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Celebrating the Holiday: 4th of July Pedicures

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I have to admit, when I go to the nail salon to get a pedicure, I almost always (Editor’s Note: “Almost always” probably means “always.”) just get a plain old color on my toenails. OK, well, a pretty color, but still just a pedicure with regular old nail polish…nothing special, nothing dazzling, nothing out of the ordinary. Bo-ring.(Although it still makes my feet look adorable, if I do say so myself!) So, I thought I’d take a gander (and share with you, of course, since I always subject you to the things that strike my fancy…sorry!) at the cute and fun and sassy 4th of July pedicures that one (as in “I” but probably not, because I’ll likely spend the 4th of July on the couch, so why commit to such a pedicure if no one will see it?) could potentially get.

4TH OF JULY PEDICURES American Flag Nail Art Flag Pedicure
Cute, right? Well, get ready, folks. There are more…oh, so many more 4th of July pedicures.

Just. For. You.

4th of July Pedicures American Flag Pedicure Cute Toenail Polish

Cute, right? I know! And I love how the other toes are painted with different colors, just to add a little sass. Love this pedicure! And look at those little piggy toes! Too cute.

4th of July Pedicures American Flag Toenails Flag Pedicure
Even more pretty toes! I love how eye-catching and unique all these 4th of July pedicures are…since it’s kinda hard to put a creative twist on the American flag.

4th Of July Pedicures Flag Nail Art Toenail Polish

Interesting…that’s definitely unique, am I right?

4th Of July Pedicures American Flag Nail Art Toes

This definitely ranks among my favorite of the 4th of July pedicures! I love this! Too darn cute! Yes, I like glitter and sparkly things. Go ahead, judge me.

4th Of July Pedicures Toes American Flag

juicy nail art

How do you like these? Different…nicely done…but I’m still leaning toward sparkles and glitter.

4th Of July Pedicures American Flag Nail Art Toes Nail Polish Design

Now this is different, eh? (Oops, I probably shouldn’t sound Canadian while I’m writing about 4th of July pedicures, huh? Probably not.) Well, let’s clear that up (not that there’s anything wrong with that!)…I’m from Philadelphia, the original capitol of the United States, where the Constitution was signed, where the Liberty Bell is, where Benjamin Franklin lived (he’s my favorite Revolutionary ever)…ya know, all that stuff. Anywho, I digress.

We’re talking about 4th of July pedicures. And their adorableness.

So…what do you think? Which is your favorite? And, out of curiosity, are you into nail art? Do you do it yourself or go to a salon? (Yes, I have a lot of questions because I’m curious!) Share your nail art stories with us!

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