delicious 5 course meal and then went on a walk at the canal under star light. It was so romantic.

  50. says

    My favorite Valentines Day was the one when my first boyfriend brought me my promise ring. Do boys still gives those? My ring was so cute. I lost it when I ended up throwing him at him during a fight. :)

  51. One Southern Girl says

    Not married yet… but my favorite Valentine’s Day memory is when my mom and siblings worked together to make a surprise dinner for my dad and friends brought the wine for Beef Burgundy… he had no clue what was going on, even while I was making a special cake for dessert! So much fun keeping it a surprise!

  52. Mary Dailey says

    My husband was working in Dallas for four months and we couldn’t be together! Never fear, we made up for it later!

  53. Danielle Jones says

    My worst would have to be when I was in highschool and it seemed like all the girls got something delivered to them but me. I make sure to now always send a little something to my stepdaughter on Valentines day at school.

  54. says

    No offense to my husband, but there is something truly special when my children do special things for me. When they were younger (about 3 and 7), I’ll never forget having my heart shape cake pans brought to me with a mixture of mud and snow from outside. The “look what we made you” was priceless. Who could be mad at that? 😉

    The sincerity and love of a child. Priceless!

  55. says

    One year I filled in at a flower shop and spent three glorious days scraping thorns off of literally thousands of roses. My hands and arms were scraped up and sore. On the third day, after 16 hours of work, my ever so sensitive boyfriend had a dozen roses (from the shop I worked at) placed on the table. I’d seen so many flowers I didn’t even notice them so he got mad… Good times…. right…

  56. T.J. Wallace says

    The best valentines days I had were as a kid (no offense to my husband). I loved getting all of the valentines cards in our boxes at school

  57. Melinda Stephens says

    We generally don’t do gifts. We just try to have a nice date. My favorite is when my husband hauled a patio table and chair into this clearing at a park and we had lunch. I loved it.

  58. meme says

    When My great Niece was born she was the first girl in a long line of boys and was born on Valentines day. wilcarvic

  59. Laura B says

    a dozen long stem, red roses that I totally was NOT expecting, the valentine’s day before my husband deployed to Iraq for a year.

  60. Laura B says

    the worst valentine’s day was when I got a call that mu husband’s grandmother wasn’t breathing in the nuursing home.

  61. Stephanie O'Day says

    My husband always has the best surprises for me on Valentine’s day. I usually expect something special to happen and he always goes above and beyond. It’s never a dull a moment!

  62. Jessica Whitehouse says

    On our first Valentines Day, I had to work. My now-hubby sent me flowers at work since we couldn’t be together.

  63. says

    Hi Ashley! My Hubs also born on Valentine’s Day. We celebrate Both Valentine’s day as well as his birthday! And I’ll Make him happy while giving special gifts…etc.

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