Beam N Read — It’s a life-changer!

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I am in love with the Beam N Read. I am telling you…this is one of those products that is, plain and simple, a life changer.

I’m not kidding.

The Beam N Read Hands Free Light can be used for a variety of uses…it’s great in a power outage, it’s perfect for needlepoint and knitting, it’s super handy for reading in bed (my favorite!), and more. How about when you check on your child at night — whether it’s an infant, a sick child, or a child with disabilities?

Beam N Read Light

There are a lot more uses for the Beam N Read Hands Free Light, though…such as when traveling or camping, or for seniors who would benefit from a steady light that they don’t have to hold. But let me tell you why this baby has been a life changer for me.

Some nights, it takes me forever (OK, not literally) to fall asleep. So, instead of just lying in bed, staring at the ceiling (or the wall), tossing and turning, I like to read. However, the light from my bedside lamp is way too bright.

But it’s a different story with the Beam N Read Hands Free Light. In fact, it was a…life changer. For real.

Beam N Read Hand Free Light

See that warm glow as I read in a pitch black room? That’s the Beam N Read Light with the orange filter. It’s perfect, all the way around — I can read with no issues and the light is so muted and soft, it’s not overwhelming. Score!

The Beam N Read LED 6 Deluxe Hands Free Light makes it so simple to do so much. Need I mention that it is the perfect gift for some of those hard-to-buy-for people on your holiday shopping list? I don’t think so! And, trust me…those hard-to-buy-for people who receive a Beam N Read? They’re probably going to feel like it’s a life changer as well.

Because, to put it simply, it IS.

Don’t forget to check out Beam N Read on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. mongupp says

    this would be great for my kids who share a room and one goes to sleep before the other and the other dear daughter is still reading! Also for myself so i don’t bother anyone while i’m reading and i think it will save on electricity bills!

  2. Anna says

    I would use it on the airplane when flying overseas – and it’s dark and I really hate the overhead lights, do not give you enough light – this would be just perfect!

  3. Susan c. says

    I like to sneak away from my hubby at night and pipit in some quality reading and iPad time….without disturbing him with my light. I would LOVE to own one of these for the long winter nights.

  4. Christa Krebs says

    I am passionate about just about every crafty hobby you can imagine! This would be great for helping me to keep my hands busy and complete crafts while watching movies or whatever with my family!

  5. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    This would be very useful, especially if one has a sick child and doesn’t want to disturb their sleep. I’d use it myself so as not to disturb others when getting up to go to the bathroom or when I’m up extra early in the mornings. I also do a lot of cross-stitch and this light could perhaps help with lighting difficulties there too.

  6. says

    When we travel, hubby drives and I’m the navigator. I sit with a map in my lap, following along. At night, I’m usually holding a small flashlight. I’d use this to help see the map. Yes, we have GPS on our phones, but nothing beats a good quality driving atlas.

  7. Shannon says

    this would really be helpful here because we have a lot of power outages, it would be easy to move around and read or do puzzles to pass the time

  8. Phoenixx says

    This would come in handy during a power outage. With its wide beam, it will easily illuminate my way when I move about.

  9. Laurie Emerson says

    There are so many times when I travel that I would love to read but I do not want to turn on the overhead light as it would disturb the person beside me. Reading helps me overcome my fear of flying so I would love to use this light to be able to read again.

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