3M Mobile Projector: So many possibilities!

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When you hear the word “projector,” do you think of your school days, when the AV folks would set up that unwieldy unit which had to be propped up on a big cart that we had to accommodate by moving our desks out of the way; a projector that may or may not have worked 100% of the time? I know, that’s a pretty unwieldy sentence.

Not unlike how unwieldy projectors used to be. Used to.

"3M Mobile Projector Ipad Iphone Ipod"

Now I ask you: Does that look unwieldy?

Indeed it does not. It looks convenient and handy and portable and accessible.

The 3M Mobile Projector is just so accessible…you can use it with your iPhone, your iPod, or your iPad. And it doesn’t require lengthy training to set it up, either. Thank goodness, because I’m not big on reading instruction manuals. (Yeah, yeah, I know)

"3M Mobile Projector"

That’s what the 3M Mobile Projector entails. A data cord to hook up to your Apple device and an AC power adapter. Easy peasy! Even for me!

Once you hook it up to your Apple device, you can watch videos (your own or YouTube) or a picture slideshow. It’s so easy it’s almost silly.

Another reason the 3M Mobile Projector is convenient and accessible is because it is the easy solution to sharing videos and pictures with family and friends. I mean, really, how many people can crowd around an iPad? And if you’re showing off a photo or video on an iPod or iPhone, you can basically show that to one person. At. A. Time. So, forget about the “sharing” experience there…unless you plug that sucker into the 3M Mobile Projector. Boom. Problem solved!

There are so many possibilities for the 3M Mobile Projector…it’s great for sharing pictures and videos at family gatherings or parties, it’s perfect for just the convenience of being able to sit around the living room/dining room/basement/wherever and look at pictures of vacation or a new baby or just anything at all! And, you can use the 3M Mobile Projector to turn it into “Movie Night” on the side of your house! (Talk about fun for the kids!)

In fact, the possibilities are really endless…suppose someone is sick (like me, for instance) and they’re stuck in bed or on the couch? The 3M Mobile Projector is a great way to brighten up the mood, take their mind off their troubles and just escape for a bit…into their own home theater of sorts. I know it’s been a nice escape for me over the past week.

"3M Mobile Projector Slideshow"

This photo should give you an idea of the image quality you can expect from the 3M Mobile Projector. That’s on my bedroom wall. Pretty good, right? I think so.

Be warned: Watching this video might make you buy a 3M Mobile Projector immediately. 

See what I mean?

You can also check out 3M on Twitter and Facebook.

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of 3M and received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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