20 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

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I recently read 20 Things You Didn’t Know About Me at Dear Crissy and was…inspired, as they say.

Rose (cocktail)
1. I very rarely drink alcohol. It just doesn’t agree with me, so I tend to avoid it for the most part, although I will have the occasional drink.

2. I attended the University of Akron and graduated with two degrees, in History and Political Science. I originally pursued a Business Major, then toyed with Sociology, then found a most inspiring history professor who changed everything. However, Political Science offered some really cool courses — and it seemed like it was where the future movers and shakers congregated, so I majored in that, too. I ended up about two courses short of minoring in Spanish (go figure), and also took part of in their Conflict Management program, earning Certificates in Racial Conflict and Political Conflict.

3. I worked as a copy editor for about five years at my university newspaper. I also was a News Editor, Opinion Editor, and Arts & Life editor. In addition, I was a staff writer, editorialist, and columnist. I also was on staff at the local newspaper (of a rather large city).

Atticus and Tom Robinson in court
4. My favorite book is To Kill A Mockingbird. Yes, I know this picture is from the movie…which I also love.

5. I don’t have a single favorite movie, but more like a Top 5: The Godfather, Jaws, Halloween, Arsenic and Old Lace, and The Big Lebowski.

6. I went to Catholic school for 12 years. My high school was an all-girls school.

7. When I was in grade school and high school, I wanted to be either a journalist (at one point, I was hoping to go into sports journalism) or an accountant.

Mahogany Jerusalem cricket
8. I hate bugs of any kind, other than ladybugs. Like big time. Take, for example, the picture of this cricket. Just looking at the picture is making me uneasy. Generally, I shriek and run when I see a bug. Not an “outdoors” gal, that’s for sure. And let’s not even discuss rodents.

9. Speaking of the outdoors, I have never — as in literally never ever — gone to the bathroom outside. Never.

Rockettes 4158767098 b667436066
10. I have seen the Radio City Christmas Spectacular twice and I loved it. I want to go back to New York City at Christmastime sometime soon. It’s just amazing!

11. Speaking of Christmas, I am the biggest Christmas freak I know. We decorate for Christmas in early November (at the latest), and our house is decked out from floor to ceiling in lights and decorations and greenery, you name it. We also get the biggest Christmas trees we can fit into the house, like 10 feet tall and about six feet across. We have a problem.

12. I once won a trip to Cancun. And it was not a scam.

13. I have never eaten a brussel sprout or a bite of asparagus. Or lima beans. Oh, and I hate onions. Like hate hate.

20 Things You Didn't Know About Me German Shepherd

14. I love dogs and my favorite breed is the German Shepherd. I’ve had two. My first German Shepherd was adopted from a humane society. I named him Ozzy and he was completely devoted to me. Within a month, he got very ill and I took him to the vet, who immediately took him into surgery. He discovered that he was full of cancer and had to be euthanized. I was crushed. About a year or so later, I rescued another German Shepherd and named him Ginzo. He was borderline obsessed (to put it mildly) with me. One time, after I went to work, he jumped through the window screen to follow me. On more than one occasion, he gnawed on the doorknob in an attempt to follow me when I left the house. After he got over that obsessive behavior, he would just wait and wait and wait for me to return. While I was gone (if anyone else was in the house), he would lay on my side of the bed until I arrived home. If he was alone in the house, he would sit on the front porch, at the screen door, waiting for me to return. I had to find him a new home when my house was destroyed in a fire and I had to stay in an apartment while months of reconstruction took place. It was devastating.

15. In 2012, I tweeted one of the Phillies, asking him to hit a home run for me while I was sick. He tweeted me back, saying he would. And he did. True story. No, seriously…you can even read about the time that Jimmy Rollins hit a homerun for me.

16. I am kind of in love with Harry Connick Jr., which is pretty much the way I feel about Frank Sinatra.

17. I am a little bit of a spaz when it comes to health issues. I personally suffer from a number of health problems, but I also have a less-than-stellar family medical history. My father died of lung cancer, both of his parents had cancer (but survived it), and his mother had Alzheimer’s. On my mother’s side, an uncle died of cancer, my grandfather had heart disease and Parkinson’s, and my grandmother had Alzheimer’s. My son also had cancer (and survived). I’m not a hypochondriac but, well, I can get a little anxious when it comes to my health.

18. I want to write a book. I’m working on it.

Things You Don't Know Grammar Nazi Ecard You say I'm a grammar Nazi as if it's a bad thing Ecard
19. I am a word nerd. I obsess over grammar, punctuation, and spelling. I “try” not to correct other people (unless I’m editing and that’s what I’m being asked to do) but I am always doing it in my head. Always. When people misuse their vs. there vs. they’re or its vs. it’s, I want to scream. Oh, and I hate it when people use the word “literally” when they most definitely do not mean “literally.” For example, if I said, “The next time someone uses it’s when they should use its, I will literally freak out.” Wait a second. That’s not the best example, because I could literally freak out (it pretty much depends on how my day is going). OK, how about this one: “I will literally punch you in the throat if you don’t start using punctuation correctly.” Come on, now. I will not punch anyone in the throat. I may want to, but I won’t actually do it. Please stop using literally. I’m begging you. It’s making me crazy.

20. I watch things I enjoy over and over. And over again. For instance, I always — always — watch The Godfather when they do Godfather marathons on Bravo. Ya know, like when they show The Godfather, then Godfather II, and then repeat, all weekend? Yeah. I watch it all weekend. Even when they play that 9-hour biopic of the two movies spliced together, so they’re in chronological order, with added scenes. I’ve also seen Halloween and Jaws probably 300 times each (that’s probably a conservative estimate). I watch reruns of The Office and Seinfeld and Cheers and Frasier (Hallmark plays reruns every night from 10 til midnight and then from 3 a.m. to 5 a.m. — don’t judge me, I have trouble sleeping!) and Monk and…well, you get the idea…so often that I usually know them word for word. They’re better than most of the shows on TV now (shout-out to Modern Family, The Middle, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Psych, and Wilfred — you’ve made the cut, my television friends).

So, there ya have it…20 Things You Didn’t Know About Me. Does it help explain things?

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  1. says

    Thank you for sharing so many – yes, 20 IS many – things about yourself. Very personal things. Sometimes, it takes guts to share even “trivial” things about ourselves. Though, hey, there’s nothing trivial about “personal!”
    I gotta be careful with my punctuation and syntaxis and grammar when I write my comments for you!
    I am sharing this one with you: obsessed about grammar and alike (in my head).
    Thank you and have a Fabulous week-end.

  2. Rosie says

    That’s an amazing list! I can’t wait for your book – you sure have a good background for a good one! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Debbie H. says

    Hi Kristin,
    There are many more than 20 things I didn’t know about you since I just stumbled across your blog today for the first time :-) But this list was a good start and makes me want to tune in for more.

    I can’t help wondering about that dog who was obsessed with you. What happened after you found him another home? Was he ever able to “get over you” and bond with someone else? Or did he just pine for you forever :-( Hope he was OK.


    • says

      Hi, Debbie! Thanks for stopping by! So glad you did!!

      Actually, when I found my dog a new home (sigh), it was a great family with two kids…so I was somewhat confident that he’d get tons of love and attention, which helped. Oddly enough, the new owner did contact me a few times and expressed a few concerns about how the dog seemed a little “anxious” and would try to open doorknobs with his mouth to get our of the house, although he seemed quite happy and very at ease with his new family. I like to think that he was going through separation anxiety (I hope that doesn’t sound cruel…because I surely was!) from being separated from me. But, he managed to adjust finally, and he calmed down to a “normal” level.

      I hope he didn’t pine for me forever…although there’s a really lame part of me that holds out a very unrealistic hope that someday we’ll get reunited by some twist of fate and he’ll remember me right away and everything will be right with the world.

      *sigh* I miss him a lot. One of my biggest heartbreaks, seriously.

      But, on another note…sure hope to see you around more! :)
      Kristin recently posted..Who do they think I am? The Bloggess? My Profile

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