Woo hoo for healthy hoohoo!

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Yes, I said it. Healthy hoohoo. Don’t judge me. You know that a healthy hoohoo is important. (Or, you should, anyway!) And yet, what do you use to “clean” your private area? (Yes, I’m going to use a lot of different names for that, including “hoohoo.”) The same soap you use for the rest of your body? Body wash? Probably nothing designed specifically for your precious parts, right? Right? Be honest.

This is why I’m going to tell you about healthy hoohoo. The lovely folks at healthy hoohoo (the company) asked me to try out their products so I could share my experience with you. The beauty of healthy hoohoo products is that they’re formulated to make your precious parts feel fresh and clean while their targeted pH level preserves your protective vaginal flora. You know when your hoohoo isn’t healthy, because it’s itchy, or has an unpleasant odor, or you’re experiencing an abnormal discharge, or you’re having pain during sex. Did you know that your precious parts (and the surrounding skin) are the most absorbent parts of a woman’s body? Did you further know that it only takes seconds for the chemicals in your personal care products to enter your bloodstream? Seconds! Egads.

Tips to maintain a healthy hoohoo:

Healthy Hoohoo Products Hydrate Water Intake

  • Wash with water or mild cleanser (like healthy hoohoo products!)
  • Wear 100% cotton underwear
  • Eat lots of fruits and veggies
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Wear loose-fitting cotton clothing
  • Wash from front to back
  • Eat yogurt/take probiotics
  • Exercise
  • Sleep in the buff to get as much air flow as possible

What to avoid if you want to maintain a healthy hoohoo:

  • Douching
  • Bubble baths
  • Body washes, antibacterial soaps, deodorant soaps
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Perfumes
  • Powders
  • Scented feminine hygiene products
  • Over-washing
  • Excessive sugar 
  • Hanging out too long in wet bathing suits or sweaty clothing
  • Use of thongs (it’s true!)

As you may be aware, using “ordinary” soaps and cleansers (which can contain chemicals such as parabens and sodium lauryl sulfates — so they lather nicely) can disrupt the very delicate balance of your vaginal ecosystem. But, with healthy hoohoo products, you can — and will — gently cleanse your private area, which means a) a healthier vagina, b) none of the soapy side effects like unpleasant odors, itching, and/or discharge. When we experience these side effects — or this imbalance — we tend to go into overdrive to make it/them go away. That “overdrive” usually means cleansing. And more cleansing. And then a little more. And, maybe even using douches. All things that make it worse. And worse. And even worse.

Healthy Hoohoo Products Vaginal Foam Cleanser

But healthy hoohoo is here to help. Take, for example, the healthy hoohoo light foaming cleanser has NO fragrance, no parabens, and is pH balanced. (It’s also hypoallergenic.) It rinses easily and leaves you feeling fresh and clean and, dare I say, like you have a healthy hoohoo! (Yes, I just went there.) Love this cleanser!

Healthy Hoohoo Products Gentle Feminine Wash

Then we have the healthy hoohoo gentle feminine wash, which is also pH balanced, fragrance-free, and paraben-free, as well as hypoallergenic. This is a very mild cleanser, which I am also quite pleased with.

Healthy Hoohoo Feminine Wipes

Ah. The Holy Grail of healthy hoohoo products: the feminine wipes. pH balanced? Check. Fragrance-free? Check. Paraben-, sulfate-, chemical-, alcohol-, and dye-free? Check. Awesome? Check check. They’re also gluten-free and vegan. And they’re perfectly portable. Talk about handy to have now that the weather’s getting warmer…and it’s beach/vacation/pool time…and basically any time we’re feeling less-than-fresh, be it from working out, yoga, camping, hiking, running, you name it! These wipes are simply AWESOME.

All in all, I am thrilled with healthy hoohoo products. As I’m, uh, ya know, um, getting older, shall we say, paying closer attention to maintaining a healthy hoohoo (not the company) is pretty important. Especially when hormones are all a-flux and whatnot. However, that doesn’t mean you need to wait til you’re in your 40s…or 50s…or beyond to worry about these things. You always need to focus on treating your precious parts like they’re, well, precious!

What’s IN healthy hoohoo products?

  • Aloe — moisturizes and conditions skin
  • Green Tea — cleanses and detoxifies
  • Cucumber Extract — conditions skin
  • Pomegranate Extract — anti-bacterial skin conditioner

What’s NOT in healthy hoohoo products?

  • Parabens (or other synthetic preservatives)
  • Scent or fragrance
  • Alcohol
  • Mineral oil or lanolin
  • Sulfates, dyes or detergents
  • Phthaletes
  • Animal by-products

Check out healthy hoohoo on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest,

I was not compensated for writing this post. Healthy hoohoo provided product for review. My opinions are 100% honest and 100% mine.

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  1. Stephanie E says

    Man, I never really thought about this! Washing that area with normal soap is practically like gargling with it! I certainly wouldn’t use soap on any other “orifices”.

  2. alena svetelska says

    what a great and very interesting artickle;-)You do see any similar ones like these EVER…very interesting reading;-)

  3. says

    Now I want Healthy Hoohoo stuff. Must.go.buy.now. I’m in my early (gimme a break, still 41) 40s and while there won’t be any giant babies coming out ever again, it’s the only hoohoo I have, so I might as well treat the thing well.

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