10 Reasons I want to be at #BlogHer12

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"BlogHer12 BlogHeratHome Blogger Convention"

While thousands of fellow bloggers are kicking up their heels (er, flats, I hope) at BlogHer’12, here I sit on my computer, living vicariously through them (and their tweets). I couldn’t make it due to health reasons but I sooooo wanted to be there this week, for the following reasons:

"Hilton Hotel New York City"

10. I wanted to spend a few days in one of the most exciting cities in the world — New York City! And, I wanted to spend a few nights at the Hilton, my favorite hotel, hands down. Those beds…glorious.

9. I wanted to hear Martha Stewart and Katie Couric speak, as well as be present when the president — yes, the president — addressed the conference live via video feed. Argh.

8. Networking! I bought 750 business cards so that I could connect with the multitude of brands and PR people who are going to be at BlogHer12. I guess they won’t go bad.

7. I wanted to meet my blogging buddies, who I deal with on an everyday basis but have never met, like Stacie from Simply Stacie, Yolanda from Sassy Mama in L.A., Jenn from Makobi Scribe and so, so many others! I’ve made friends who live all over the country, and this would have been the first time I ever met them face-to-face. Boo.

6. Swag, baby, swag. Yeah, I said it. You know you’re thinking it, too. Don’t be ashamed. We all want swag, aka “s*** we all get.” Of course, not everyone will be winning the iPads and Kindles and Gift Cards and so on that will be awarded at random intervals by different sponsors. But some bloggers will. I know who won’t, though. This blogger. *sigh*

"World Trade Center 9/11 Memorial"


5. I wanted to see the World Trade Center Memorial. I can only imagine how solemn and moving it is to visit that site and I’ve really wanted to do so for quite some time. I will make it, one of these days.

4. The parties…oh, the parties. I didn’t have an overwhelmingly jam-packed schedule of events, but I was invited to some really amazing events. Every time I had to withdraw my RSVP via e-mail or cancel my tickets via Eventbrite, I died a little inside.

3. I missed the chance to meet The Blogess (aka Jenny Lawson), who I really think is the BOMB…and who I’d like to become one day. Of course, I’d need my posts to get hundreds of comments and I need about 235,000 more Twitter followers to get there. Oh, yeah, and I need to write a book that debuts on the bestseller list. *sigh* I should probably get started on that.

"Still Blonde After All These Years"

2. I lost a bet to The Chief Blonde from Still Blonde After All These Years…and owed her a drink. I guess I owe her a raincheck on that cocktail. We also were going to almost all of the same events and parties. But, more important, we’re BBB (best blogging buds…I just made that up) and we were so looking forward to meeting up in NYC. *tear*

1. I wanted to be at the biggest, most important blogger conference of the year. Instead, I’m doing laundry and vacuuming and watching reruns until the wee hours of the morning. It’s just sad. BlogHer12 is, simply put, the place to be. Instead, I be at home.

Not next year, folks. Not next year. No way, no how will I miss out on BlogHer again.

I hope.

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  1. says

    I would LOVE to go to Blogher…but no one would have any idea who I am haha. I’d just be that creepy girl following everyone around and drooling…and probably drinking…a lot…and telling everyone I love them. I think it’s best that I never go.

  2. SammieClemmons says

    This is definitely on my goal list for next year, and though Chicago is a little closer to home for me…it is still an amazing city to visit!

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