Baby’s Fairy Baby Monitor (10/28)

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This post (and amazing giveaway) is brought to you by Baby’s Fairy. My opinions about the Baby’s Fairy Baby Monitor are 100% honest and 100% mine.

I have got some wild, wacky — and very exciting — news for you! The folks at Baby’s Fairy have created a product that has just left me…almost speechless. Almost. When I say Baby’s Fairy Baby Monitor, you probably think, “Oh, whoop-dee-do, a baby monitor. That’s old news. Get back to me when you find something new and groundbreaking.”

Well, here I am, folks! And I’ve got something new and groundbreaking.

Baby's Fairy Baby Monitor

Does that look new? Maybe even, oh, say, groundbreaking?

You better believe it! So, what exactly is this new gadget, you ask? I’m here to tell you!

Baby’s Fairy Baby Monitor

Baby's Fairy Baby MonitorThe idea for this innovative state-of-the-art baby monitor was conceived (is that technically even a pun?) in 2011 by Francois Donnet and Dr. Sebastien Murcia, a pediatric oncologist. According to Dr. Murcia, the “Baby’s Fairy will potentially save lives. Deaths of seemingly healthy infants occur all too frequently. Our advanced technology, along with portability and ease of use, make Baby’s Fairy one of the most important and innovative child safety products.”

The Baby’s Fairy Baby Monitor is made with medical-grade silicone and features an adjustable wristband for babies and toddlers up to three years old. The parental unit can track the child’s vital signs from more than 32 yards away.

Hang on, because here comes the information that is going to blow your mind.

Baby's Fairy Baby Monitor

The LCD screen on the parent base displays information such as body temperature and heart rate in real time. And, using the Baby’s Fairy Baby Monitor couldn’t be simpler. You don’t have to install any software or download any apps, which means you can use this device anywhere you go and whoever your child is with — caregivers, relatives, you name it. Plus, the monitor is ready to use right out of the box. Just place the baby’s unit around their left wrist and it will connect with the monitor and start communicating instantly. It’s portable and convenient…so it can go wherever you and your child go.

Furthermore, this baby monitor has undergone rigorous safety testing — and the technology that Baby’s Fairy uses is a multi-mode, low-power wireless module that is certified by the FCC. The Baby’s Fairy bracelet transmits heart-rate data to the parent base every three seconds, and body temperature readings every five seconds. It features rechargeable batteries that have approximately 48 hours of battery life. The Baby’s Fairy Baby Monitor features several distinctive alarms to alert parents (such as when the connection between the bracelet and monitor is lost, the baby’s temperature is above 100.4F or below 95.9F their heart rate is above 160 BPM or below 65 BPM, or the batter needs to be recharged). One thing to remember: The bracelet is not waterproof, so remember to take it off your child during bath time or when in the pool, and so on.

Baby's Fairy Baby Monitor

The Baby’s Fairy Baby Monitor isn’t exclusively for parents with children who have special needs — although it is absolutely perfect for the parents of children who are premature or fragile. I know that, in my case, when my son was extremely ill for months before finally being diagnosed with cancer, the Baby’s Fairy Baby Monitor would have been a must-have item. If your child has health problems of any kind, this monitor will provide peace of mind, as you will know instantly if something is wrong. However, parents of perfectly healthy children have concerns about their children’s health as well. How many times have you gotten up during the night to check on your sleeping baby — checking to see if they’re breathing, checking to see that they haven’t spit up — there are tons of reasons we use to rationalize why we tiptoe into their room to just “make sure” everything is OK.

With the Baby’s Fairy Baby Monitor, now you’ll know.

Baby’s Fairy Baby Monitor on Indiegogo

Currently, the geniuses behind Baby’s Fairy Baby Monitor have a crowd-funding campaign underway in order to raise funds to go into large-scale production. You can learn all about it at Indiegogo.

The Indiegogo campaign runs until November 15. Each donation level offers different donor benefits, including a Baby’s Fairy apron, one of the first produced Baby’s Fairy systems for boy (blue) or girl (pink), and multiple sets of the product perfect for daycare centers.

And, boy (or girl), have I got some good news for YOU! The folks at Baby’s Fairy Baby Monitor have offered one of my readers their very own monitor! (Please note: You will be among the very first to have this amazing device! However, they will not be ready for shipment until mid-December, so be prepared for a slight delay!)

This giveaway is open to U.S. and Canadian residents (18+) and ends October 28 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Enter via the Rafflecopter form below. GOOD LUCK!

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  1. Jenette Gardner says

    i never knew there was a monitor that could scan your baby’s vital signs. i think this is beyond awesome!

  2. Alexia N says

    Baby’s Fairy is a company composed of a General Practitioner, a Surgeon, a Product development expert and a Retail specialist.

  3. Aliya D. says

    Baby’s Fairy is a young dynamic company composed of a General Practitioner, a Surgeon, a Product Development Expert and a Retail Specialist. Their products are made of the best components and materials and put through extensive clinical trials.

  4. Katy M says

    I love the product and with our first baby due in December, I know it would totally help me feel more comfortable with baby!

    I also love that they’re a family owned company that used crowd funding. Very cool.

  5. Manda Marie says

    Francois holds a MBA in Finance from University of Ballarat, Australia as well as a Masters degree from INSEEC Paris, France.

    This is such an incredible device! With a baby due in March, this would be so fantastic to have!

  6. callie b. says

    i love that François saw the importance of vital sign monitoring and traveled the world to find the best professional team available to help him to complete the first vital signs monitor for babies. i know that would help me sleep so much better at night knowing everything was alright!

  7. Amanda says

    I LOVE that it tells you if your babies heart rate is too high or too low! I’ve always worried a bit about leaving my babies alone to sleep all night…with SIDS and everything, you just never know. This would give me peace of mind!

  8. vanessa dalton says

    Their products are made of the best components and materials available to insure your baby is in good hands.

  9. Nena Sinclair says

    I learned that this monitor scans your baby’s heart rate and if it drops below 60 bpm, an alarm will sound and the LCD screen on the base will show an alert “High” or “Low” Heart Rate!

  10. Angela Ingles says

    I love that the heart rate monitor goes off for both low heart rate AND high heart rate – and the signal is up to 30 meters.

  11. says

    An alarm will sound if
    • Bracelet is out of range
    • Temperature is over 38°c or above 35.5°c
    • Heart rate is over 165 bpm or above 60 bpm
    • Battery needs to be recharged

  12. Angie says

    I am excited to know about this! I love that it tracks the vital signs! Having a baby with heart issues, thi would calm a lot of my anxiety!

  13. Richard Hicks says

    I learned that All Baby monitors are designed and conceived in Dubai and made in Tawain.

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  14. Darla Conway says

    I had never heard of these before now. Its great how it keeps track of so many vitals, especially temps. Wonderful tool if you would have a sick baby…best idea ever!

  15. Doug Dorrer says

    Baby’s Fairy is a (SCAM! They started a Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign in early 2013 with promised ship dates in November 2013. To date, Sept 2014, no products have been delivered, but yet, they took the money from many people have not provided any updates in 4 months and no refunds!

    • says

      Hi, Doug. I checked out their website and I see that they have posted an expected ship date of September 15, 2014. I’ll be curious to see how things go.


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