Halloween Pedicures

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Just because summer is over doesn’t mean pedicures are out of style. Heck, there are plenty of places where sandals and flip flops are still go-to footwear at this time of year (and all year long, for that matter)…lucky, lucky people. But, hey, even if you’re bundled up in autumn/winter clothing, that doesn’t mean you toes have to be ignored! I’m a firm believer in always paying attention to your feet! Therefore, it goes without saying that I was going to have some Halloween pedicures for you!

Look at this cute nail art…as far as Halloween pedicures go, this is definitely near the top of my list…

Halloween Pedicure Cute Skull Nail Art

image: tinkerblue

You know how it is with me and skulls (OK, maybe you don’t, but now you do)…I love anything with skulls. Cute skulls, scary skulls, silly skulls — you get the idea.

How about these?

Halloween Pedicures Halloween Nail Art
Cute, right? Big fan of the orange toe…the detail, the landscape, the tree (which, for some reason, is scary looking), the bats…love it! And, I have to admit, definitely a creative and imaginative choice to do something different on each foot. Of course, both qualify as Halloween pedicures, so I think it works.

Of course, what would Halloween (or Halloween pedicures, for that matter) be without some spiders?

Halloween Pedicures Spider Nail Art

image: aboutnails.info

Now, that is some exquisite Halloween nail art! Personally, I’m a tad (Editor’s note: “Tad” is code for “extremely”) particular about the length of my toenails (and by “my toenails,” I actually mean “everyone’s toenails,” but that’s my issue, and I own up to it), so that’s something that gives me pause…but that’s the only thing. I definitely recommend checking out About Nails if you’re into nail treatments because, wow, they have quite a gallery to peruse.

Believe it or not, I’m not a huge fan of Candy Corn (I know, I know, that’s like some kind of sacrilege for a fan of Halloween, but it is what it is), but I simply had to share this adorable Candy Corn Pedicure with you. And, it comes in the form of a video tutorial, so you just might be able to do it yourself! Woo hoo for DIY Halloween pedicures!

Big shout out to Cute Nail Designs for that pedicure tutorial, which makes it look super easy! I have never attempted any type of DIY pedicure because, well, basically, I suck. I can barely paint my toenails decently. But, I’d be curious to know if you do it, and how you figured out how to do it without a) getting nail polish all over your toes and b) having it turn out like a kindergartener’s art project (which is what mine would look like!).

This Halloween nail art certainly ranks among the cute Halloween pedicures I’ve found…

Halloween Pedicures Ghost Pumpkin Nail Art

Adorable! Love the colors, love the incorporation of different Halloween symbols, and I love how it’s just plain fun!

Now this…this monster nail art is just amazing. Simply spectacular work:

Halloween Pedicures Monster Nail Art

image: heynicenails.com

Now, the source of this Halloween pedicure has a caption that reads: “Men can have awesome nail art, too!” Of course they can…but if that foot belongs to a man (which apparently it does) in that picture, well, all I can say is, I’m jealous. And this guy should definitely look into becoming a foot model. I mean, really. When was the last time you saw such a perfect man’s foot? (I never have!)

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  1. Tara L. says

    Very artistic but I think most of those pics basically just creped me out. Not a big fan of toes in general but still cute designs.

  2. Toni Cosgrove says

    These are so cute…had to show my daughter. I like the cool little eyes in the first pic….it amazes me what they can put on a nail nowadays

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