Looking for Breaking Bad Tattoo Ideas? Got ’em.

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As a Breaking Bad fan(atic), I totally “get” that Breaking Bad was a game-changer and it spoke to people on many levels and all that. I get it. But I don’t “get” it to the extent that I would immortalize it with a Breaking Bad tattoo. That’s….too much. Isn’t it?

That being said, this portrait of Walter White/Heisenberg is insanely good…

Breaking Bad Walter White Tattoo

That is one part of a Breaking Bad tattoo sleeve. This is the other part…

Breaking Bad Jesse Pinkman Tattoo

Whoa! Gunnar V is an absolutely amazing artist. Seriously…you should see his work. He’s ridiculously talented.

Here’s another portrait of Walter White/Heisenberg:

Breaking Bad Heisenberg Tattoo
Fabulous work. As is this…

Heisenberg Tattoo Breaking Bad
Amazing work, if you’re into the whole Breaking Bad tattoo thing. This one as well:

Walter White Tattoo


This one is quite unique…

Heisenberg Tread Lightly

Tread Lightly. Probably one of the most famous quotes from Breaking Bad.

Aaron Paul posted this on his Instagram:

Breaking Bad Tattoo Walter White Portrait


He added the caption, “Our fans are committed #breakingbad.”

This is one committed fan:

Breaking Bad Tattoo

Adam Guy Hays/Red Rocket Tattoo

Talk about incorporating multiple elements into a cohesive piece of art. Nicely done. This Breaking Bad piece also incorporates multiple elements…

Breaking Bad Heisenberg Color Tattoo

This one captures the chemistry aspect…somewhat:

Walter White Meth Cook Tattoo


As does this one, to a lesser degree…

Breaking Bad Tattoo


Not sure if you want to devote a thigh to this, but hey, I’m not judging…

Breaking Bad Heisenberg Tattoo
And another thigh piece, which is just…wow. See for yourself:

Breaking Bad Tattoo Walter White Jesse Pinkman

courtesy of Stephen Harvey/work by Kamikaze Ink

Since we’re on the subject of Walter White/Jesse Pinkman portraits, take a peek at this:

Walter White Jesse Pinkman Tattoo


Now, this Heisenberg tattoo is different, unique even…

Breaking Bad Tattoo Ideas Heisenberg Tattoo
But you can also go the simple route when it comes to Breaking Bad tattoos, as this gal did:

LOVE that! I am the one who knocks. One of the most famous Breaking Bad quotes. And, wow, this is one helluva piece of art incorporating that:

Breaking Bad I Am The One Who Knocks Tattoo


Then there are Breaking Bad tattoo ideas that make you just go, “Um.” Like this one:

Breaking Bad Heisenberg Tattoo


What the hey? That is, um, different. Um…yep. Different.

Let's Cook Breaking Bad Tattoo


“Let’s cook.” That’s another quote from Breaking Bad…which has been immortalized in countless memes and, now, on someone’s body.

Then there’s this…

Breaking Bad Tattoo Ideas I Will Not Be Harassed Bitch


I will admit, that RV scene was a great one…and that quote is quite amusing.

What about the infamous Heisenberg sketch?

Heisenberg Sketch Tattoo
Hmmm. On your thigh. Allrighty then.

Or, you could put it on your…neck:

Heisenberg Sketch Neck Tattoo


I’ll leave you with a sketch and the infamous quote…

Breaking Bad Tattoo I Am The One Who Knocks

spilled ink tattoo studio

What the heck…one last sketch, for the road.

Walter White Sketch Tattoo

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  1. Jesselyn A says

    At the risk of offending anyone (which I really really do not want to do!) I just really do NOT like tattoos – they just kind of give me the creeps and I fail to see the “beauty”) in them…

    That said, and speaking as a diehard “Breaking Bad” fan (in fact we’ve been watching the “BB” Marathon this weekend (so bear with me as I’m going – literally – on no sleep) I must say that while I have NO desire to memorialize either Walt or Jesse or any of the characters in the form of a rather glaring tattoo – although the ones’ you have pictured above are admitted quite REMARKABLE – even AWESOME – just don’t make it a permenant part of me!

    GUNNAR V is, well, an amazing artist: he not only MASTERS (brilliantly) the physical likeness of the characters – he (astonishingly!) captures their inner “soul” or essence:

    Just a little while ago (before we switched to the -sigh- Bear v Packers game…) we just saw the scene where “Jesse” – agonizes but pulls the trigger and kills Gail (Gale) – the look of anguish and pain in his eyes – well GUNNAR V actually somehow convery ALL THAT in a tattoo on someone’s arm!

    I still don’t want a tattoo – but all I can say is: WOW!

    • says

      I don’t think your opinion is offensive at all…I’m not anti-tattoo altogether BUT I am not into getting tattoos such as these on myself. But, hey, to each his own. And, yes, these are pretty amazing. And, I agree with you 100% (also watching the marathon LOL) — Gunnar V did totally capture the characters. I was looking at them earlier today and I thought the same thing; that they have such depth to them…it’s truly remarkable. He is unreal.
      Kristin recently posted..Events of 2013: An InfographicMy Profile

  2. says

    I thought the show was great, so don’t get me wrong there, but I don’t think I’d be willing to get a tattoo of it. But if you are on that wants a breaking bad tattoo, by all means go for it. These are great pieces of artwork regardless. Thanks for sharing them.


  3. says

    These are some nice tattoos. My friend is a huge fan, he might want to get one of these. To me it is insane to get a tattoo, but that is just my opinion.

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