Who do they think I am? The Bloggess?

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No. No, they don’t, actually. But for a sweet, glorious moment, I thought that was what “they” thought. I was pretty excited, actually.

I had recently read a very interesting and witty (of course) post at The Bloggess, Probably the best PR team ever. In a nutshell, The Bloggess received a surprise package that contained a nailed-shut wooden crate inside (not unlike a miniature Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein scene) . Inside the crate? A hand-carved coffin surrounded by dirt (come on, this is the best PR pitch ever). Inside the coffin? A handmade, zombie skeleton.

"ParaNorman Zombie Coffin"


But probably the sort of thing that only happens to a blogger such as The Bloggess.

Let’s be honest here, folks. Call a spade a spade and all that. I am not The Bloggess. An awesome PR pitch like that would certainly NOT happen to someone like…me.

Or would it?

On Monday, when a delivery person banged on my door as though he were a SWAT Team Unit with a battering ram, I spotted a nice-sized box on my porch. I knew I wasn’t expecting anything, review-wise or purchase-wise. Yet, there it was…a surprise package. On my porch.

Oh. My. God.

"Rocky Art Museum Steps"

everett collection

I’ve arrived! *cue the Rocky theme music* (For those who don’t know, the Rocky theme music is “Gonna Fly Now” and, no, I will not judge you if you don’t know it.)

PR teams are suddenly treating me like The Bloggess! I mean, sure, I only have a tenth of her following (OK, OK, less than that, but you get the idea). Perhaps some PR team had noticed me, noticed that I was a diamond in the rough, that I had so much untapped potential, that they were just sending me cool stuff in the mail, in the wild hopes that I would write about their product/company/brand without having to do the dance, the awkward, disjointed PR dance.

Ahhhh, yes. This is how life should be.

I’m going to start just getting random stuff in the mail! This is awesome! Forget the pitches, the endless e-mail exchanges to negotiate particulars, the time-consuming negotiations with PR people who want me to post articles for free or next-to-free…now I can just sit at home and watch re-runs of Bonanza, waiting for awesome packages to arrive on my front step, gifts from PR reps who view me as being the cream of the crop. (Let’s not ignore the fact that this is a genius PR move, because I’ll feel kinda obligated to write about a product that I actually have in hand, regardless of any prior discussions/agreements, but that’s just me.)

This is gonna be great. I could hardly wait to open up my handmade coffin and display my zombie on my shelf. Just like The Bloggess.

"Pop Chips Klout Perks Package"

So I tore open the package…and could barely wait to see what awaited me. I knew one thing; I was pretty sure that this bubble wrap wasn’t covering up a coffin buried in dirt. But hey, that’s OK…it’s still some amazing, unexpected package from a PR person with tons of goodies inside.

"Pop Chips Klout Perk Backpack"

What in the world? Whoa…this backpack must be stuffed with all kinds of amazing technology products and whatnot, right? It must be! Oh man, I couldn’t believe my luck! This is going to be awesome. I almost didn’t want to open it, I was so excited.

Wait. What’s this card?

"Pop Chips Klout Perk"

Yep!! It was official…the folks at Pop Chips were pitching me cold. And somehow, they’d gone through all the trouble of finding my address so they could shower me with gifts! If this was a sign of things to come, I was totally on board.

I checked my inbox for any correspondence with the folks at Pop Chips and I came up empty. Score! I was right! My life as a blogger has now moved to the next level!

So I checked out the “swag” that the folks at Pop Chips had sent me…

"Pop Chips Klout Perk"

A bookbag, an amazing water bottle (which I can never get enough of these days) and four bags of assorted Pop Chips (which I’d never tried before). OK, it wasn’t a zombie skeleton but it was a start. A respectable start. I could get used to this, and quick.

And then I thought to check my trash e-mail folder for any information on this package and boom. There it was.

This lovely Pop Chips package was a Klout perk that had slipped my mind.


I am not The Bloggess. PR teams are not just sending me random packages in the hopes that I will promote their products/brand/company. I’m just me. Still.

On a side note, the Pop Chips are delicious. They’re light and airy and full of flavor. I absolutely love how I can munch on Pop Chips without feeling guilty or that overwhelming bloated feeling after indulging in a less-than-healthy snack. So, for the record, Pop Chips are awesome. And they will definitely be on my next grocery list!

Let me mention why Pop Chips are so great — they’re neither baked nor fried, so they don’t lose flavor or add a ton of fat and calories! Pop Chips have no fake colors, no fake flavors, and no preservatives. I have all the tortilla Pop Chip varieties to try out — and I can’t wait. I only tried out the Ranch Tortilla Pop Chips so far, and they are nearly impossible to put down.

Pop Chips Ranch Tortilla

Next time I’m at the store, I’ll be on the lookout for Pop Chips Sweet Potato Chips (I basically love anything that involves sweet potatoes).

And, the next time an unexpected package arrives at my front door, I won’t jump to the assumption that I am being treated as though I were The Bloggess. I’ll admit, it was pretty awesome while it lasted. Some day, maybe, it’ll happen for me. Until then…I’m just me. Oh well.

I was not compensated for writing this post. I received a promotional Pop Chips package as a Klout Perk. Regardless, my opinions are 100% honest and 100% mine.

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  1. says

    Ahahaha I’m so sorry to laugh, but that is so something I would do. I always sign up for free sample stuff on the internet, and a lot of the time its a free full size product, so after waiting 8 weeks and something arrives, I’ve completely forgotten I requested it and get so excited…then realize I indeed spent hours searching for free stuff. Such is life. Congrats on your popchips though!

    • says

      Hey, it’s funny…I would laugh, too. It’s just that, well, it was the perfect storm of circumstances. I had just read that post from The Bloggess about how she got cold-pitched, plus I’m all anxious over upcoming surgery, plus, I can’t lie…I fantasize about being as awesome as The Bloggess…so, all these things come together and a surprise package arrives?


      Except, it’s not. :(
      Kristin recently posted..I’m about to lose it…My Profile

  2. says

    I actually have a PR lady that I adore (and I tell her that all the time), and she just signs me up to be an ambassador for all kinds of awesome things! She tells me she loves working with me, and I tell her the same, and voila! match made in blogging heaven :)

    Hee hee I have won stuff and when it came I am asking all my friends if they remember who I worked with on this and agonizing over writing the perfect post…only to realize I won and I don’t have to do anything LOL

  3. says

    Funny post. Found it on your Twitter account and I LOL’d after reading it. I see you’ve got Wordnik… I have it too. Love that little plugin. :)

  4. says

    OMG I love. I know that feeling too, oh man, maybe I was noticed, and them, ops maybe not. I was reading quick to see what great news you had to share. Oh well, at least you got a nice snack anyway. LOL

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