Did I Say That Out Loud? {Book Review}

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I received a copy of Did I Say That Out Loud? to facilitate my review through Beck Valley Books Book Tours. My opinions are 100% honest and 100% mine.

Did I Say That Out Loud Book Tour
Did I Say That Out Loud Kelly McDermott Harman

Summary of Did I Say That Out Loud?

We’ve all had it – the “uh-oh” of wishing we could take back the comment that somehow escaped the filter between our brains and our mouths. Did I Say That Out Loud? is the tell-all account of the author’s misadventures in the daily experience that is life. Told in the tone of a coffee-klatch gathering with your best girlfriends — you know, the ones you can share anything and everything with — the author holds nothing back as she recounts the trials and tribulations of life as Kelly Harman.

Thinking of braving Botox or plastic surgery? Get the real scoop from Kelly, including pre-procedure husband prep. Need help when your cat catches on fire? Ask Kelly how to extinguish the flames without spilling your wine. Survival tips for when a 300-pound man falls on you? Ask Kelly, who lived to tell the tale.

Kelly captures those “you can’t make this stuff up” dramas and takes them one step further in Did I Say That Out Loud? She shows us that by reveling in the inevitable mess of the moments we wish we could take back, we may discover that sharing our stories is in fact healing, unifying, and often outrageously funny.

Bad for the laugh lines but good for the abs, some of these stories will hit close to home, others will stray far, far from your average woman on the street. But all are unified by the inimitable candor and hilarity that her friends agree is uniquely Kelly.

Read ’em and weep.

My review of Did I Say That Out Loud?

Let me just give you an example of what you can expect in Did I Say That Out Loud? without giving it all away:

And, once again, I accidentally left my headlights on overnight so the car battery is dead.  This means I am homebound because I’m afraid to do that spark plug jump start thing with the machine that has the big pincher grabbers that you do for me every other month or so when this accidentally happens. I know I will get thrown across the garage if I try to do this myself.

This is a small portion of Kelly Harman’s letter to her husband, who is out of town. She also complains about running out of trash bags and laundry detergent, causing her to a) continue stuffing trash into the overflowing can and b) wearing the same clothes for three days. That’s just a taste, folks.

This is the humor you can expect…whether it’s about her cat catching on fire or having an exploding rear end (you have to read it to understand)…as well as a grandchild with an exploding rear end, while they’re in the pool locker room. That’s no fun for anyone. But somehow Harman made it amusing.

I have to warn you, though — this book will have you giggling like a certifiable idiot. No, really. There were portions of the book that had me snorting away on the couch, reading about her husband’s visit to the E.R., the time Harman had “some” home improvements done while her husband was out of town, and the time she backed up into a truck because her brain had “shut down” from sofa shopping. I got some glares from W, who was engrossed in football, so distracting him with my laughter was , in fact, quite a feat.

Did I Say That Out Loud? is a treasure and an appreciates escape from my everyday life. What a wonderful collection of short stories and a captivating wit. I couldn’t be happier with this book…and I think you’ll enjoy it as well. And it would be great for anyone who needs some laughter and joy in their lives!

You can purchase Did I Say That Out Loud? at:

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About the Author of Did I Say That Out Loud?

Did I Say That Out Loud Kelly Harman

Kelly McDermott Harman was born in Asmara, Ethiopia in 1962 and has walked the road less traveled ever since. Harman’s childhood was spent overseas, living in eight different countries before she came to the United States at the age of 16. This experience inspired an adventurous streak and disregard for convention which has yielded a rich life, overflowing with great story material.

Her experiences range from celebrating her ninth birthday at India’s Taj Mahal to being evacuated with her family in the midst of a civil war in East Pakistan, single motherhood to serial entrepreneur, and Burning Man devotee to self-made marketing maven. Most recently, Kelly came full circle back to the continent of her birthplace, celebrating her 50th birthday at the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Kelly lives in Manassas, Virginia with Bob, her husband and true love of 23 years, and has three sons. When she isn’t writing about her adventures, Kelly loves spending time with her friends and family, but especially with her three grandchildren, teaching them the value of reckless honesty and unhindered fun.

Kelly is currently working on her next book, a memoir about growing up abroad as the daughter of a (former) CIA agent.

You can follow Kelly Harman on her website, on Facebook, on TwitterGoogle+Pinterest, and Goodreads. And you totally should. Because she’s that awesome.

Did I Say That Out Loud Kelly Harman

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    I love a good laugh. Books & reading are my escape from reality so I tend to gravitate towards something light like this. Who doesn’t giggle at jokes about “exploding rear ends”?!

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