How to get rid of Visual Deals

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How To Get Rid Of Visual Deals

Have you noticed a new pop-up that displays prices from different online competitors when you’re looking at an item? A pop-up called Visual Deals? You probably have — or you will soon — and you’re probably going to want to know how to get rid of Visual Deals, so let me tell you. But first, if you don’t know what the Visual Deals pop-up is, let’s back up a step.

One morning, I woke up to find this odd pop-up that had suddenly appeared out of nowhere (I hadn’t downloaded anything recently, so I was confused and concerned):

How To Get Rid Of Visual Deals Pop-Up Visual Deals AdwareAt first, I thought, that’s an odd thing to have on a website…it’s almost encouraging me to shop at a competitor. (Of course, that strategy worked in Miracle on 34th Street, but I didn’t think that’s what was going on here.) But, whatever, it’s their business, right? They’re making more money than I am, so they probably know what they’re doing.

But then I saw the Visual Deals pop-up again, on a different website.

How To Get Rid Of Visual Deals Pop-Up Visual Deals Adware

Hmmm. This Visual Deals pop-up is probably not the work of some marketing geniuses at major retailers. So, that means it’s on my end. Now, how to get rid of it.

So, I googled “how to get rid of Visual Deals” and what do you know? There’s not a whole ton of information about it. I did find one forum with a thread that was asking if Visual Deals was Chrome Adware or Malware. Participants quickly narrowed it down to a Chrome extension called Translate Selection. If you have that extension, you need to go into the Extension Options and uncheck the box that says “I don’t want to support you (turn off the ads).” Boom. That’s how you get rid of Visual Deals. If you have the Translate Selection extension.

But I didn’t have that extension. So now what?

A few people mentioned that it was also an option in the Chrome Reload extension. So, you could check there.

But I didn’t have that extension either.

I kept reading and finally someone mentioned an updated Pinterest extension, which now has the Visual Deals pop-up in the Options section. Well, well, well. Looks like I’ve found the culprit and, more important, how to get rid of Visual Deals. If you have the Pinterest extension, click on Options. This is most likely what you will see:

How To Get Rid Of Visual Deals Pop-Up Pinterest Extension OptionsGotcha, Visual Deals! So, it’s not terribly difficult to figure out how to get rid of Visual Deals (just click on “Change”) but it’s unnecessary and annoying. After all, this was done without your knowledge. And it’s probably a major drain on your resources. And it could be malicious — but I don’t know that for sure. It’s definitely one of those PUP adware things that are running rampant and “hiding” themselves in downloads and extensions and even malicious ads.

But maybe you want the Visual Deals pop-up (although you probably don’t, and shouldn’t). If you want to see this whenever you’re shopping, browsing, researching products…

How To Get Rid Of Visual Deals Pop-Up

Then maybe the Visual Deals pop-up isn’t a problem for you. They also feature this:

How To Get Rid Of Visual Deals Coupons

So, if these features are something you’d appreciate, then hey, more power to you. You probably don’t want to pull the plug. But, if you change your mind, you know how to get rid of Visual Deals.

Editor’s Note: The Visual Deals pop-up could be “hidden” in another extension, of course…but once I found it in my Pinterest extension (and nowhere else), that was the end of the problem for me. It can be in more than one extension, so if you find it in one of your extensions, it wouldn’t hurt to check the others, just to be safe.

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  1. christin hardy says

    yes there are several other extensions like this in chrome that pop up like this too all the time, like sweet packs and a few others I can not off the top my head remember the names too, I just now every few days check the extensions to deal with this.

  2. rebeccabasset says

    I recently came across something like this on my E-Mail, which won’t let me into my Messages on my Desktop, very aggravating. I don’t know how to get rid of it, so thanks for the tips. I will definitely look for something like this.

    Thanks again!

  3. says

    Thank you! It gave instructions for removal, but I didn’t have the ChromeReload extension. When you said Pinterest I knew I had found the culprit. Now the issue is gone.

  4. Casie says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

    This just started popping up on my computer this week and I couldn’t figure out how/where to get rid of it! Yep, it was right there in the newly updated Pinterest extension for Chrome.

  5. says

    Now, that was helpful! The Pinterest button was also the one to blame in my case. This popup was extremely intrusive, I couldn’t care to have a look at the deals they offered when they covered important info of the webpage I was visiting.

    Thank you!

  6. KarenLee says

    You’ve provided a great service, very well illustrated & instructed. Many thanks from those of us who feel betrayed by sites like Pinterest for adding their cash cow w/o our permission or so much as an acknowledgment that it could be expected. It’s more than a little obvious that Pin’st is making tons of money from alternative-source companies & coupon pop-up sponsors, attaching millions of cookies to our computers, tracking our every move, annoying the h-e-dbl hockey sticks out of us, getting in the way of unfettered shopping, to the point of blocking pertinent information on the site or product we actually DID want to peruse/buy. What a jerk-off thing to do. I RESENT IT.

    KK, thank you for your time and effort to help the rest of us readily rid ourselves of this menace. In the old days, if one didn’t like an advertiser, we boycotted their products &/or sent strong letters of disapproval en masse. It would serve us all better to complete the process by clicking on those screens before disabling Visual Deal to learn which participating stores are buying space on VD to enable us to know to whom we should send our massive numbers of complaints and to know whose products to avoid. VD’s sneaky way of getting before me is a real wallet closer. Can you imagine shopping in a retail store then having at least 3 other retails stores’ clerks pop up in front of us, right there in the store aisle, asking if we wanna buy the same or similar product at their store, the not leaving unless we did something to make them move? If we didn’t call the police, we’d be punching those crazies out left n right, not to mention submitting a bitter complaint to the store manager because they knew these roving clerks were out there yet allowed such harassment to continue while we were trying to enjoy a shopping experience in their store. Chances would be that the store wouldn’t want them poaching customers, right? That’s what it is, poaching & harassment, mostly just ass-ment.

    Interesting twist that their name’s abbreviation is VD, the worst kind of personal plague. Finding that option appear out of nowhere on my pc, festering/enabled, felt like what it must feel like when someone you trust and like gives you VD! Violated, Dismayed. I’d laugh, but there’s no humor involved.

    • says

      Thanks, Karen, for your very thoughtful feedback…and, yes, I agree with your points. It was a major jerk-off move. I mean, I get they want to make money, but at the same time, it was a huge betrayal of our trust. As for your final point, I wish I’d thought of that myself. Your analogy is spot-on and I also wish I could laugh about it.
      Kristin recently posted..9/11: When I didn’t know.My Profile

  7. jenny says

    thank you, uninstalling pinterest button now… for the rest check out malwarebytes, it cleaned my pc really well because the antivirus (several of them) did not find the malwares i had and this thing cleaned them well

  8. Tracy Rowan says

    Thank you! I didn’t have those first two extensions either and was going nuts trying to figure out what the problem was.

  9. Jeany says

    thank you so much for this advice, my internet shopping was seriously disrupted by this super annoying pop-up. I would have never, ever worked out it had anything to do with the Pin- it button. Merci encore! Jeany

    • says

      You’re most welcome…and I couldn’t agree more! I wouldn’t have been so annoyed if I had the option to opt out, but sneaking it in the back door like that? Argh!

  10. Myranda says

    THANK YOU! I had no idea where it was coming from. I had the EXACT same thoughts you did, and you helped solve my problem brilliantly. Thank you so much!

  11. says

    This has been driving me nuts for the last few weeks. Thank you for passing along the solution. Just as you said, it was the Pinterest extension.

  12. says

    Thank you Kristin. I noticed that “little annoying surprise” recently and was planning to get rid of it, so your post was very helpful. I’m surprised that it is part of Pinterest :(

  13. says

    Thank you so much! Stupid Pinterest…I did get an alert from them that said the extension would now be ad supported but it didn’t click until I read this.

  14. Aaddie says

    Thanks, you’re awesome! I was worried I had some sort of adware/malware on my computer!! It was just Pinterest.

  15. cha cha says

    I found mine hidden under the options button! I hated the pop-up and the coupons pop-up seemed to appear out of nowhere as well. I installed the Pinterest button a couple of weeks ago, and couldn’t figure out where the pop-ups came from!


  16. says

    Oh no, what a sneaky thing to do! I haven’t experienced this yet but it makes me uncomfortable knowing Pinterest, and other sites, can just slip this stuff in without our knowledge. How dishonest!
    Lindsay N. recently posted..Candy Corn GrungeMy Profile

  17. Meemee says

    Thank you thank you!!! From the bottom of my frazzled mind that doesn’t really need one more irritant to pester it, thank you! The Pinterest extension was the culprit. Arrrgh! This kind of stuff drives me nuts!

  18. Tammy S. says

    Thank you so much! Every link i’ve tried never mention the pintrest extention! So glad this is now gone was so annoying!

  19. Angie says

    THANKS so much! It was driving me mad! I’m amazed Pinterest allows something so annoying to piggy back on their plugin.
    I went through and erased everything I could; disabled everything I could find and still the stupid visual deals was appearing.
    Thanks so much for this post!

  20. Deirdre says

    Thank you so much!! This pop up has been driving me nuts! I thought, like you, that it was the websites that were responsible until it began blocking buttons on websites…that’s when I realized that I had done something to cause this. Like you, it was my lovely Pinterest extension. Thanks again, problem solved :)

  21. Tom H. says

    I had this same problem a couple of weeks ago. There is actually another thread that lists all the extensions it’s been found in so far, in case anyone is interested:!topic/chrome/mcRFCUAK1hw%5B1-25-false%5D. This was driving me nuts, and I wasted several hours running virus scans and adware scans, only to find out it was the “Measure It!” extension that had this crap in it. I guess the only thing you can really do is make sure you read the comments before installing an extension.

  22. says

    oh goodness! Thank you sooooo much for this! It was driving me crazy and I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from! It was definitely from my pinterest extension! So frustrating! hopefully it will be gone now!
    Crystal recently posted..Etsy Shop Now OpenMy Profile

  23. Michelle says

    Phew, same as everyone else I tried loads of things didn’t have the extensions everyone was talking about then found your page! Bloody pinterest!!!! Thank you so much.x

  24. says

    OMG THANK YOU. This was driving me mad. I am a photographer and anytime I was doing anything with MY photographs online, it would search for “similar items”. Pinterest worked for me!

  25. Dave says

    Thanks very much! These stupid coupons and pop-ups have been driving me nutty. If I want a different product from a different provider, I’ll go and find it myself thanks!

  26. says

    Thanks so much for pointing out the pinterest extension…I disabled this dang feature once before but in one of its other forms. I will be watching all of my extensions from now on!

  27. says

    Thank you!! It has been driving me crazy!! Found it, you are a life saver. I thought I had a virus on my computer, after running scans and all coming up ok, I found this:)

  28. Anna says

    Thank you so much! I just sighed a sigh of relief when I finally got rid of those pesky visual deal pop-ups!

  29. Elizabeth says

    WOW!! Thanks so much for posting. I have been trying to get rid of visual deals for a long time, but could never find the extension. Low and behold, it was the option on the Pinterest extension.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  30. Megan says

    Thank you so much for this post! I had this pop-up a while ago, but then it went away. I just started having it again today and was so frustrated!

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