Goodwill Finds — Part I

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I love going to Goodwill. Like love love. But I especially love  when I come across some great Goodwill finds. And, just last week, I was able to introduce my 3-year-old niece to the awesomeness that is Goodwill.

So, it with unbridled excitement that I bring you what will hopefully be a fun new feature on my blog: Goodwill Finds. They could be anything…but it’ll be interesting to see what I discover. Such as this:

"Goodwill Finds Telescope"

I spotted this gem on a recent visit to a local Goodwill and thought this was one of the more impressive Goodwill finds I’d come across.

Then I looked at the tag…
"Goodwill Finds Tellerscoops"

No way am I paying $25 for a tellerscoops.

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  1. PATTI says

    I love going to Goodwill too however, I’ve noticed over the years that at my Goodwill their prices are getting higher and higher. They tend to look items up online at places such as Ebay. Just because someone is asking $25 for something on Ebay doesn’t mean they are actually getting it. Even my local thrift store does this and will print out the item info from Ebay along with the price that they are asking and put it with the item that they are selling. It’s kind of sad that they’re missing out on sales because of this. Anyway, enough of my complaining, I’m very excited to see what you find :)

  2. Mona says

    I LOVE thrift store shopping. We travel extensively and my idea of sightseeing is visiting thrift stores in different cities. Some of the stores are the ones I’m familiar with but the sales and/or prices are different. I most often buy :
    . Pj’s — for me. I’m all for comfort and pajamas are my attire of choice when I’m home
    . Clothes for my daughter
    . Clothes for hubby
    . Toys/games for my daughter
    . Household needs/decor
    . Gifts — if item brand new

    I agree with Patti that some of the prices are too high. Back when hubby and I used to go rummaging and would try to bargain, the seller would balk and tell us what he/she paid for it.

    On our most recent trip, I visited 3 different stores and picked up some clothes for all 3 of us and some Lands End sandals for my daughter.

    From now on, we’ll be packing lighter to save room for thrift store finds 😉

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