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St. Patrick’s Day Tattoos

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You knew I was going to have St. Patrick’s Day tattoos, right? After all, it’s me. I don’t miss an occasion to find themed tattoos. That would just be…silly. Not like…this:

St. Patrick's Day Tattoos Shamrock Tattoo



There are all sorts of shamrocks you can choose for St. Patrick’s Day tattoos, or just to celebrate your Irish heritage, I imagine. Such as this one:

St. Patrick's Day Tattoos Shamrock Tattoo Ideas

Ouch. That looks a tad painful.

This one is a little more petite…

St. Patrick's Day Tattoos Shamrock Tattoo

That’s cute as all get-out. And small. As indicated by the dime.

St. Patrick's Day Tattoos Irish Flag Shamrock

Billy Benson/Main Street Tattoo

That’s a commitment, folks. And I like it. It’s simple and understated. OK, it might not be terribly understated, since it’s smack-dab front and center on his chest, but you know what I mean. Now, this one, I’m not so sure…

St. Patrick's Day Tattoos Shamrocks Horseshoes Tattoos

I wonder if this person is getting all the luck they were hoping for, with this very condensed “luck of the Irish” tattoo. I don’t know if this qualifies as one of the St. Patrick’s Day tattoos, but it sure utilizes the necessary ingredients.

Of course, there is no shortage of leprechaun tattoos, which I presume are St. Patrick’s Day tattoos, kinda. Let’s do the math: If you have a leprechaun tattoo, then I would imagine you’re showing it off in a bar on St. Patrick’s Day. OK then.

St. Patrick's Day Tattoos Leprechaun Tattoo

You’d be surprised at the range of leprechaun tattoos. They go from cartoonish and “cute” (like the one above) to creepy and frightening. No, seriously.

St. Patrick's Day Tattoos Leprechaun Tattoo

Eek. I mean, the design is interesting and the work is good but…eek. It’s creepy. See his little knife? What. The.

This one isn’t quite as creepy, but still…I’m not getting a “Lucky Charms” vibe from it.

St. Patrick's Day Tattoos Leprechaun Shamrock Tattoo

I thought leprechauns were funny, spritely little characters. Apparently I shouldn’t assume, because my perception leans more this way:

St. Patrick's Day Tattoos Leprechaun Tattoos

That’s more like it…a harmless, tipsy leprechaun. Of course, he only has four fingers, but, hey, stuff happens when you’re drinking what looks to be more than your body weight in beer.

Then there are those who went all out…like all out…in their celebration of St. Patrick.

St. Patrick's Day Tattoos St. Patrick Tattoo

Dan Stewart/Lucky Rabbit Tattoo

Yowza. That is utterly amazing. It has no green, which I find slightly amusing, since it’s St. Patrick and, I presume (but could be wrong) that this qualifies as one of the St. Patrick’s Day tattoos. But, hey. Who am I to judge? No one, that’s who.

But this…now this is something else. This St. Patrick’s Cathedral tattoo is quite good, in my opinion…of course, nowhere near as amazing as the real thing (which you must see at some point in your life!), but amazing nonetheless.

St. Patrick's Day Tattoos St. Patrick's Cathedral

One question…is that a foot of someone running away from St. Patrick’s Cathedral? Shoot. I wish I had a full view of this St. Patrick’s Day tattoo.

Now, I have no idea where this following tattoo is located on the body but…given the text, I’m gonna “guess” that it might be in a spot that, well, you know…you might tell people to kiss. Again, that’s just a guess.

St. Patrick's Day Tattoos Shamrock Lucky Charm

So, which of these St. Patrick’s Day tattoos is your favorite?

3 comments to St. Patrick’s Day Tattoos

  • Lee

    The tats on the feet must of been super painful to have done. The guy with the one on the top of his head probably better avoid the sun looks like only just done the colours are so bright.

    Great tats lee

  • Still Blonde

    I love the st. patricks cathedral. but the foot is weird. The st. Patrick is awesome..probably my favorite. They leprechaun with the knife..ewwww

  • Jennifer

    OMG that had me seriously LOLing. You are too funny! Yeah, what is with that foot? And, that little shamrock is cute. :)

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