Kleenex Tissues: Handling allergies with style! #KleenexAllergy #ad

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This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Kleenex but all my opinions are my own. #KleenexAllergy #pmedia http://cmp.ly/3/8vNxcO Trust me, my feelings about Kleenex tissues are 100% honest and 100% mine. 

Kleenex Tissues #KleenexAllergy #PMedia #ad

Ah, Kleenex Tissues…the perfect tissue for dealing with allergies. There are all kinds of allergens — both outdoor and indoor — and some people deal with allergies practically all year-round (like me). Did you realize that one in five — 20% — of Americans suffer from some type of allergies? Yikes!

Of course, my allergies are at their worst during spring and fall — and fall allergy season is getting worse and worse. Ragweed season is actually longer (by approximately 15 days, mind you) than it used to be!

Prepare Yourself for Fall and Winter AllergiesExplore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.

I seem to deal with allergies constantly — in addition to being super sensitive to outside allergens, such as pollen, ragweed, cut grass (I’m not kidding), as well as indoor allergens — cat hair. (And, I own a cat…go figure.) As a result, Kleenex tissues are a fixture in our house. As in, you’ll find a box in multiple rooms as well as Kleenex tissues as well as in my car, and a healthy supply in my linen closet.

Kleenex Tissues Allergy Season #KleenexAllergy #PMedia #ad

My 4-year-old niece also has allergy issues and they seem to affect her all the time, not just during the “prescribed” allergy seasons. She’s a big-time sneezer and sniffler, due to outdoor allergies as well as indoor allergies — cats, of course. While I do have Kleenex tissues at the ready pretty much 99% of the time, but there’s that rare occasion when a sneeze sneaks up on her and doesn’t have a tissue handy. So I recently taught her the “vampire sneeze” — you know, the whole sneezing into your elbow to avoid getting germs all over hands. (Ick!) However, I always have Kleenex tissues in my purse…

Kleenex Tissues Pocket Pack #PMedia #ad

As you can imagine, I was super psyched to see an offer for Kleenex tissues at Target. When you buy a Kleenex 4-pack, you get a free wallet pack (2-pack) or a pocket pack (3-pack).

Make sure you print your Target coupon (while supplies last!) for Kleenex Tissues so you can snag this great deal, too!

Kleenex Tissues Holiday Tissues #KleenexAllergy #PMedia #ad

Perhaps you can snag some of these adorable holiday-themed Kleenex tissues! Or these:

Kleenex Tissues Holiday Tissues #KleenexAllergy #PMedia #ad

Not only are Kleenex Tissues packaged in a wide array of great colors and styles to match any decor…but they also come in seasonal designs, like these great holiday motifs! Just one more reason to love Kleenex!

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  1. Paula Weintraut says

    I love that they put three in a pack, I need boxes of kleenex in every room and some rooms have two, Lots of allergys in the winter time. and whenever changing seasons

  2. Richard Hicks says

    We have always used the Kleenex brand. Great when those sniffles come around because of allergies or colds

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