Events of 2013: An Infographic

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It’s that time again…and you can expect an avalanche of “Top 10” (or perhaps “Top 13” to be clever and tie it into 2013) lists of this year’s most talked about/most interesting/most outrageous//most important/whatever people, news stories, and events of 2013.

While not perfect (what is, after all?), I thought this graphic did a pretty good job of capturing the most talked-about events of 2013.

Events of 2013 Infographic
by beutlerink.
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I’m not sure I would have included Lou Reed or House of Cards, but Arrested Development, Orange Is the New Black (in spite of not watching a single episode yet — I tend to wait til a critically acclaimed series is about to end before I watch it), and Breaking Bad? They definitely belong on there. As do Miley Cyrus and Daft Punk and the Playstation 4 and Candy Crush and Pope Francis, to name a handful.

But there’s a whole lot more that “went down” in 2013, such as Instagram (I’m here, by the way) and Vine (I’m not there, by the way). How about The Daily Show with John Oliver? And Anchorman 2?

Then there’s Yahoo and tumblr (which I never seem to use but keep meaning to)…and a whole lot more.

What about you? Which events of 2013 were game-changers for you?

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  1. Michelle H. says

    My grandson was born and I witnessed the birth. One of my kids graduated from high school. My youngest graduated from kindergarten earlier this year. That was a big deal for me.

  2. says

    I think the picture is amazing but i agree , some breaking bad would had been super cool in the pic , the PS4 was a big event this year , glad to see that in the pic also , and a very nice tribute to have Paul Walker in the 2013 pic event . thank you

  3. Kris DeVoss says

    I think the game changers in 2013 for me were realizing there were such things as Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter, Tumbler Klout and Google plus also … I know for 2014 I really should behave and spend less time on the computer though, as I have become a shopaholic …Lol!

  4. Lynne says

    I think something like this would make a great gift to either a child who was born in 2013, or a couple who got married in 2013 – put it in a great mat/frame combo, and that will become a nice keepsake.

  5. Gale McCarron says

    Hmmm, game changers. Obamacare is a big one. It doesn’t directly affect me just yet, but for thousands it will. I hope people stay patient and give this program a chance to grow. I see potential for it to be very benefitial especially with the cost of healthcare skyrocketing.

  6. Cynthia Cover says

    I heard that there will be a new ending of Breaking Bad on the DVD’s that come out. He wakes up and he is the dad in Malcolm in the middle….it was all a bad dream!

  7. says

    Having all of the social media we don’t talk to one another anymore. We don’t send real birthday and Christmas cards. I only got one Christmas card this year and one birthday card. This makes me sad. I hate texting with a passion. I feel like if I am important enough to text then I should be important enough to call on the dadgum phone. Sometimes I despise social media. Ok I’ll get off of my soapbox lol.

  8. Donna Murphy says

    Nothing was really a game changer for me. All the hype about Miley though…..
    Seriously, do people not realize that this was simply someone who didn’t want to be a goody-goody all her life. Really, would you buy Hannah Montana singing “Wrecking Ball”???? She had to change her image to remain relevant in the music world. If that loses her a few fans, I’m sure that’s considered collateral damage. Personally I could do without seeing her swinging on a wrecking ball naked but I’m not a teenage boy either.

  9. says

    2013 is awesome I learned what twitter was, I’m learning Klout not sure I want to Instagram yet. I’ve learned how to do alot of new stuff on the computer this year hope to learn even more in 2014.

  10. Valerie W says

    I like the way the picture had those who have died, at the top in the clouds, that is very touching. I will miss all of them.

  11. Cathy Jarolin says

    The Best thing that Happened to me in 2013 is that my Great Grandson was born last March..The worst thing was We lost our precious Furbaby Max. He was our black plug ..he was 12 yrs old..RIP Max Baby.. The artist did a good job incorporating the good, bad, and sad events of 2013..Although I can’t relate with some things! I quess I wasn’t on top of all events of 2013 Lol. Happy New Year..

    • says

      Awww…that was a tough yet wonderful year. You’ve been blessed with a great-grandson, which is wonderful, but I can also understand your sadness at losing your pet. It’s very difficult. :(

      Here’s to 2014!

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