This Dyson Hard DC56 vacuum is making me sick.

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I was not financially compensated for writing this post. I was provided a Dyson Hard DC56 vacuum product sample to facilitate my review. My opinions are 200% honest and 200% mine (that’s 100% from me and 100% from my brother).

It's Time for a Dyson Vacuum

You’re probably thinking, “Whoa, Dyson vacuums make you sick? I knew they were too good to be true!” Yeah, that’s not the case. The Dyson Hard DC56 vacuum is making me sick because a) I see how much dirt and hair is trapped in my carpet and upholstery and pretty much everywhere and b) now I want the heavy-duty Dyson vacuum with all the bells and whistles. Let me tell you a story.

Dyson Hard DC56 Vacuum

Once upon a time, the awesome folks at Dyson asked me if I’d like to try out the Dyson Hard DC56 vacuum. I tried to be all coy and aloof…ya know, I didn’t want them to think I was all eager and whatnot. Here’s what I said:

Thanks for your message. I would love, love, LOVE to work with Dyson! That’s always been kind of a “goal,” one that I always worried would be out of reach.
I have to say, I will seriously cry myself to sleep if this isn’t legit. 
Not saying you’re a spammer…just saying, I’m that serious about Dyson. I’ve always dreamed of being lucky enough to have a Dyson. It just…never seemed to be in the cards for me. So, when I read your email, I might have had a minor cardiac event. No big deal, no need for paddles or anything.
OK, I’m rambling. I think what I should have said is, “Hi. Thank you, I’d love to work with Dyson!” and left it at that. 
But alas, this is pretty much how I roll. 
I’d love to set up a time…my phone number is [censored], if you need to call me, or you can just e-mail me if you prefer. Whatever works for you. 
I’m very excited, can you tell? 
Have a great evening. Talk to you soon!

Yep, definitely coy and aloof. Just in case you think that couldn’t possibly be the e-mail that I sent to the folks at Dyson? I did. I totally did. And that was after I re-read it two or three times, editing it to make sure I didn’t sound like a lunatic.

Dyson Store

So I guess they were able to filter out the “crazy” in my e-mail and invited me to visit one of their stores, learn how to use the Dyson Hard DC56 Vacuum, and then take it home to try it out for myself. It was pretty awesome. When the door opens, I think there’s some sort of purple-ish glow that envelops you and sucks you in. At least that’s how it felt.

I pretty much wanted one of everything (and while I left plenty happy, I was also a little heartsick for all the Dysons I had to leave behind)…and I even may have drooled a little. But the Dyson rep (Mike) was as nice and helpful as can be and he did not mind that I was caressing all the Dysons. He really was great. He answered all my questions and explained exactly how to use the Dyson Hard DC56.


Yes, I have used it as a mop. But not anywhere near as often as I use it as a handheld vacuum. That’s not because the Dyson Hard DC56 isn’t awesome as a mop, because it is. It’s actually so awesome, I’m trying to use the Dyson Wet Wipes sparingly so I don’t run out too quickly. But, that feature is pretty amazing. Let me tell you, when your back hurts (or you have other health problems that limit your mobility, etc.), it sure is nice to not have to sweep the whole floor then mop the entire area…so doing it all in one motion? Yeah, it’s a big help.

So let me tell you how else I use the Dyson Hard DC56 handheld vacuum. I use it a lot. It’s super convenient, because, well, it’s cordless. It takes about three hours to charge and a full charge lasts for about 15 minutes…so if that qualifies as a “con” in the whole “pros and cons” list, that would be the only one I can come up with.

However, since this Dyson vacuum is really for quick jobs like vacuuming the couch or the steps or the car interior, 15 minutes is plenty for me. Plus, it’s kicking out some serious power in those 15 minutes, for real. The Dyson Hard DC56 sucks up so much “dirt” (hair, lint, dust, dirt, you name it), it is both amazing and disgusting (hence the “it’s making me sick” remark) at the same time.  After all, look at what it can accomplish in about a minute:


This Dyson handheld vacuum is perfect for so many things; I’ve used it for cleaning baseboards (and along the baseboards), the ceilings, the furniture, the curtains, the window air conditioner, the ceiling fan blades…you get the idea. I pretty much use it for everything. Oh, I’ve also used it on my mattress, which is only about 18 months old. Look (and try not to gag):

Dyson Hard DC56 Handheld Vacuum Cleaning Mattress

Yuck! I sleep on that, for crying out loud! Sure it’s not like a pound of dirt, but still gross. Just…gross.

This is my first Dyson vacuum ever — so I’m still trying to get used to the awesomeness that is the “cyclone” technology. I should also mention that, while this is my first Dyson, it will indeed not be my last. There is no question in my mind that the Dyson Hard DC56 puts any handheld/cordless vacuum to shame. Maybe there’s a vacuum out there that can hold its own against the Dyson…but I’ve never found it, and I’ve been looking for more than 20 years. It couldn’t be any easier to use, it’s lightweight, and it’s super user-friendly. Nothing I’ve ever owned, tried, or heard about holds a candle to this machine, and I’m not exaggerating in the least.

As far as the effectiveness of the Dyson Hard DC56? Puh-lease. This machine pulls dirt and fuzz and hair and who-knows-what from everything. Dirt and fuzz and hair and who-knows-what that is not visible to the naked eye. It was a little disturbing to see what is actually in my couch cushions and my mattress and my carpet and so on that I’m not getting with regular cleaning/vacuuming…but that’s what this bad boy is for. This…pile of gunk…is from the steps, which have always been vacuumed regularly — by what I now know is a substandard vacuum. Brace yourself.

Dyson Hard DC56 Handheld Vacuum

Ew. Ugh. Ick. Blech. That glob of sickening gunk came from the steps that didn’t look terribly dirty to begin with. Look…

Dyson Hard DC56 Handheld Vacuum

See? It’s not like we’re vacuuming steps that are coated with an inch of pet hair. And yet the Dyson Hard DC56 vacuum pulled up an unbelievable amount of dirt and hair and whatever is in my carpet.

The Dyson Hard DC56 handheld vacuum is one of my favorite gadgets in my collection — and that’s a pretty impressive collection. It didn’t take long for the Dyson to go right up to the top of the list, believe me. The Dyson is a game-changer. I don’t know how I survived without it…but I can tell you this — I won’t survive withOUT it from now on.

Just so you know, here’s what the Dyson Hard DC56 — and every cordless Dyson vacuum, for that matter — has to offer:

  • Extra tools — All Dyson vacuums come with Dyson-engineered tools for cleaning hard to reach places around the home.
  • Hygienic bin emptying — Literally you just have to push one button to release all the dirt.
  • Convenient docking station — Stores and charges the machine, and holds additional attachments.
  • Boost mode — Increased suction power…for more difficult tasks.
  • Li-ion fade-free power — Their batteries don’t fade during use.
  • Two-year warranty — All Dyson cordless vacuums come with a 2-year warranty on parts and labor.

Let’s get back to the handheld’s vacuuming action. It is so fabulous, that I literally (yes, I’m using that correctly) show the Dyson Hard DC56 to people when they come over. (I’m not kidding.) My brother was so interested to see how it performed that he started vacuuming random areas to “spot-check” just to see how it worked and how much “gunk” he could collect in the bin.

After he saw my Dyson Hard DC56, he got himself a Dyson DC33 Upright Vacuum. For himself, of course. He tells me all about it, too…like he’s taunting me with his vacuuming superiority.

Dyson DC56 Vacuum

So, a few days ago, I suggested that he bring his Dyson vacuum over and we could take it for a spin around my freshly vacuumed house. I wanted to see if the Dyson machines were really all that superior to my [brand name omitted] vacuum, which cost me $300 about three years ago. I mean, come on. I had one of the “better” vacuums on the market…it couldn’t be that much of a difference, right? Right? Yeah, right. Then I saw this…

Dyson Vacuum

…and I thought I might be proven wrong. I watched in awe as my brother vacuumed (yes, he loves the Dyson vacuum so much that he vacuumed my house) the living room and dining room twice. When he finished, he showed us the results:

Dyson Bagless Canister

That was pulled out of my living room and dining room carpet after a thorough cleaning with my $300 vacuum. Does that make any sense to you? Basically NOT having a Dyson vacuum is making me sick. It most likely would help my allergies and headaches and sinus issues, right? And to top it off, my 5-year-old niece plays on this floor! Ugh!

By the way, emptying the bagless canister is super simple. Push a button, the bottom pops open, and boom. All the gunk that is making you sick? Gone. The model that my brother owns is a Dyson DC33 Bagless Vacuum. Its features include:

  • Root Cyclone Technology: Dyson cyclones capture microscopic particles down to 0.5 microns in size, with no loss of suction.
  • Washable HEPA Filter: Captures allergens, expels cleaner air. Traps microscopic particles down to 1/5,000 of a pinhead. Particles this small include common household allergens such as pollen, mold spores and dust mites. (Hello!!)
  • Telescope Reach Wand: Extends 14.4ft with no awkward parts to assemble. The wand assembly has been re-designed to be lightweight and give an additional 4 inches of reach – making high-reach cleaning easier.
  • Clear Bin and Hygienic Emptying: The bin on a Dyson vacuum cleaner is transparent so you can see when it needs emptying – and just how much dust, dirt and pet hair your new Dyson machine has picked up. It’s made of tough polycarbonate and can be emptied with the press of a button – minimizing the risk of contact with dirt.
  • Click-Fit Wand: Accessories can be fitted and removed with a click.
  • On-Board Accessory Tools: A combination accessory tool and stair tool are included. They store on the machine so they are always at hand.
  • Certified Asthma and Allergy Friendly: DC33 Multi Floor is certified asthma- and allergy-friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. (Hello again!)
  • Tough, Durable Construction: Made from tough polycarbonate, to withstand bumps and bashes.
  • 5-Year Warranty: Your Dyson vacuum cleaner is likely to take a few knocks and bashes during everyday use – but that’s nothing compared to what Dyson puts its machines through during testing and development. All Dyson vacuum cleaners undergo a lengthy and rigorous testing program. That’s why the Dyson DC33 Vacuum comes with a free 5 year warranty – parts and labor.

OK, it’s official. The Dyson vacuum is making me sick. Or, I should say, the results of vacuuming with a Dyson makes me sick. But, most of all, the thought of not vacuuming with a Dyson is making me sick.

Dyson DC41 Animal Vacuum

That’s the one I am drooling over…the Dyson DC41 Animal Vacuum. Oh baby. That has the “ball technology,” meaning it steers smoothly — on a dime, as they say. For the sake of full disclosure, it does weigh 17 pounds, so carrying it up and down the stairs might be a challenge for some people…but vacuuming is a breeze. It most certainly does not feel heavy at all as it’s propelling around your living room. I can tell you that much.

Sold yet? Well, I was still struggling with whether I should “take the plunge,” as they say…and then I was pinking up some printer ink and found this display of Dysons at Best Buy

Dyson Hard DC56 Vacuums Best Buy

What are they doing to me? So not only do they have every Dyson vacuum that a young middle-aged girl could possibly want (oh, and let’s not forget the Dyson bladeless fans that I’m also drooling over!) but they have some magic tool called the “Dyson Groom.”

The. Dyson. Groom.

As in an attachment for your Dyson vacuum that grooms your dog, sucking the hair right into the sweet detachable vacuum bin that you can empty in about 4.2 seconds, right into your trash can.

Trust me, it’s only a matter of time before I have a Dyson upright vacuum. Trust me, I’ll tell you all about it.

This post contains affiliate links…but you’re under zero obligation to use them. You can shop directly from the Dyson website, or search for Dyson on Amazon. Trust me. You will not be disappointed. That’s my guarantee.

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  1. Debbie Kay says

    Hello! I enjoyed this message so much – especially the note to Dyson telling them how you kinda would want to try the machine :) Hubby & I have been thinking on getting a Dyson for me as I have fibro and it’s hard for me to use our regular vacuum. I am interested in what your brother bought but I wanted to know, does it come with the long arm attachment to clean stairs and baseboards, etc, like your handheld one does? Thank you for helping me. I just found you in late December and I enjoy your posts on fb so much – I’m learning a lot. debbie

    • says

      Haha! Yes, I would most definitely be an ambassador for Dyson, that goes without saying. Actually, I kinda am already.

      Thanks for the kind words. I do have LOTS of health issues, both ones that affect my mobility and functioning, but also allergies and migraines (yowza, the migraines), and respiratory. So, trust me…when I saw what this Dyson picked up AFTER I did a very thorough vacuuming (and I vacuum pretty much 4-5 times a week anyway), I was pretty amazed and pretty disgusted. I have (what I thought) was a high quality vacuum. And, it’s not doing the job. I’m kinda annoyed that I spent $300 several years ago, certain that I was buying the Cadillac of vacuums. If the one I have is the Cadillac? Then the Dyson is the BMW. (800 series, of course.)

      And, yes, it comes with all the attachments, as well as a long hose (I need to amend the post to add that), which my brother uses about once a week. The vacuum has like a 25-30 foot cord, which is great…but he can leave the vacuum at the bottom the steps and use the hose to clean the steps all the way to the top. It’s pretty awesome. And they are NOT paying me to say this. I mean, my brother tells everyone about this vacuum, and he’s an average guy in his early 30s. It’s like he’s talking about the brand new iPad or something. So, that should tell you how amazing this vacuum is. People will want to vacuum FOR you, just to use it.
      Kristin recently posted..Why Sleep is ImportantMy Profile

  2. Emily Wells says

    My husband bought me a DC33 about a year ago, and there really are no words to express my love for it. :) They built a Dyson service center about 45 minutes from me (woohoo!) several months ago. We’re in the process of building a house, and should be closing in about two months. I’m going to take my Dyson to the service center for a thorough cleaning and “health check” before we move to our new house. After seeing all the **disgustingness** that I’ve been getting out of the carpet in our rental house (the carpet that was professionally cleaned TWICE before we moved in) I don’t want to take it to our new house. They do an excellent job–completely disassemble it and soak all the parts in a disinfecting solution, replace or repair any problem parts, and a new set of filters. Basically you walk out with a new vacuum. He also said they take trades… my husband would probably divorce me if I came home with a new one, lol For anyone who’s skeptical about the cost of the Dysons, please keep in mind…”You get what you pay for.” There’s a very good reason these machines cost what they do!

    • says

      Emily, I couldn’t agree more! I am lucky to have a Dyson service center near me (about 20 minutes away) so I will definitely be visiting there for routine check-ups once I have my Dyson (I’m totally getting one, it’s not up for negotiation anymore LOL).

      As far as “you get what you pay for”? Well, you couldn’t be more correct. When I first started out on my own (like 25 years ago), I bought a handy dandy red vacuum that cost about $45. I had to replace it in about a year, but, heck, for that price, you couldn’t beat it, right? Well, if it’s that cheap, how well is it working? Not well, I would imagine.

      I’ve owned pretty much every brand of vacuums throughout my life, until I “splurged” on what I considered to be among the best on the market. Did I like it? You bet. It’s not a “bad” vacuum at all…it’s definitely good. But now I know it’s not the best. And I have ample evidence to prove it. It’s not as though I’m relying on trick photography or an infomercial that may or may not be honest to make my decision. I used the Dyson (for only about a minute that my brother let it out of his hand LOL), and I saw firsthand how much filth is trapped in a carpet, in MY carpet — and I can’t justify NOT getting a Dyson at this point.

      You’re absolutely right — the Dyson is not cheap, but for good reason. It’s a major investment. But one that I won’t think twice about making, because I know that it’s worth every penny (and then some, in my opinion).
      Kristin recently posted..Events of 2013: An InfographicMy Profile

  3. says

    I would love one of these especially because of my daughter’s allergies and asthma – I have heard great things about their vacuums unfortunately it’s not affordable for our family living on one income. I so want one though! Looks like it cleans wonderful!

  4. says

    My upright vac is a Dyson – it’s over 7 years old already and still sucks up like a new one. I wish I could justify replacing it with a new model, but alas..they are just built too well!!! I also have the hand held one, which I love for small messes and cleaning keyboards and the car!

  5. says

    I have never owned a Dyson vacuum, but have heard wonderful things. Any doubts I may have had are now gone after reading this great review.

  6. says

    I have had crazy allergy-type symptoms basically since we’ve moved into this house. I feel like even when we vacuum, steam mop, etc. the floors just don’t get clean enough to pull up all the “whatever” is left from the previous owners. We hope to replace the carpets this year, but I think I’m going to look into a Dyson first to see if it’s pulling up anything hidden that our other vacuum is missing!

  7. says

    I am glad to know I am not the only person that dreams of a Dyson. I love your response email. I really really really want to try one out. Though I am horrified to think of what might come out of our carpets.

  8. says

    Great review! I’m jealous that you have a Dyson! I want one! LOL! Unbelievable how much that little hand held picks up. I can’t get over it!

    • says

      I know, right? It’s disgusting, truly…and we’re not like messy people. I keep the house clean. And yet, the Dyson is showing me it’s not clean clean, if that makes sense. It’s quite a reality check to see the level of dirt and allergens and whatnot that you’re sitting on, lying on, and so on. From now on, I will NEVER own anything but a Dyson. My brother feels the same way. It’s just worth the investment. Plus, once you get your Dyson, you can take it into a service center for tune-ups, thorough cleaning, maintenance, etc., and it’s like you walk out with a brand new vacuum. You’ll pretty much have your Dyson for years. YEARS!
      Kristin recently posted..Events of 2013: An InfographicMy Profile

  9. says

    Isn’t it crazy? I am a Dyson-a-holic now :) I remember years ago, and everyone talked about it. I was like, how in the heck, honestly, can a vacuum be that different? I was broke, early 20’s, and bought what I could afford. I thought the only real difference was that maybe the pricey ones last longer.

    No way, Jose. Once I used my first Dyson {which was a 2-year old one my brother gave me} – I was BLOWN.AWAY.

    I have the one you posted here and totally love the convenience of the cordless option. :)

    • says

      I have owned SO many vacuums in my life and, truth be told, I figured there might be a little difference between the best and the worst, but not THIS much. I’ve bought $40 vacuums (won’t name names) as well as ones that cost $100 until I really went nuts a few years ago and spent $300 on my current one (OK, OK, you got a $50 Target GC when you bought it, so that helped). I vacuumed the two rooms TWICE before my brother vacuumed. I was SO disgusted and embarrassed when I saw what got sucked up. It makes no sense that there can be such a disparity between vacuum quality…BUT THERE IS!!!

  10. says

    I have an older Dyson and love it! You are so right about it picking up all the dirt and dust everywhere. I never knew how dirty my carpets were until I got a Dyson.

  11. eileen marie says

    We are really torn about replacing our trusty Hoover with a Dyson due to the expense. Plus I’ve heard mixed reviews on pet hair. If price were a concern, do you still think Dyson would be your number one choice?

    • says

      Hi, Eileen. Believe it or not, I am neither a rep nor an ambassador for Dyson. I can only attest to what I’ve experienced. If price were a concern (and, truth be told, it is, for us), a Dyson is the next major purchase we are making. Let me tell you why.

      My brother had a Beagle (who passed away about 18 months ago, sadly). They lived in their current house since 2007. My brother vacuumed with a good quality vacuum (well, it cost several hundred dollars, so we assumed it was the best without going the Dyson route…) just about every day, but definitely 5 times a week.

      Now, he vacuums with the Dyson roughly 4-5 times a week. He still finds some dog hair (not tons, of course, but some) in the canister when he empties it after vacuuming, so the Dyson is STILL drawing dog hair that is embedded so far down (who knows — the padding layer maybe?) that it still is getting picked up. For him (and in my opinion), if there’s a vacuum that exists which is better than the Dyson, we sure haven’t found it.
      Kristin recently posted..History of Social MediaMy Profile

  12. Jan Hall says

    Thank you for such a delightful review. I am convinced that I need one of these vacuums. I have fibro and my husband has lots of allergies, asthma and COPD. The only problem is I now know what I am missing. LOL Thank you for the reminder that I need to vacuum my mattress.

  13. Litany says

    We bought one for my grandmother (who was 80 at the time) and she was having a hard time with it as well. SO once we trained her how to use it she loves it and it easier for her to clean (she still wants to be independent at 81 now) and she uses it about once a week.

  14. Shannon says

    OMG I am so trying to win one of these. I can only imagine how filthy our floors are what with the 5 furbabies and the two of us. I love all of the attachments and that you can use it as a mop…how versatile.

  15. Mary Dailey says

    The first time I heard of Dyson was from a friend of ours that lives in Ireland. She had had two of them and swore by them. I wish I had one!!!

  16. Christine says

    The images you have shown to us after cleaning really makes me sick, who would think of having that much dirt, dust on which they spend their days playing, resting, sleeping sometimes. You really made me think to get rid of my HOOVER and go for Dyson’s. I have wood floors with light carpeted area, and i wonder if it would do a good job on wood floors also. Although i have seen Dyson DC35 and DC26 listed as wood floor vacuum cleaner here.
    Since you have better experience with it, i would like to know if you have anything to say about its performance on wood floor.

    • says

      I know, I feel the same way. The Dyson DC65 actually has a feature where you can adjust it to turn off the brush bar so that it doesn’t harm your wood floors — in case you’re concerned, or in case you notice that it’s affecting the finish. I have only used it this way, and it still has the same suction, so it does pull up all the dust and hair and dirt, and I like the way it works. It’s a lot better than moving dirt around with a broom, in my opinion.

  17. Christine says

    Thanks to you, I have decided to switch to Dyson. I will let you know about its performance once i get my hands on it.

  18. says

    Just when I thought I had a great vacuum .. there always comes out a better brand. I used to use Hoover brand a lot more but since have also decided that Dyson vacuums are both ergonomically designed better and perform better at getting most of the hard to pick out carpet dust and specks from the ground!

  19. Lynn says

    Hi Kristin,

    I just bought a Dyson DC44. I tested it out & it seems to work very well, but I have long hair & it keeps getting stuck in the roller brush.

    Okay, don’t laugh, but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the look of the DC56. I love the white handles with the blue & red accents & white docking station. The DC44 has a really nice blue wand, but I REALLY LOVE the colors of the DC56. Yes, I’m a girl (Always buying based on color). My husband thinks I’m crazy.

    So . . . my question is, can I use the DC65 main cleaner head (Sorry, not sure if that’s what it’s called) without the wet wipes & vacuum my carpet & wood laminate floors with it?

    If so, I’m planning on returning the DC44 & get this baby instead.

    • says

      You’re not crazy for buying items based on colors. Of course, it’s a Dyson, so you’re already on the right track. And, in my opinion, why not go for color? I do. Heck, the new Dysons come with Purple or Pink accents — that can’t be a coincidence. They’re pandering to people like us. :)

      That being said, here’s my opinion on using the DC56 without the wipes. I would think that it would suck up dirt (actually more dirt than WITH the wipes) off your wood and laminate floors BUT I think it would potentially scratch the floors, and the main cleaner head (not sure what it’s called either) might get damaged/worn over time, if that matters. I’m not 100% certain, but that’s my guess.

      As for using it on the carpet, I can’t see how that would be bad, but I can foresee possible issues. One, the suction is probably not going to be as strong as you’d like. Also, the actual openings with suction are small, which means you’d be spending a TON of time vacuuming carpet to cover the whole area. So while I think it would do well at sucking up dirt and hair, it definitely won’t suck up all of it, or as much as you’d like (in my opinion).

      Now, I am a little biased because I also have the DC65 (I reviewed it here:, which is the finest piece of machinery EVER. If I had to choose, I would forego the handheld and go with the DC65. I do use it on my hardwood and laminate floors (I checked a small spot first to make sure it didn’t damage the floors — but it does have the option of turning off the brush in order to go straight suctions on such floors) and I can use a Swiffer to clean the floors. Of course, I do have the DC56 as well, so I use that one for vacuuming and cleaning simultaneously about half the time. Depends on my mood. :) But if you are forced to choose only one, I’d go with a regular vacuum which has tools (and a hose that stretches about 30 feet). You can cover just about every possible cleaning job you can think of with one of those bad boys.
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  20. Lynn says

    Hi again Kristin,

    Thanks so much for your quick reply & your detailed response.

    OMG – I’m still in love with the DC56! What a problem. Maybe I can leave a dry wipe on, so it doesn’t scratch the wood laminate/tile floors (When I don’t want to use the wet wipe). But, of course use it without the wipes on the carpet.

    I have 1 other question. Have you used the ‘Tangle Free Turbine Attachment’? I was thinking that this might be the solution. When I called Dyson this morning, I was told that it could be used with the DC56 wand (I was thinking of using this for my carpets), but that it would drain the battery fast & that it would pick up loose dirt, but not the hair & larger items. I think he said it was because it doesn’t have the roller brush to pull up the hairs from the carpet (Something like that).

    • says

      I do use that attachment. I use it on fabrics, such as the mattress and furniture, etc. It definitely is a plus when using it on materials like that, so I would definitely recommend it. But I would think he’s right regarding it draining the battery. That attachment does take a lot of juice. Not sure how long the charge would last in that instance. Maybe only 10 minutes or so? Of course, I try to work fast and efficiently when using the DC56 so I can get every minute of use out of it, as I’m sure you do. So, that’s definitely something to consider. I didn’t think of that!
      Kristin recently posted..Manage your home with HomeZada + $300 Giveaway!My Profile

  21. Lynn says

    Hi again Kristin,

    Wow, that was a fast reply! Sorry for all the questions.

    Okay, now we’re getting somewhere. Maybe I can still get the Dyson DC56 (Yay!). Maybe I’ll purchase just the DC56 first & see how it works & if I feel that I need that “Tangle Free Turbine Attachment”, I can purchase it later. I saw a Dyson demo of it on-line & that little thing looks like it packs a punch (Sucked up everything really fast)! So, I don’t know why the Dyson rep said that the “Tangle Free Turbine Attachment” wouldn’t suck up hair from the carpet (With the wand). Looks like it would do the job (But, I’m not the expert).

    Yes, being that it’s cordless & time is limited, I do rush through cleaning & only press that power button when I really need to. If I do decide to get the “Tangle Free Turbine Attachment”, I may need to do some running (Ha, ha, ha)!

    Thanks SO MUCH again for all of your help & being so nice!

    Hope you’re having a great “Memorial Day” weekend so far!


    • says

      Don’t think anything of it…I am a BIG advocate of Dyson and kinda see it as a public service to share its goodness. LOL.

      You’re right. That tool does pack a punch, but I’ve only used it on the DC65. So I can’t speak to its effectiveness on the DC56 wand, but I agree with you — it seems likely that it would still be powerful, although not AS powerful. The vacuum (DC65) can suck up half a shirt (which is easy to do if it’s under the bed, etc., because the vacuum is SO powerful, it will draw stuff in without actually being on top of the item) by the time I turn it off. So the vacuum is like industrial strength compared to the DC56, which is still quite strong for its compact size.

      I’m happy to help anytime. Have a great holiday!

  22. Lynn says

    Hi Kristin,

    Thanks for ALL of your help.

    Just ordered the Dyson Hard DC56 today. Hopefully, I can get this baby to work for me.


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