Facebook EdgeRank: Figuring out the Algorithm

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If you’re a blogger (or a brand or anyone with a Facebook Page), you’re probably wondering what the heck is going on with Facebook. Rightly so. You’ve worked hard to get fans and then you post on your Facebook page and…*crickets*…am I right? And you know it has to do with something called the Facebook Algorithm or Facebook EdgeRank or Facebook EdgeRank Algorithm…but how? And, sweet fancy Moses, how in the world do we work within these constraints?

No one — other than Facebook — really knows how Facebook EdgeRank works. But, I can tell you that it has something to do with Affinity Score, Edge Weight, and Time Decay. Affinity Score is a measure of how “connected” you are to a person or a page…say you are Facebook friends with a college friend, and you have 150 mutual friends. And, you tend to comment on their page, tag them in photos, and so on. That’s going to bump up that Affinity Score. Then there’s Edge Weight. That’s a measure of actions by Facebook users — comments are generally considered more valuable than Likes, but again, no one knows precisely how it is weighted. Time Decay is pretty much what it sounds like — as it gets older, it loses points, period. You can read more on the explanation of EdgeRank…but you can check out this handy dandy infographic as well:

Facebook Edgerank 102 Facebook Algorithm

Does this help make sense of Facebook EdgeRank and all the challenges it poses? I’m curious…if you’ve taken steps to try to improve your page’s Facebook EdgeRank, what works for you (and what doesn’t)? Let’s compare notes; I’m happy to share my experiences with you.

A huge thank you to Mike, co-founder of Post Rocket, for this incredibly useful infographic. Kudos!

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    That all sorta makes sense to me. It is just one of things as a blogger I think I can\’t control too much so I just do what I normally do and hope it works. I do feel disappointed though when it shows that only 900 people saw a post when I have 8,500 likers. Ah well!

  2. says

    As awesome as that infographic was… it still all makes me SO dizzy! What I really want to know is..
    Why can’t everyone who has ‘liked’ your page/profile just see it?? They ‘liked’ it for a reason, right? Seems to me that’s simple and they should just… well… SEE IT!!! 😉

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