Finished Being Fat {A Book Review}

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"Finished Being Fat Book Betsy Schow"

Finished Being Fat: An Accidental Adventure in Losing Weight and Learning How to Finish, by Betsy Schow ($12.99)


Not everyone can win the race, but everyone can finish it.
Find the strength to conquer even your most daunting goals in this inspiring account of one woman’s journey to the life of her dreams. It all started the morning Betsy Schow woke up ten pounds heavier than the month before and surrounded by the clutter of halfhearted projects and discarded hobbies. She decided she’d had enough.
What followed in her quest to wish away the extra 75 pounds around her middle accidentally changed her life for good. Using her Philosophy of Finishing, Betsy snowballed her efforts from weight loss into a bucket list of seemingly impossible dreams. Now she’s here to share the simple secret to her incredible success.
Whether your goal is losing weight, running a marathon, cleaning out the basement, or all of the above, this informative book will teach you how to achieve more than you ever thought possible without sacrificing your sanity or your sense of humor.

My review


I just cracked opened Finished Being Fat this morning and could not put it down until I finished it. True story.

Wait. I did put it down, several times, in fact. For two reasons — first, because Finished Being Fat is a mere 129 pages and I simply wanted to savor every page, every experience, and every milestone that Betsy Schow courageously shares with her readers. Second, I felt inspired to do…something. So, I would read a chapter or two and then put it down, motivated to accomplish a task, even a little one, like putting away laundry or cleaning the microwave. Then I would sit back down and pick up where I left off. It was the most fulfilling several hours I’ve spent in quite some time.

Betsy Schow is totally relatable in her telling of her battles with weight — and the overwhelming emotions and self-image and negative thoughts that come with it. I felt like she was telling my story. The fad diets, the dangerous lengths to which we’re willing to go in order to lose weight…she’s been there, she’s done that — and so have I. It didn’t work for her just as it’s never worked for me.

There’s so much more to Finished Being Fat than just how so many of us can relate to Schow’s struggles and feelings; there’s an honesty and vulnerability (and great sense of humor to boot) that make this book (and the author) thoroughly enjoyable and so inspiring. For example, when she starts running — yes, running — she tries to conquer the concept of “self-talking” (positive self-talking, that is!):

I felt like a total idiot. Seriously, what on earth are you supposed to say? “Um, hello, me…I guess you’re not totally lame…your hair looks good today.” This is why I had no imaginary friends as a kid. They all thought I was boring and found someone else’s imagination to play with.

Finished Being Fat made me feel like I needed to — but, more important, that I could — finish things. Don’t be mistaken; this is not a diet book — it contains no hidden secrets to losing weight. But it does share a story that will motivate and make you think differently about yourself, and life in general. I can’t encourage you enough to read this book. It will change your mood and, potentially, your life.

If you’d like to snag a copy of this great book for yourself, you can purchase Finished Being Fat at Amazon.

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I was not compensated for writing this post. I received a copy of the book to facilitate my review. My opinions are 100% honest and 100% mine.

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  1. lisa says

    Some people have medical issues. Alot just need to stop eating so much. Not a popular point of view. I was overweight due to med. issues. I got off certain medications and I have no problems.

  2. Maddie says

    Weight and weightloss subjects are hot and explosive topics. There is interesting research that proves that it doesn’t really take that many calories for a fat person to maintain their weight. As someone who used to weigh 430 pounds and now weighs 165 pounds I’ve done it all to lose weight. And no, it wasn’t in the conventional eat less and exercise more way. I had surgery, several of them in fact. Suffered mutliple post op complications. Despite all of that and all the issues I would do it again, just not tomorrow.

  3. Leslie Galloway says

    I love that this book is about dieting without telling you what to do. Don’t we all need a little inspiration from time to time to keep us going, whether we’re reducing or just maintaining. I’ll have to check the library for this one.

  4. says

    I love your review! I have been known to put a book down because I wanted it to last longer. I am going to find this book and read it. I am so much a person that starts things and never finish including diets. If it helps me understand myself and get me motivated I will be so thankful.

  5. Cindy Merrill says

    Right now, my husband and I are reading “Wheat Belly”, it’s quite an interesting book! John has lost 30 pounds and he’s looking great.

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