Halloween Tattoos of Michael Myers: He’s Looked Better.

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Not too long ago, I highlighted some interesting Halloween tattoos that were actually about Halloween, as in the movie (the original…I’m a purist!).

As I promised, here’s a collection of bad Halloween tattoos of Michael Myers. “Bad” can be defined in a variety of ways when it comes to tattoos — confusing, inaccurate, over-the-top, poorly designed, poorly executed, and so on. You decide:

Tattoos of Michael Myers | Halloween Tattoos


It’s not the worst tattoo I’ve ever seen or anything, but it’s just…well it’s definitely not among the best tattoos of Michael Myers, either.

Halloween tattoos of Michael Myers

What. The.

The mask doesn’t really look like that, needless to say. And the lips…they’re almost Joker-like. What’s up with that weird kid in the clown costume? That looks nothing like the young Michael Myers. And you never see his eyes (except when Jamie Lee Curtis takes his mask off), so that’s a little weird. And the knife isn’t right, either. This whole tattoo annoys me.

Tattoos of Michael Myers | Halloween Mask Tattoo


This isn’t exactly “dead-on,” either. For one thing, Michael Myers’ mask has no eyebrows. Plus, the knife is the wrong shape. Those are just the obvious issues…I won’t nitpick. Bust, as far as tattoos of Michael Myers go, this didn’t make it anywhere near the top of the list.

Tattoos of Michael Myers | Halloween Hand Tattoo

I don’t think it needs mentioning what a good idea hand tattoos are (Not. They’re not. They’re really not.). Especially on your right hand, the one you would use, say, to shake the hand of a prospective employer! The work itself isn’t bad, but um….this looks likes someone’s face, not a Michael Myers mask. Again, you can see the eyes and the mask has eyebrows…both of which are not things you see in Halloween.

Tattoos of Michael Myers Mask | Halloween Tattoos

Oh boy. This is just…I don’t know. The purple background, the hair, the eyebrows (I know, I know…but the movie mask has NO eyebrows. If you love Halloween so much that you’re considering tattoos of Michael Myers on your body, you’d expect that the mask’s lack of eyebrows would be something you’d know!).

Halloween Tattoos of Michael Myers


This isn’t a “bad” tattoo. The work is quite good, actually. It’s just that Michael Myers doesn’t stand in a pool of blood, nor does he carve pumpkins. And the cross/tombstone is completely wrong. In fact, the actual tombstone plays kind of an important (and memorable) part inย Halloween, so one would think you’d remember that. There’s a whole lot of creative license with this tattoo, which is OK, I suppose…but inaccurate. And, the actual depiction of Michael Myers isn’t terribly accurate either.

Tattoos of Michael Myers | Halloween Tattoo


What in the world is that? I guess I don’t have much of a sense of humor when it comes to Halloween…but is it really just me? Doesn’t everyone think this is silly? It’s silly, right? Right?

But, I shall leave you with…this:

Tattoos of Michael Myers | Halloween Foot Tattoo


There are so many things wrong with this that I won’t — I can’t — even launch into them.

You’re welcome.

Btw, if you’re a Halloween fan like me, you may want to check out my Halloween movies review. Feel free to discuss, debate, concur, weigh in, what-have-you. It’s one of my favorite topics.


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    I enjoyed this post! I think the Michael Myers tattoo that has the pumpkin might tell a story more about the person that has it. Maybe they enjoy Halloween and the pumpkin carving, but also like Michael Myers? You’re right that the tombstone is completely wrong though.

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