Kids clothes at Carter’s — do you have a Carter’s Coupon?

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I participated in an Influencer Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Carter’s. I received a gift card to facilitate my shopping trip and to thank me for participating in this Carter’s Family & Friends campaign — as well as sharing Carter’s coupon for your shopping pleasure!

Shopping is one of my  favorite hobbies. And when I can get a good deal — and get a whole lot for a whole lot less than I expected to spend, I get very happy. Like super duper happy. So, when I was able to do some shopping for a little girl whose fifth birthday falls on Christmas Eve, armed with a fabulous Carter’s coupon? I was super duper happy to do so. And then I saw this…

Carter's Sale Carter's Coupon

Christmas come early! Not only was I entering the lair of Carter’s year-end sale — where everything was on sale — I had a Carter’s coupon safely tucked away in my purse. I had no idea of the extent to which I was going to blow my own mind with the deals I would encounter at Carter’s.

First, let me explain that I had never even been in a Carter’s store. Sure, I know Carter’s — I have four grown children, so the Carter’s name is very familiar — but I’d never stepped in a store that was nothing but wall-to-wall Carter’s clothing. Why, I have no idea…because it’s so much easier to shop for kids clothing at a store that specializes in exactly that — kids clothing from newborn sizes to size 7. They also have accessories like socks and underwear and bibs and outerwear, but it’s kids, kids, kids. Period. So, shopping for an almost-five-year-old? It can literally begin and end right here. Especially with a Carter’s coupon…for 25% off my purchase (some exclusions apply, but very few!).

So, before I get into the nitty gritty of what I saw and what I bought, I should give you an idea of the actual experience of shopping at a Carter’s store. The store was just right — they had enough of a selection to not leave you wanting, but not so much that you were overwhelmed (I hate “overwhelming”). It was clean, well-organized, neat — oh so neat. There was not an item out of place and, in spite of the holiday shopping, every single article of clothing was neatly folded, in orderly stacks, and where it should be. The store was easy to navigate; it was laid out in a logical manner and you could make your way around the store without squeezing between racks or tripping over anything. Couldn’t be happier. Oh, and the staff? Friendly, helpful, polite…wonderful!

Carter's Baby Sale Carter's Coupon

Let’s get on to the shopping. This was one of the first things that jumped out at me once I got inside — and I thought to myself, “Um, $8? This is a good sign.” You got that right. Unfortunately, I didn’t need any of these baby clothes, but I loved them nonetheless…

Carters Baby Clothes Carter's Coupon

Adorable! I absolutely love anything with a beach theme, so of course these caught my eye. Too cute. Moving on…

Let’s go shopping with my Family & Friends Carter’s coupon!

Carters Girls Shirts Carter's Coupon

This is one of my favorite displays (I’m a t-shirt freak) — long-sleeved and short-sleeved t-shirts for $8 as well as colored leggings (and jeggings!) for $9. I had to get one of these, of course:

Carter's Niece Shirts Carters Coupon

Yep, bought one of those (the purple one). Then there were these…

Carters Girls Shirts Carter's Coupon

I snagged two of those — the penguins and the “Daddy Makes Me Happy” — and that’s only because I couldn’t find the other two in her size. Then I saw a display with all sorts of pants and shirts and sweaters in peach and aqua (LOVE!) and I sort of went into a daze, just grabbing whatever I could find in her size (relax…I had a Carter’s coupon). I basically just wanted to buy one of each. (If you’re keeping score at home, I almost did.) This was the item that proved to be my stumbling block…

Carter's Girls Clothes Carter's Coupon

Oh, how I wanted that shirt…I even asked someone if there were more “in the back.” Don’t you love how we tend to think about some magical place “in the back” when that one thing we want isn’t available? (There were no more “in the back,” by the way.) However, I did manage to get this…

Carters Girls Clothes Carter's Coupon

I was hoping to get some special “Christmas pajamas” but her size is, of course, apparently the most popular, and pajamas were not to be had on that fine shopping day. Now, Carter’s has plenty of pajamas…

Carters Pajamas Carter's Coupon

…but I have very specific requirements. The Christmas pajamas are those new pajamas to be worn on Christmas Eve, pajamas to be worn while opening Christmas presents. Of course, they’ll be worn for the rest of winter, which is why I have this “thing” about them being winter-themed, rather than holiday-themed. But, Carter’s had both.

Carters Christmas Pajamas Carter's Coupon

Just not in her size. Argh! Oh well. That happens when you shop days before Christmas, which I did because I was waiting for the universe to align perfectly — meaning I was waiting for my Carter’s coupon so I could pair it with the Carter’s sale. That’s careful planning, folks.

I also didn’t get this…

Carter's Girls Sweater Carter's Coupon

Or this…

Carter's Girl's Skirt Carter's Coupon

I wanted to…oh, I wanted to. But I had to draw the line somewhere. Cheese and crackers, folks…I already had enough Carter’s clothing to fill two bags. Two big bags.

Carter's Deals Carter's Coupon

Carter's Girls Clothing Carter's Coupon

Don’t judge me!

I just have to share one of the outfits I did purchase…I love the colors and just plain love these clothes. The hoodie is going to be a big hit because the “08” is also the year she was born, so that is, in fact, pretty awesome. She also loves cupcakes. (It’s a good time to love cupcakes, is it not?)

Carters Girls Clothes Carter's Coupons

Of course, there are plenty of boys clothes at Carter’s as well — and I tried not to get lost in that adorableness, since I don’t have any little boys to buy for. But, here’s a glimpse:

Carters Boys Clothes Carter's Coupon

Too cute!

If you couldn’t tell, I absolutely love Carter’s. Like love love.

Carter's Shamrock Love Shirt Carter's Coupon

I urge you to check out Carter’s for your kids clothing needs — and make sure you arm yourself with a Carter’s coupon to get even more bang for your buck!


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    I love Carter’s — my oldest daughter is carrying her first child, a girl, and Carter’s will definitely be clothing that baby!

    Terri P
    pr4gatheringroses AT gmail DOT com

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