Halloween tattoos — paying homage to Michael Myers

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I admit, I’m pretty fascinated by the original Halloween. But, apparently there are some fans who are really fascinated. Like, I need-to-get-it-permanently-inked-on-my-body fascinated. I recently found some wicked Halloween tattoos paying homage to…well, the actual movie Halloween.

So, if you’re on the lookout for Halloween tattoo ideas, here ya go:

Halloween Tattoos Michael Myers House

credit: michael-myers.net

Yikes! I don’t know if I could devote that much skin to honor a horror movie (Halloween is my favorite, sure, but still). But as far as Halloween tattoos go, it ranks up there for being so creative and well-done (and creepy).

Halloween Tattoos Michael Myers Tattoo

credit: michael-myers.net

That’s also a pretty amazing tattoo. I should point out, though, one little, itty bitty technicality. The knife blade is not angled at the tip. Oopsy. (I know this from watching Halloween about 472 times…at least.)

Halloween Tattoos Halloween Scene Tattoo

credit: michael-myers.net

This is one of those Halloween tattoos that I’m not so sure about (but it doesn’t make the “bad” list). I love the fact that they included an image of Dr. Loomis, but the rest of it leaves me scratching my head. Especially when I look at the image on the far right. Who is that? I don’t even know. And what does it say? I’m really on the fence with this one.

Michael Myers Halloween Tattoos

credit: 2.bp.blogspot

Now, this is some good work, but…what does this Halloween tattoo depict? The Michael Myers from remake? Or is it just creative license? Either way, why? It’s still a pretty wicked looking tattoo, though.

Halloween Tattoos Michael Myers Tattoo

credit: michael-myers.net

I don’t want to nitpick here, but I can’t think of any scenes from any Halloween movies that this would be from, unless it’s from the Rob Zombie contributions. That doesn’t make the tattoo bad, of course, because it isn’t. It just…well, doesn’t make sense to me, in that it doesn’t represent an actual scene from a movie. Unless it’s from the remake…which I’m not an expert on, admittedly.

Michael Myers Halloween Tattoos Ideas

credit: michael-myers.net

Whoa. That is hardcore devotion right there, folks. Don’t let the Cleveland Cavaliers jersey fool you. This Halloween tattoo is sick. As in good sick. Of all the Halloween tattoos I’ve seen so far, this is my favorite.

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